21 Confessions Of Crazy Lies People Have Told For Personal Gain

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1.) That’s one way to do it

2.) Taking advantage of the situation

Now, this is BRAVE. I wouldn’t have the guts to follow through on this, I would have either started laughing or crying. Sounds like your college professor needs a different job though…

3.) Savage

This is just CRUEL. Imagine the kids, they probably cried. I can’t really blame the parents though, I feel the same way about Peppa Pig.

4.) No shame

These people are just so CONFIDENT with their lies. I couldn’t do this, I would be far too embarrassed. Is it really worth the shame for a free glass of wine? I guess so…

5.) That’s completely normal

This is a very elaborate lie and plan, I love it! I’m sure they all looked incredibly intimidating, the restaurant was probably a little concerned.

6.) They made up an entire MARRIAGE

What the hell?! This is the most determined anyone has ever been to live off-campus. Imagine when they meet their future partner and have to tell them why they have been married before, I would PAY to see that conversation!

7.) So many regrets

The school made a BAD decision trusting this guy with the ‘supply closet’ key. I guess its worth it, imagine the awesome parties they could throw at the high school during weekends. Not suggesting that this is a good idea of course.

8.) A desperately sad lie with a happy ending

This is so awful and I cannot imagine how lonely he must have felt. However, so glad to hear he loved the job, even if he did lie to get it. Makes the rest of us with college degrees feel like chumps though…

9.) Nothing like lying to get your ex back!

Aw, at least they have ended up together. However, I’m slightly concerned that he STILL doesn’t know it was all a lie. Surely, she can tell him now and he wouldn’t care?

10.) Does…does he still think that’s the truth?

This one is pretty messed up…taking advantage of a poor guy with amnesia. I REALLY hope she told him the truth and they just stayed together because they fell in love. If not, that’s seriously wrong…

11.) Fair play

This one’s not so bad, the guy was homeless and needed money. Super quick thinking though! I would have just stood there blankly like, “excuse me?”

12.) At least she went

This is just genius. I bet her mom is a George Michael fan now and just won’t admit it. Totally worth it.

13.) Risky move

They totally could have turned around and said, “take the other job” but this woman had a huge stroke of luck! Higher pay as well, damn, I wish I was this gusty.

14.) Winging it

This is totally something I would do. Although, the names would just so OBVIOUSLY be fake. I wonder how many people are confused by plant names now…

15.) Fake it till you make it

This guy really doesn’t play by the rules. I can’t believe it’s this easy to get into places, my whole life has been a lie! Fair play for going so far though, at least he put SOME hard work in.

16.) Worth it for the American Girl Dolls

What a REBEL. My mom would have FLIPPED if this was me. How did they not think it was weird that she could suddenly afford these expensive dolls?!

17.) How do people get away with this stuff?!

If I tried this the teacher would immediately know that I was lying and give me a detention. I have no idea how people are so smooth at getting away with literally ANYTHING.

18.) Dodged a bullet there

Okay…I would make up ANY lie to get away with someone that liked me because I looked dead. This guy 100% was not safe, she escaped thankfully.

19.) Mission Guatemala

Wow, this is incredibly brave. My parents would have questioned me non-stop and ask to see photos. I have no idea how she pulled it off but kudos, what a hero!

20.) Quick thinking

Wow, this was brave. They got away with the curfew AND their parents never knew. I could never think this quick, I would just start screaming and running away.

21.) Not backing down

This is awesome. They didn’t even need to pay for tickets?! Some people are just BORN charming enough to get away with anything. I’m born awkward and easy to say no to, sad times.

Have you ever told a lie this extreme for personal gain? Let us know in the comments!

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