20 Times When Bathroom Graffiti Was Actually HILARIOUS!

20 Times When Bathroom Graffiti Was Actually HILARIOUS!

It’s always important to take in your surroundings and really notice the beauty that is all around us in this world.
& I suppose, in this day and age, most things we come across that inflame the senses in some way could be considered art.

A leaf making it’s frozen indent on a windscreen? Seeing a baby Deer scamper across a sunlit beach? A cat with a flower on its head!? All good options.

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Maybe even the inane scribbles that you find when you’re having a piddle on a night out, could be considered art?

Well, maybe not very good or intelligent art mind you, but art all the same.

Maybe we could even start turning our public loo houses into art galleries!?
(Yeah, okay, maybe not…)

But sometimes, as will shall soon see, crude bathroom graffiti can sometimes be poetic, poignant…. and damn right hilarious!


1. Is that some kind of new superhero!?

That’s very catchy and everything, but it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Superman or Captain America, does it!? He seems more of a super villain.
Will there ever be a paint that could stop the sh*t house poet!? Tune in next week!

2. That’s rough, man!

This is pretty harsh, but as someone who actually has an arts degree, I have to admit, I’m yet to find a better use for it, myself! #brutaltruth

3. Let’s not stray from the bigger picture, here.

I suppose, when you get right down to it, people don’t want to overthink things too much when they’re ‘getting down to business’, as it were. Plus, I think the original scribbler just wanted to instil an existential crisis onto some poor, unsuspecting lavatory user.

4. Advice for life

Not an image I particularly wanted, but I think this advice could be applied to all matters of life, if you have to force it, then it’s probably sh*t! Literally, in this case, ew!

5. Canadians are definitely a different breed

I’m sure Canada just isn’t even a place on earth, it’s so wholesome and kind. Even the bathroom scribbles are wishing you (& your Mom!) well.

6. The Irony is strong in this one…

I’m not quite sure what this scrawler is actually trying to prove here. I think they’re just attempting to be intelligently amusing, which is fair enough. They’ve sorta nailed it. Unless it’s just a very abstract way of showing self-hatred (now I’m overthinking things!)

7. Refrigerator

Nicely saved there by the refrigerator. & Besides, sometimes things that seem easy, don’t necessarily have to make sense. Look at love! *sigh*

8. Take that society!

I wonder what society has done to this particular sh*t house poet to make them so resentful!? Who hurt you, hun?

9. Our Butt Cheeks are one

I’ve never thought of it like that before!? However, think about it! Think of how many public loo’s that we are going to use in our lifetimes! Our Butt cheeks are going to end up with more brothers than Jonas.

10. Such a shame…

So…poignoint…however, I’m a little confused, were they already heartbroken before they came to use the loo? Or were they heartbroken because they didn’t get the ‘required results!?’ Actually, I think I can get by without those answers.

11. Improvisation is always important

Don’t worry, wall scrawler, I assume that every day of my life anyway, I just use mirrors to confirm the fact!

12. Magical

Now, this one I DO need answers for! What makes it so magical!? Is it like Narnia, but instead of a wardrobe, it’s a toilet!? Do you get transported to a magical, porcelain kingdom everytime you flush!? Someone find out for me!

13. LOL

Wow, way to instil insecurity into every man who uses this urinal! (I love it!)

14. Double Trouble, Toilet Trouble

It would be hard to pick a favourite out of this toiletry duo, the right one is totally hilarious but then the left one involves bacon at the push of a button, so… I think we have a clear winner there!

15. Discuss

That’s a very valid point, sh*thouse poet the 15th! However, since lists like this are being made about this form of art as we speak, then I think you can say that you’re now getting some kind of critical acclaim. Even though it’s mostly anonymous…Hmmm? Discuss THAT.

16. BURN

Well, that’s what they get for plagiarizing other people’s words and trying to be poignant. I have to agree with the red scrawler avenger here! (& Is it me or does that guy’s signature say MUCUS!?)

17. Just give me 5 minutes!

Could you think of a WORSE time to finally be beamed up!? I guess Scotty couldn’t wait any longer!

18. Yeah, thanks for that

Not really the image or empowering message I was after, sh*thouse poet the 18th, but I’ll keep it in mind for future reference all the same. You never know when it might come in handy, I guess!

19. How low can you go!?

Wow, actually, they may have a point! That is a nervously high door bottom. I don’t think this would be good for anyone with a shy bladder! I couldn’t piddle comfortably here, put it that way!

20. The kindly bathroom Elephant at your service!

That’ll do, bathroom Elephant…that’ll do!

What’s the weirdest, funniest or most poignant thing that you’ve ever seen scrawled on a wall whilst going about ‘your daily business!?’

Let us know in the comments!

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(All images sourced from: Sad and Useless – Unless otherwise credited.)