23 Adorable Images Of Pooches That Serves As A Warning To Dog Owners


I'm not sure if you've learned this about me yet, but I, absolutely, ridiculously and vaguely obsessively love dogs in a completely normal and appropriate way.

"My Dogs Eaten A Bee

They're cute, cuddly, amazing loyal... but they can also be rather big idiots at times too... and to me that just a makes them more endearing.

I also learned something new about my dearly beloved dogs today... they do NOT react well to bee-stings whatsoever. No, seriously, it's true! In fact, they're a lot like people in that sense.

So, I know a lot of you out there share my love an adoration of these glorious creatures, and although we never want to see them in pain (which I've been ensured they are not) we do love seeing them get themselves into sticky situations do we not!? Of course, we do!

Anyway... ENJOY!


Although I hate saying anything negative about dogs whatsoever... this poor little guy is baring a very similar resemblance to one of my favorite Disney hero's... Quasimodo.


This looks more like a caricature of a dog than an actual real-life dog, poor fella!


Look at this cheeky little... albeit slightly swollen... face! To me, he doesn't look like he regrets eating that bee at all.


Another little angelic face, it actually looks like he's laughing a little at the whole thing. Bless the resilience of adorable puppies!


Looks like we have another little wonky-eyed bee-eater on our hands! You know, he actually suits those chubby cheeks.


Oh MY! Okay, now THAT is a sting swell, he looks the way Scooby Doo looks when he first tries to swallow one of his legendary massive sandwiches. It's absolutely insane!


I get the sense that this particular pooch is used to looking incredibly intimidating and filling all the other dogs with fear when he struts his stuff around the local dog park... however, he may have to get used to receiving a few sniggers while he's got that goofy look going on.


Do you know what I love about these images? I love just how pleased with himself this little fella seems to be about eating the bee and I 100% believe he will do it again the next chance he gets.


Well, that is one grumpy-looking little pup! ...Or maybe it's just because his cheeks are currently 3 times their normal size, who knows? Still a little cutie though!


Looks like this little guy is one of the lucky ones whos been stung and has only had his snout effected! Still quite a hilarious result.


This guy looks like he's thinking back regrettably on all the life choices he's ever made during his lifetime.


When I first saw this image I 100% believed it was photoshopped... it's absolutely WILD that a bee sting can turn a poor pooch's head so out of shape! There's not one part of him that's swollen.


This poor little guy just looks like he's had one too many tequilas, and he's crazy suspicious of your motives for wanting to take him to the vet.


Personally, I think this guy got off pretty lucky compared to some of the others we've seen on this list so far! You can hardly tell he's even been stung... unless he's just using his currently best angles to his advantage.


I'm not sure if this little guy really is suffering a bee-sting or if he's just really good at manipulating his owner enough for them to keep giving him extra treats whenever he wants them... which ironically is a particular skill set I have also.


Uh-oh, looks like this little guy has been caught mid-wailing! This is one pup who will definitely not be trying to swallow a bee again anytime soon... hopefully.


This beautiful girl is 100% rocking the extra couple of pounds, and she 100% knows it! Just look at those gorgeous blue eyes anyway, who would even notice a bee-sting!?


This little guy seems to be on the lookout for the crafty little bee who stung him in the first place! Here's hoping he doesn't get a hold of him again, eh!? Definitely wouldn't want to be that bee!


YIKES, this guy for sure looks like he's suffering the most out of all the dogs we've seen so far... some serious snout and eye swell going on there! Here's hoping it'll settle down in a few days, poor thing.


Look at this ADORABLE LITTLE THING, with his little chubby swollen face. He also has a look of fear in his eyes, like he's afraid that the bee will come back at any moment and try to get him again!


Don't you think this little guy currently bears an uncanny resemblance to himself? No? Just me? I can totally imagine him going "Ru-rooo Shaggy!"


A bit of a different sting for you here, this poor little guy has actually gone and STOOD on a bee... here's hoping his poor little paw doesn't swell up so much that the glass gets stuck on it eh!?


And last but not least, this adorable little guy, who seems to be carrying all that extra bee-sting weight in his neck. Kinda has that Godfather vibe going on right? I don't know... he looks rather distinguished.

Have you ever had a pet who got stung by a bee? Maybe you've suffered a mighty bee sting yourself and have had a bad reaction!? Let me know in the comments! And don't forget to share this with your friends and family so they can share in the laughter too! X