21 Pics Of Famous Celebs Casually Hanging Out With Their Younger Selves

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1.) Matt LeBlanc

I think it's safe to say that Matt has aged extremely well, he still looks handsome to this day! I can imagine how this conversation would have gone, “How you doin’?” “No, how you doin’?” Just over and over until they both pass out from exhaustion.

2.) Tom Hanks

Who doesn’t love Tom Hanks? Even Tom Hanks loves Tom Hanks by the looks of this picture! He is such an incredible actor and I’m sure his younger self would be incredibly proud of what he’s become.

3.) Richard Gere

Another celebrity that has aged incredibly well, Richard Gere still looks as dashing today! These two together look like they are about to drop the biggest album of 2019…

4.) Harrison Ford

Just as charming as he was 40 years ago, Harrison Ford has definitely still got it. These two look like a pair you definitely wouldn’t want to mess with!

5.) Michelle Obama

I feel like Mrs Obama is the epitome of classiness, even when she was a little girl! She looks like a proud mom of her younger self which is just slightly odd.

6.) Emma Watson

Emma has clearly aged beautifully and looks amazing. I wonder what Hermione Granger would have thought of her?

7.) Clint Eastwood

He still looks like he belongs in the Wild West with his younger self to this day! These two really could take on the bad guys together.

8.) Barack Obama

I’m sure when Obama was a child, he had absolutely no idea that he would become the first black President of the United States but he should be very proud! What an awesome man.

9.) David Bowie

Bowie was such an incredible icon and it’s so sad that he has now passed. I’m sure his younger self would be proud of the man he became.

10.) Tom Selleck

Is this not the same man?! He has aged incredibly well and I can’t quite believe how there’s hardly any difference. I think it’s the moustache, they hold magical powers…

11.) Will Smith

I think this photo confirms that Will Smith is immortal and hasn’t aged at all. I hope that’s the case because who wants to live in a world without Will Smith?!

12.) Johnny Depp

I wonder what his younger self would think when he saw all of the amazing roles he has played as an adult? He looks even better now…

13.) Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is an iconic queen and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love her. Other than the hair, she looks so similar to her younger self that they could be twin sisters!

14.) Jon Bon Jovi

He is still rocking it as an adult! I think this picture is proof that he can pull off any haircut AND any age. The coolest rock star ever.

15.) Madonna

This is just so cool! I love how they look like they are best friends hanging out and sharing a joke. This is just so sweet.

16.) Amy Winehouse

I love this photo, it’s like one polar opposite and another. I wonder what she would have said to her younger self? The world was shocked when Amy passed.

17.) Brad Pitt

I think this photo proves that he really does just keep getting better with age. He looks amazing still! I love how they look like pals just hanging out and laughing together.

18.) Paul McCartney

I wonder what Paul’s younger self would think if he knew that he would STILL be making music at 76! I’m sure that he would think that’s awesome.

19.) Robert De Niro

I love this picture. It looks like he is taking his little brother out to town. I wonder what pearls of wisdom he would gift his younger self with?

20.) Steven Spielberg

He actually looks so much better now! I wonder if he would have told his younger self to get a haircut because I know I would have…

21.) Bruce Springsteen

Good old Springsteen is such an icon. He still has the same fashion sense as his younger self AND manages to pull it off!

What advice would you give to your younger self? These pictures are so cool and show how well these celebrities have aged! Let us know in the comments which one was your favourite.

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