22 Tweets Every Brit Will Laugh At

22 Tweets Every Brit Will Laugh At

22 Tweets Every Brit Will Laugh At

As a nation, us Brits all seem to have developed the same kind of humour – there’s certain things that seem to bring us all together – like the Great British Bake Off, for example. Absolute classic.

I can’t put my finger on it, but we all seem to share the same childhood memories, and we all know that one kind of person (which applies for literally every type of person).

I can guarantee that if you are British, then you’ll find every single one of these tweets at least a little amusing:

1. And you feel like an absolute mug when you figure out she called you down early just to set the table.

2. Is this whole people meet their soulmates?

3. It all makes sense when you see that the sellers from Scotland…

4. I have never been so low-key insulted in my whole life. I hope half of their biscuit breaks off into their tea!

5. The Chuckle Brothers really are a national treasure.

6. Somehow every teenager just knows the words to this song.

7. You can’t really blame his thinking, to be honest.

8. I feel like this could only be a real thing that happened in Britain…

9. Could have fooled me!

10. He probably told all his pals about this success for weeks.

11. I hope she had a nice relax.

12. The absolute betrayal when your mates pair up without you so you’ve just gotta wedge your way in.

13. Scary thing is – my mums name is Karen, I’m her third child, and there is no doubt that she wants to talk to the manager.

14.  “The Communards: a gay disco duo made up of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Wayne Rooney.”

15. That’s how you know you’ve matured.

16. Blue is a right throwback!

17. Is it just me that thinks year 7’s just get smaller every year?

18. Stuff like this cracks me up.

19. Ramsay, brace yourself.

20. Sometimes you just question whether you can still be friends with your mate or not with some of the stuff they come out with…

21. Petition to start an all-stars season for those who need justice.

22. Whose a good boy?