23 Insane Predictions For The Next 7 Billion Years


1.) 2020: more people on will own a phone than there are people with access to electricity

This is a slightly sad fact, it feels as though phones have taken over the world. I also don’t really understand how this works, people can afford phones but don’t have electricity? Priorities!

2.) 2021: there will be fighter jets with laser weapons

By 2021 the US Air Force will equip fighter jets with lasers for the first time. That sounds pretty scary but at the same time cool, I mean, when AREN’T lasers cool? When they are being fired at you, probably.

3.) 2022: We will attempt to alter the orbit of an asteroid

The ESA (European Space Agency) and NASA are going to make a joint effort to alter the orbit of an asteroid for the first time in 2022. If this succeeds, we might be able to protect ourselves from Earth-threatening asteroids in the future!

4.) 2024: The first human will be sent to Mars

SpaceX, a company run by Elon Musk, will send the very first human to Mars in 2024. This will be one of the biggest events in human history and you can BET that I’ll be watching it live with bated breath…

5.) 2025: We will make prescribed medicines in our kitchens

This sounds shady and highly illegal. However, the pictured gadget is being developed to brew your own prescription medicines in the morning like you would your coffee. It’ll prevent those pesky trips to the pharmacy! I’m sure there will be some kind of limit lock on it though.

6.) 2026: The construction of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona will FINALLY be completed

The construction of the beautiful Sagrada Familia building in Barcelona began all the way back in 1882. It will FINALLY be completed 44 years later in 2026. I bet they didn’t think that it would take that long when they started it!

7.) 2027: robots will be used to pollinate plants

Harvard is developing these insect-like robots to help pollinate plants and increase sustainability. Who would have thought it?!

8.) 2030: we will drill into the Earth’s mantle to take samples

This sounds terrifyingly dangerous but I assume/hope it’s not! Japanese scientists are planning on drilling into the Earth’s mantle to take samples in order to figure out how the crust was formed and if there are creatures living deep within the Earth’s core. I do NOT want to meet a creature that can live in molten lava, sounds like the devil…

9.) Also in 2030: We will build a city on Mars

SpaceX really are on a roll at the moment…they are planning on building the first city on Mars just 6 years after the first human steps foot on the planet!

10.) 2030-2036: The Earth will suffer a mini ice age

During the 2030s the sun’s activity will drop by a whopping 60%, plunging the Earth into a mini ice-age. Don’t panic though, lots of variations could effect this, there’s no reason to panic…yet. (Joking! Or am I…?)

11.) 2038: NASA will send a submarine to Jupiter’s moon Titan

In 2038, NASA are planning on sending a submarine to giant Jupiter’s moon. It will search for life in the sea of methane that is the moon Titan. I wonder what creatures could live with that constant horrible smell?

12.) 2049: Fukushima will be safe from radiation

The nuclear catastrophe that happened in Fukushima in 2011 after a tsunami caused the nuclear plant to explode, caused mass radiation and made the area unlivable. By 2049, it’ll be safe to live there again.

13.) 2050: The red sea will dry out

The water level is falling by a meter a year as no action has been taken, it will completely dry out by 2050. This world-famous tourist destination will soon be reduced to nothing but a small puddle and its very sad to see.

14.) 2065: Solar cells on the moon will provide Earth will electricity

A ring of solar cells will be installed on the moon that will pick up energy from the sun and therefore provide Earth with electricity. It will be much more sustainable and provides an unlimited supply.

15.) 2070: there’ll be an elevator to the moon

This one just completely amazes me. Imagine casually hopping on an elevator on Earth TO THE MOON. How long would it take?! Could you look out the window? I have so many questions.

16.) 2177: Pluto will complete one full orbit around the sun

Since it’s discovery in 1930, Pluto will FINALLY complete one full orbit around the sun (a year) in 2177. That is one HELL of a long year…

17.) 3000: humans could be 6.9 feet tall on AVERAGE

Humans that aren’t manipulated genetically or by technology could be ON AVERAGE 6.9 feet tall. So, what would class as tall then?! 8 foot!

18.) 1,000,000: today’s glass products would have finally decomposed

This is incredibly eye-opening. And that’s just TODAY’S glass products, not glass from 10 years from now, that will take even longer!

19.) 7.8 million years from now: Humanity will have gone extinct

There’s a 95% probability that humans will be extinct in 7.8 million years which is pretty sad to think about. I wonder what will be left of us for other species to remember us by?

20.) 100 million years: Earth will be hit by a big asteroid

It is likely that in 100 million years, Earth will be hit by an asteroid as big as the one that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. So, if there was any human life left, we would be long gone!

21.) 1.1 billion years: the sun will grow stronger and swell

As the sun swells more and more and grows stronger and stronger, temperatures on Earth will rise to 47°C (117°F) on average.

22.) 2.8 billion years: the average temperature will rise to 149°C (300°F)

All life on Earth will be eradicated at this point due to the exceedingly high temperatures. Most of the water will eventually be vaporized, leaving us at nothing but a barren rock in space.

23.) 7.59 billion years: the planet will crash into the sun

If there was somehow any life left on Earth, it will now definitely meet its maker. The sun will be so huge and powerful that it will suck Earth out of it’s orbit. The entire planet will crash into the sun, everything on the planet will evaporate and it’s game over.

So, that’s fun…at least all the positive changes are happening in our lifetimes so that’s something to be excited about! Let’s just not look too far into the future hey…Which one was most insane to you? Let us know in the comments!