20 Weird Situations That Happen To Every Single One Of Us, But Nobody Ever Talks About


We only have our own consciousness to deal with (thankfully), so we never truly know what goes on in someone else's life and sometimes we can be years old before we realise that we aren't that different from everyone else, after all!

It can be both surprising and a relief...I know I was well into my late twenties before I realised I wasn't as weird as I thought I was, I'd began to gain a different perspective & thanks to the wonders of the internet, I realised that I wasn't that unique & the weird, strange and frustrating situations that happened to me, also happened to everyone else too!

& As these next 20 amusing examples show, the only reason I didn't know for so long was that no one else talked about these situations either! So, I suppose it's another thing that we can thank the internet for! At least we don't feel so alone anymore!

1. Wrong, wrong, WRONG!!!

I have literally lost count of the number of times that this has happened to me! It's like resetting your password knocks the memory switch on your brain and THEN you finally remember what it was! It's a fine line between good online security and being able to remember about 1,000 passwords for all the different online accounts we have these days!

2. But I AM Innocent

I'm an awkward person at the best of times, so naturally, this is always my situation. & You just know that the staff or security are looking at your empty hands and judging the sh@t out of you anyway!

3. Word's Worst Nightmare

Don't get me wrong, Microsoft Word is a wonderful thing and is extremely versatile... as long as you don't try and do anything crazy, like, you know? Just slightly move a picture to the left. It's understandable, it's such a HUGE task for it to perform! #sarcasm

4. You mean that they don't mean forklifts!?

This really made me smile as my mind always jumps straight to factory workers operating big machinery too! I have never thought of cars when I've read that on medication! Why don't they just keep it simple and say 'DO NOT DRIVE!?'

5. All those stairs


6. Who are you again?

I believe that the reason for this is when they're actually telling me their name, I'm either silently working them out, to see what kind of person they are, or my social anxiety has made my brain stop working, so by the time they've told me, I've not taken a blind bit of notice of what they've just said! #mybad

7. Please no

'remember that really embarrassing time when you waved at someone for a whole 5 minutes and they weren't even who you thought they were!?'

& I end up just sat there, fighting my whole brain for a whole hour trying to block out the reoccurring embarrassment!

8. Exercising makes time stand still

'Oh, 15 minutes is nothing, I can do that!'

9. WHY does this happen!?

This happens ALL the time! It happens to me throughout the night as well! I'll wake up, reach out to check the time on my phone, put it back and my brain will be like, 'So, WHAT TIME IS IT THEN!?' & I'll have no clue whatsoever!


The first time I heard my own voice on a recording, I was mortified and vowed to speak as little as possible for the rest of my life! Sadly, I haven't really managed it.

11. Money, money, money

You can't help but be distracted by the dollars, money cash! & It's always either extreme too, you can't believe they've given you so much or your brain is screaming 'I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY ONLY GAVE ME A FIVE!' Even though you're a grateful person! #arseholebrain

12. Packing is always a risky business

Packing is HARD! I don't know what exactly it does to our brains, but it's so difficult to shut off the part of our brain that is telling us that we're going to wet ourselves every day that we're away! Overpacking is such a hard habit to break!

13. Pre-annoyed syndrome

What can say? Some people just have that effect on others! Some people can annoy the hell out of you without even saying a word...or even being in the same room as you! It's quite an ability.

14. But it's my nonsense


15. Sorry I'm late, I'm a lazy mess

Who doesn't get post-shower meditative thoughts, anyway!? More often than not, the case with me is that I'm usually sat there wondering whether or not I should cancel the plans that I've actually had the shower for!

16. A show and a meal

Let's bow our heads in prayer for the many meals that went cold while we were too busy shuffling through Netflix! C.I.P (Congeal in Peace.)

17. & Why not!?

Some people say that life is too short to stay in bed! I say it's way too short NOT too!

18. UPS Yours!

UPS tracking really isn't worth it, is it? I don't know, maybe they just like surprising us with our own parcels!? Like little gifts to ourselves!? Ok, maybe not...

19. You're not gonna get me!

Ah, the nightly extreme sport of avoiding the murderer that's been hiding in your basement for the whole day without you somehow not discovering them! I know it well.

20. I have a loud face

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I am absolutely terrible at this! I not only have a resting bitch face, but I also have one that can't be tamed and will shout its mouth off whenever it likes! It makes my life extremely difficult.