21 Dog Panorama Abominations That Are As Hilarious As They Are Terrifying


The iPhone's panorama feature has long been held responsible for many terrifying photos that have scared us all. These dogs were caught in the panoramic crossfire and the results are seriously sinister as well as being absolutely hilarious.

These disturbing dogs take many forms, whether they have been mutated into a snake-like shape or are simply a head and a tail... or they have no head at all!  These photos are not for the faint-hearted.

So, strap yourself in and get ready to have a gander and some very messed-up doggos.

1.) Short doggo

Oh dear, I'm not too sure what happened here but this dog is definitely in a worrying predicament. This panorama actually makes it look like this is just the natural form of this dog and it's scary. Imagine this running towards you at night...

2.) Mirrors never lie

It looks like this mirror is revealing what this dog is truly like on the inside, a mutated three-eyed creature. Yes, the iPhone panorama can create some funny creatures but it can also reveal the true identity of your pets, a handy feature!

3.) Here we present you with Cerberus, the hound of Hades

I don't even know how the iPhone panorama camera managed to produce this effect. I think this isn't even a mistake, this just literally is the hound of Hades.

4.) The Lochness monster is real

So THIS is what people in Scotland have been seeing all these years, some kind of long, deformed Corgi. It's comforting to think the Lochness monster is actually a friendly pooch who just wants to be loved!

5.) He is still a handsome boy

Aww, bless him, no matter what people say, he is still a very handsome boy and is perfect in every way! Just look how happy he is, such a cutie.

6.) You don't want to mess with a dog who is this angry and has six eyes!

The panorama camera has transformed this doggo into something unearthly. No wonder he is so angry, the camera has destroyed his dashing looks and turned him into some kind of demonic creature.

7.) Is that a dog or a bird?

This is either a dog trying to disguise itself as a bird or a bird trying to disguise itself like a dog. Either way, I am thoroughly confused as to what this creature is. Even the other dog is asking what is going on.

8.) Ultra rare doggo - 50% head and 50% butt

This may be the cutest deformed dog ever to grace this world. He is just trying to fit in but everyone keeps laughing at him because of his weird body proportions. I think that we all need to stop hating and give this doggo the love he deserves.

9.) Real-life Slinky from Toy Story

This could very well be the best panorama mistake ever. It's just so perfectly done, he really must be this slinky in real life! I need to meet a dog this rare.

10.) An elegant two-legged friend

This may be a short doggo but he is still very elegant and looks majestic prancing around on his two legs. He is an inspiration to us all and I want to meet him.

11.) Another long pano-dog

This person's iPhone panorama has created a very long doggo enjoying a day out at the beach. His corgi friend looks equally confused at how one dog can be so long but I'm glad that they are still friends.

12.) This doggo has been smushed

The iPhone panorama camera really screwed this little pup over. Thankfully, he still looks like a fluffy cutie and I love him enormously.

13.) The dog is a faceless demon

This dog's face is literally just a tongue and teeth which is pretty terrifying. I have no idea what happened here, only that it looks extremely scary and disturbing. Sometimes these iPhone panoramas just shouldn't exist...

14.) What is going on here?

Oh dear, this poor dog really has had a bad day. Hopefully, he is feeling better than he looks. That giraffe neck does not belong on a dog's body...

15.) The Picasso pooch

Wow, this dog looks like a piece of contemporary art by Picasso! This panorama has actually managed to turn him into artwork which is pretty impressive. I hope that he likes his new look!

16.) Mysterious ghost dog

I now believe that dogs can be ghosts thanks to this headless dog figure captured on camera. You never know what the iPhone panorama camera is going to reveal next.

17.) He is so shocked

Who surprised this poor pooch? Or maybe he is surprised by how close together his eyes suddenly were after this picture was taken. I hope that he has recovered from the shock by now.

18.) Dog or worm?

Oh dear, whoever created this should be ashamed of themselves. Is it a dog, a snake or a worm? I don't think that anyone will ever know, all I know is that this shouldn't exist.

19.) Small but mighty

This tiny pug may only consist of a tail, one leg, and a head but she is ready to take on the world. Never underestimate the power of a tiny one-legged bodyless dog!

20.) Dachshund or elephant?

I definitely don't trust this creature. In fact I'm fairly confident that it's an elephant trying to disguise itself as a dog. I'm not sure why or what it would want to achieve. All I know is that it shouldn't be trusted.

21.) Run for your lives from the beach MONSTROSITY

This monster beach doggo is out to get us all. She disguises herself as a pack of dogs and then strikes you! If this ran towards me I'm not sure any amount of stick throwing would save me!

I think these monstrous dog creatures have convinced me that no one should ever be allowed to take a panorama photograph around dogs. You've been warned! Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments! AAx