21 Things To Know Before Moving In With A Girl

21 Things To Know Before Moving In With A Girl Copy

21 Things To Know Before Moving In With A Girl  Copy

I’m sure you’re thinking that the house will be cleaner, you will get three delicious meals a day and everything will be peachy, right? Well boys, you are sadly mistaken.

1. There is going to be so much hair.


You’re going to find it in your food, your shower, your drain. on your counter, on your floor…everywhere.

2. And hair accessories will show up all over the place.



It is indeed, how we mark our territory.

3. You will find her clothes in all kinds of crazy places.



A little FYI, bras do not go in the dryer. So expect them out in the open.

4. Girls take marathon showers.


But, of course, they have to shampoo and condition their hair and shave half their body.

5. Expect massive amounts of counter space to be conquered by beauty products.


Counter space just isn’t what it used to be.

6. And unnecessary amounts of shower space will be consumed by empty shampoo bottles.


At least they are in the corner.

7. Half of her clothes will be organized, and half of them will be on the floor.


“It was clean until I changed my mind about what I wanted to wear!”

8. You will most likely trip over her shoes.



Heels come off as soon as she walks through the door.

9. Once a month, your trash will fill up quite fast.


I suggest buying in bulk…

10. And during that time, your life will be hell.


Chocolate is your friend. Buy loads and loads of chocolate.

11. If she wears nail polish, it will end up on something other than her nails.


If you smell it, collect all valuables immidiately.

12. If she wears makeup, expect a powedery mess in your sink.



Trust me, she is much fore upset about it than you are. That stuff’s expensive.

13. You will go through toilet paper way faster.


Women can use toilet paper for more purposes than you could ever even think of.

14. There will always be a fantastic smell in the house.


Candles, lotion, perfume…it’s a fragrant guessing game!

15. Her ladylike tendencies will disappear the second she comes home.


Need I say more?

16. You will see her in ways the rest of the world never will.


I’m talking hungover, last night’s makeup, no shower and un-brushed teeth.

17. She will eat way more than you ever thought possible.


Including your food.

18. She will try to prove to you how domestic she is.


And fail horribly.

19. You will catch her doing something you don’t want to catch her doing.



20. If you want to avoid this, KNOCK FIRST!


21. Whether it turns out to be the best roomie choice you’ve ever made, or the decision from hell, you will never forget it!