21 Secrets Midwives Probably Wouldn't Share With You

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1.) This is every midwife’s most powerful weapon

They can hear EVERYTHING going on inside you with this powerful tool. It looks medieval but it really is their most prized possession.


2.) They always have packed schedules but neat bags

Midwives pride themselves on their neatly packed bags. It means that no matter how much drama is going on around them, they can always find what they need in their bag!


3.) This is what they think of when someone mentions a pool

When you spend your time around pregnant women all of the time, whenever someone mentions a pool, they are immediately going to think of a birthing pool, that’s just life!


4.) Midwives have strong arms

Midwives arms are always jacked as this is the workout they have to do every day, weighing babies!


5.) Midwives are amazing surgeons

They can stitch together ruptures just as well as any surgeon can, especially in incredibly sensitive and delicate areas on a woman’s body.


6.) Never assume a midwife’s responsibility

Midwives have far bigger responsibilities than just holding woman’s hands and lighting candles during delivery. They can do SURGERY for goodness sake!


7.) Midwives are great listeners

They kind of have to be, with all of the listening to baby heartbeats and stressed mums-to-be. They are the best person to vent all of your worries to!


8.) Midwives often come home covered in bruises

Women can be incredibly powerful when giving birth and if you’re offering your hand for them to squeeze in support, you might want to be prepared to receive a few bruises!


9.) The job is stressful so you need to find a way to make it fun

With a job that’s so high-pressure, tiring and stressful, it’s important to find a way to make it cheerful. So, if its drawing a smiley face on pregnant tummies with ultrasound gel, then go for it!


10.) They like to play with dolls

Midwives spend a lot of time playing with dolls but not in the way that you may think. These dolls are seen as real babies to them, they have to look after it and learn how to put a diaper on it. Its all part of the job!


11.) Sometimes the baby dolls are scary

I could never pretend that these dolls are real babies because that’s just too much of a terrifying thought. I feel bad for the midwife that has to practice with one of these…


12.) They are the best personal trainers

Midwives truly are incredible personal trainers and will make you work out muscles that you didn’t even know you have!


13.) They can actually understand complex charts like this

Midwives can sum up your entire pregnancy with just a single glance at an incredibly complex chart like this. My brain hurts just LOOKING at this…


14.) Nothing is more eager and hopeful than a midwife student

At the start of their training, midwives couldn’t be more eager to pursue their dream. Give it a few months and they will be constantly exhausted but STILL eager and hopeful!


15.) They will NOT hesitate to throw people out of a delivery room

If you are being annoying or upsetting the mother, the midwife will 100% throw you out of the delivery room instantly for ANY reason.


16.) The look tiny baby feet

Even though they see them every single day, midwives will NEVER get bored of the adorable tiny shrivelled baby feet.


17.) They are amazed by the tiny wonders

Midwives love babies, its kind of why they do the job that they do! So, they are always amazed every time they hold the miracles of life.


18.) Midwives see you at your best and your worst

Midwives see mothers and their loved ones at strongest, weakest and their happiest. It’s incredibly humbling to play a part in the most important time in a woman’s life.


19.) They are the strongest shoulder you can lean on

Midwives are reliable and strong, they are always there for the nervous mums-to-be.


20.) It’s more than just a job, it’s a calling

If you are a midwife, it’s probably because you were born to do it. You have to be incredibly dedicated to do a job like this.


21.) The biggest reward is a heartfelt thanks

When a midwife has a mother and her family thank her for helping them, her day is made, simple as that. Oh, and she would love a quick cuddle with your baby too!

Midwives are incredible super-humans who will stop at NOTHING to help moms have their healthy babies. They do an incredible job and deserve all the appreciation in the world! Do you have a midwife you want to thank? Let us know in the comments!

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