20 Ultimate Girlfriends Who Win At Relationships

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1.) Pringles to lure him out

Is your boyfriend being lazy and you need to get him out of bed? Then why not create a trail of Pringles, he will blindly follow them until he gets the entire tube as a reward. If he doesn’t like Pringles, try his favourite snack instead. Food always works.

2.) Mousepad gift

This girl gave her boyfriend a mousepad with an extremely flattering photo of her on it as a gift. This is the perfect way to make sure that your boyfriend is thinking about you AT ALL TIMES. It will also remind him of how beautiful you are.

3.) Best wrapping paper ever

I see that sneaky All-Star joke, what an awesome girlfriend! This wrapping paper is FIRE and I want to decorate my walls with it.

4.) She dressed up as her boyfriend

Now, this is scary, I can hardly tell them apart! If you want to freak your boyfriend out this Halloween, this is definitely the way to go.

5.) Buy her a dog already!

This girlfriend is DETERMINED to make her boyfriend buy her a dog. She even created a fact sheet. I mean, if that doesn’t show commitment, I don’t know what does.

6.) Every man’s dream gift

If you haven’t bought your boyfriend a sequin Nicolas Cage cushion yet, are you even his girlfriend? This girl is doing it right, she knows the way into a man’s heart. The warm, comforting gaze of Nicolas Cage is a wonderful thing to cuddle up to.

7.) Poetic masterpiece

Get yourself a girlfriend that has a way with words. This poem is probably the best thing that I have ever read, it brought a tear to my eyes.

8.) They both drew faces on their fans

This couple discovered that they had BOTH drawn smiley faces on their fans, without even knowing. Now, that is true love.

9.) Best cake ever

Now, this boyfriend has found the ONE. If you don’t bake your boyfriend funny SpongeBob cakes, try harder next time.

10.) Sundae Queen

She definitely looks like a SNACK here. That dude is a very lucky guy. Try dressing up like an ice-cream sundae to spice things up with your boyfriend.

11.) This would make me very happy

Okay, I’m about to do this to every item in my ENTIRE HOUSE now. I’m sure it won’t annoy anyone. Who could ever possibly be annoyed about googly eyes?!

12.) A special gift

Wow. What a lucky guy. In case he ever forgets, he now has a mug to tell him who his girlfriend is. This is a handy reminder that all girls should buy for their boyfriends.

13.) Awesome idea

The organization…it’s unreal. I’m lucky if I can even plan a meal 6 MONTHS in advance. This girl is here with her restaurant sticks of organization, whipping them out in times of need. I really need to be better.

14.) Bacon forgiveness

I mean, this is pretty intense. Who slaps their boyfriend when drunk or at any time at all?! I would be mad at her BUT a tub of salty delicious crispy bacon MIGHT just sway me to forgive her.

15.) Nerf war

Date night? Don’t be boring, plan a WAR! The more unexpected the better, he won’t know what’s hit him, quite literally. Nothing spells romance like a Nerf Gun war.

16.) Deep-fried breakfast circles

That’s it, from now on I’m calling doughnuts deep fried breakfast circles and NO ONE can stop me. Also, this girlfriend is awesome, leaving to get doughnuts! There’s nothing better.

17.) Zelda Chef

She’s not only the coolest girlfriend ever but also is awesome at looking after her man! Girls, if you leave your boyfriend food WITH gaming references, he is extremely likely to marry you.

18.) Culinary expert

This girlfriend didn’t want her boyfriend to eat junk food whilst she was away so she cooked him a MONTH’S worth of food to get him by. She is dedicated to healthy eating…

19.) Sentimental girlfriend

After having a really rough few weeks, this woman wanted to cheer up her boyfriend by hanging pictures of them from balloons and decorating the room. He actually proposed there and then!

20.) Understanding girlfriend

This girl understands how important sport is to her boyfriend (I know, I don’t get it either) so she sorted his evening out for him and prepared for the best or worst scenario.

So, girls, I hope you were taking notes because these girlfriends are making us look bad! Time to step up our game and get our lives together. Hopefully, our boyfriends will do the same thing too…

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