24 People Who Stopped Caring And Started Living


1. I would tip this guy.

2. Nothing like a nice morning stroll with Fluffy and your favorite alcoholic beverage.

3. Say cheese. Or not.

4. Refuses to let the Teletubbies be forgotten.

5. The date that doesn't talk back.

6. The new way to sunbathe.

7. He's already caught, who cares what happens next.

8. Did anyone else notice she only has one shoe on?

9. "I don't care where we are I'm tired."

10. Haha! This is awesome.

11. At least you won't burn your fingers trying to get the candles out of your cake before it gets covered in wax.

12. I wish my teacher was this cool.

13. Starbucks, starships. Same difference.

14. The best study buddy.

15. What the heck? Ninja Turtles are the best!

16. There are literally no words.

17. Maybe she's tired of hearing the sound of your voice?

18. An employee who does what they're told.

19. No shame.

20. Naps tend to get the best of people.

21. May there be more Tims in the world.

22. Just caught a foul. NBD.

23. No freakin' flood is gonna ruin our graduation celebration.

24. It's one of those days at the office.