21 Unbelievably Adorable Times Our Pets Tried Something For The First Time & Had No Idea How To React


1.) Ruff First Day On The Job!

Much like kids have their first day at school or their first word, animals also have their various first experiences in this big ol' scary world! Between the first time experiencing snow, standing on grass or eating a lime, our pets have a lot of challenges to overcome and we can only thank the lord that someone was there to capture their cutie patootie faces!

So strap on your protective goggles cause these pictures are so gosh-darn pop-my-eyes-out-and-call-me-ethel cute, that some of them have been banned in seven countries!

(Source: Reddit)

This baby doggo looks a little nervous about his first day as a cadet dog! Watch our criminals, 'cause lawdy he comin' for ya, and you won't be able to resist arrest with that face looking at you!

2.) The Park Of Terror

(Source: Imgur)

This house-cat's first time outside was perhaps a little too nerve-wracking! In fairness, how weird would it be to feel the wind for the first time... why is the air moving like this?!

3.) Experiencing The Vacuum Cleaner For The First Time

(Source: pinterest)

Vacuum's are the stuff of nightmares for pets! I like how these three cats have adopted the Scooby-Doo approach to looking around corners!

4.) First Trip Outside

(Source: Imgur)

Unlike the other cat who didn't seem sure about the outside, this cat, called Kiwi (yes, kill me now), looks like she loves it! 

5.) Seeing The Ceiling Fan Move For The First Time

(Source: Rickey.org)

I wish I could be that impressed with seeing a ceiling fan move, I wouldn't need to spend all that money on freakin' Netflix! 

6.) Trying Peanut Butter For The First Time

(Source: Imgur)

Wow, that is a dog that is now definitely addicted to peanut butter! This is the picture that this dog will eventually be showing its therapist in rehab as 'the moment it all went wrong.'

7.) 'My Boy Always Tries To Jump In The Fridge When I Open It. This Is The First Time He Made It In.'

(Source: Imgur)

I wish I had the same look of instant regret whenever I open the fridge! 

8.) 'Sisters Meeting For The First Time Since Adoption'

(Source: Imgur)

My. Heart. Is. Melting... allow Dr. Acid to prescribe you a wholesome dose of pupper family reunion, guaranteed to increase your general wholesomeness and has been known to promote a healthy gut.

9.) Snow Way!

(Source: Imgur)

This cat is expressing the emotions of every person with a long drive to work when they see snow out their window.

10.) Rain Rain Go Away 

(Source: Imgur)

Cats and weather clearly just don't mix! You know as well that as soon as you let it in it's going to try and dry itself on all of your freakin' furniture!

11.) First Time On Public Transport

(Source: Reddit)

I LOVE Dalmatians, but they are a nervous breed of dog... but that just makes them more adorable though! I love how this isn't even a puppy, it's a fully grown doggo!

12.) There's Something In Your Hair...

(Source: Imgur)

This was the first time that these squirrels were taken outside after the woman in the photo had started rehabilitating them, but they don't seem too keen to let her go just yet! I'm not sure what you need to rehabilitate squirrels from, I'm thinking it's probably from an injury as opposed to a drug addiction. 

13.) Pooch's First Time At The Bech

(Source: Reddit)

Judging from the drag marks trailing behind, I think your dog may have realized that it can go for a walk on the beach without actually having to walk by just letting you drag it along! It could just be scared but the excited, cheeky face on it suggests otherwise! 

14.) Scaredy Cat

(Source: Imgur)

Kittens can be terrifying when encountering them for the first time! Just look at their little ears and fluffy tails, truly, the stuff of nightmares! 

15.) Nobody Consulted Me...

(Source: Imgur)

As much as these new parents are laughing at this cat, I'd give it two weeks before they have the same look of bewilderment about what they've gotten themselves into! 

16.) Baby Polar Bear's First Time In The Snow

(Source: ABC)

According to ABC'S article these pictures were taken for, this baby polar bear had been sleeping alongside its keeper before being released into the snow, and I can confidently say that that keeper may have the single greatest job on the planet! Who wouldn't want to look after this adorable little fluff ball!

17.) Puppy's First Bath

(Source: Imgur)

Disclaimer: If upon looking at this photo you fail to feel a little warmer inside, please consult your physician as odds are you may be clinically dead.

18.) Purry Christmas Everyone!

(Source: Reddit)

Cats love destroying Christmas trees, so it makes sense to give your cat their own little tree to wreak havoc with! And it looks like it is well freakin' appreciated!

19.) Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer

(Source: Imgur)

Okay, so there's no real connection to Elton John here except for the fact that I couldn't help hear it when I saw this one! It's the little paws! This could be the most affectionate I've ever seen a cat be towards a human... or anything for that matter!

20.) Trying A Lime For The First Time

(Source: Imgur)

I hear you pooch, fruit promises so much, yet delivers so little... aside from a healthy lifestyle but who's got time for that, am I right?

21.) Life-Guard Cutie-Patootie Is On Duty!

(Source: ba-bamail)

And last, but by no means least, I present you with a Corgi going for its first swim... and you are welcome! 10/10 would trust with my life!

Let me know in the comments which one was your favorite... I mean aside from the corgi lifeguard 'cause otherwise that's just gonna run away with the votes! Be sure to let your animal lovin' friends know all about this article too! AAx