20 Very Sobering Nature Photos For The '10 Year Challenge'

20 Very Sobering Nature Photos For The ’10 Year Challenge’

20 Very Sobering Nature Photos For The ’10 Year Challenge’

The #10YearChallenge has gone incredibly viral, from celebrities to food, everyone is joining in the fun. However, it has prompted some people to reflect on some more serious matters. Many people are looking at the devasting environmental effects we are having on the planet.

It truly is shocking to see how many areas once lush with vegetation have been destroyed in just 10 years. So, it’s time to face up to the consequences of our actions and think about putting it right. These photos are incredibly sad…

1.) Arctic 10 Year Challenge

It is incredibly shocking and very scary to see how much of an impact humans are having on the planet. What was once mountains covered in snow and ice and now just mountains, completely devoid of anything.

2.) Losing our forests

It’s extremely saddening to see our forests rapidly being torn down. What was once beautiful areas covered lush green trees is now starkly empty. We need to start planting more trees and fast.

3.) Killing our oceans

Akanoodles / Twitter

This really is one of the most shocking. I can’t believe how in just 10 years, a vibrant, colourful ocean brimming with life has been reduced to a sea devoid of anything. It really does hit home how much of an impact we are having.

4.) Heartbreaking

Tony Costa , Kerstin Langenberger Photography

This one is just too much. We forget that the impact we have on our environment also impacts the innocent animals that share this planet with us. We need to start thinking beyond just the human race and about the other animals that are suffering as a result of our actions.

5.) Our lakes are shrinking

We demand more water but our planet will definitely reach a point when there is no more water. It’s hard to tell what we would do then but its something we need to start thinking about.

6.) Changes are visible from space

MBabiychuk / Twitter

You know that the changes we are having on our planet have got to be huge when its visible from space. We can see the ice shrinking from OUTER SPACE. Something really needs to be done about this.

7.) Destroying habitats

youth4wildlife / Twitter

When we destroy their habitats, where do the animals go? They have to try and find a new home which is a dangerous journey, possibly even resulting in death. We NEED to stop this.

8.) Sickening

Brinkleydavies / Instagram

Imagine coming home only to see that your house had been knocked down and you have to just live in the foundations as you have no where else to go. This is exactly what it is like for these poor apes. It’s heartbreaking.

9.) Disappearing glaciers

Its crazy how much of a difference global warming and 10 years can make. This glacier has almost entirely disappeared.

10.) Seals are suffering

Bsisomphane / Twitter

It’s heartbreaking to see animals suffering from the result of our actions as humans. Why can’t we just recycle and put stuff in bins rather than polluting our oceans?!

11.) Destroying nature

Bsisomphane / Twitter

Nature works so hard to create a world that we can live in and we repay it by destroying trees that are there to make our atmosphere breathable. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

12.) Lakes are disappearing

It is very sobering to see the vast extent of the damage global warming is having on our planet. Our lakes are disappearing before our very eyes and we need to start taking steps to prevent this!

13.) What will happen in another 10 years?

DrKbythebay / Twitter

In LESS than 10 years a huge glacier has retreated 1/3 mile. What will happen in another 10 years? It will only start melting quicker if things don’t change.

14.) Unrecognisable

This beach has gone from lush tropical paradise to a barren wasteland that no one will ever want to visit. We need to make a change before the damage is irreparable.

15.) This happened in THREE YEARS

DanJRubin / Twitter

In just three years such rapid change has occurred. It is completely shocking how unaware we all are of the toll our actions are taking on the planet.

16.) Facing up to the truth

Rajatraihanda / Twitter

The evidence of rapid global warming is right in front of our very eyes. We need to stop denying it and start taking action to prevent it! The planet is visibly getting warming and that’s scary.

17.) Stark reality

MTreesLA / Facebook

It’s shocking how we can so heartlessly destroy our beautiful forests who provide a home for thousands of animals AND help us to breathe.

18.) Stop plastic pollution

It’s shocking how much plastic we use each year, an average person produces around 120kg (264lbs) of plastic waste EVERY YEAR. We need to start using alternatives and fast.

19.) Need to save our coral reefs

TechnoFails / Twitter

Seeing coral reefs die is breaking my heart. They are such beautiful wonders that we cannot even begin to understand how complex they are. We NEED to start preserving them.

20.) Destroying the Amazon Rainforest

What was once a vast expanse of green now appears to be much more fragmented. We need to do something and start planting more trees! Otherwise more and more species are going to become extinct.

We haven’t run out of time just yet but now that we know the extent of the damage we have done to our planet in just 10 YEARS, we really need to start taking responsibility. If we all start living more green, being conscious of our footprint on the planet and help the right causes, we can reverse this damage. Hopefully, in 10 years from now, the before pictures will be the after pictures.