21 Disgusting Vintage Recipes We DARE You To Try

21 Disgusting Vintage Recipes We DARE You To Try

21 Disgusting Vintage Recipes We DARE You To Try

    Food has changed quite a lot since the good old days and looking at these recipes, it’s definitely changed for the better!

    It seems that vintage food consisted of a whole lot of gelatin and some of the food combinations they came up with are nothing short of nightmare-inducing.

    I wonder how people actually survived off these concoctions? They certainly don’t look edible to me. After looking at these, I feel a little bit queasy, although I’m tempted to try a few out, just because I seem to enjoy punishing myself… and my dinner guests…

    Make some of these recipes for your friends and family this weekend, I DARE you!

    1.) “Salad” apparently…

    (Image Credit: LVeg / Via imgur.com)

    Is that really supposed to be a salad? A frozen brick of cheese accompanied by some broccoli…YUM! This upsets me in so many ways, I really hope no one actually ever ate this. Is it supposed to be eaten frozen? Like some kind of cheesy broccoli ice-cream, excuse me while I throw up.

    2.) Simple gelatinous supper takes only 4 hours to make…

    (Image Credit: Via Flickr: the_justified_sinner)

    If you have ever felt the need to encase what was a delicious dinner in some kind of gelatinous prison then now is your chance! This basically takes a Sunday dinner and turns it into some kind of mutated food that even my dog would turn his nose up at.