The grocery store to end all grocery stores, Walmart – that American institution – is home to sights you won’t see anywhere else.

Here are some of the finest views that Walmart has to offer.

1. Walmart welcomes all

Whether you use the shopping carts to ferry groceries or human beings, Walmart will not judge.

2. You’ll see some loving public displays of affection here

Beer and flags aren’t all you’ll find in the Walmart aisles: romance blooms here also.

3. You need to make sure you look your best

Don’t even think about rocking up to Walmart with Yeti legs.

4. Finally, a solution to runaway children

Check and mate – this kid’s going nowhere. Welcome to America, son.

5. Don’t forget your goat when you come to Walmart

Grampa’s really found himself since his retirement.

6. This guy has found a novel way of selecting his pet fish

The best part of fishing is enjoying your scenic surroundings. Like the cat litter on your right.

7. When you’re in Walmart, you need to dress to impress

If you’ve turned up wearing everyday clothes, are you even a Walmart shopper?

8. Sometimes it can get very tiring walking down all those aisles

Low, low prices – and low, low blood sugar.

9. If you’re in a wheelchair, why not jazz it up with some flags and a parrot?

They call this a ‘Mobile Independence Day Celebration Unit’.

10. This lady only came for some milk, but dressed for the opera

The opera has since been cancelled.

11. You’ve gone down the wrong aisle. The church is out the door marked ‘Walmart’ and two miles west

The store is great for buying last-minute nibbles for any shotgun wedding, though.

12. If your kid is misbehaving, carry him around with a plunger

Beats making the guy walk.

13. Big hair, don’t care

Name a more iconic feat of modern engineering. We’ll wait.

14. Can I return this one please? It’s got a crack in it

Shockingly, a common sight in Walmart.

15. It’s carnival season in this Walmart

In his mind, it’s carnival season erryday.

16. If the staff turn their backs for a second, pranks happen

It’s a well-known fact that only women eat Rice Krispies.

17. You might spot the occasional celebrity in the store

Ahnuld and Beyonce: divided by their politics, united by their love of reasonably-priced goods.

18. The Cookie Monster turned into the T-shirt Monster

This will be way less funny if it turns out he was actually attacked.

19. Humans, skunks, who cares! Walmart shopping carts accommodate all

He can smell a discount from a mile off.

20. He looks like an extra who got fired from the last Mad Max movie

Regrettably, Tom Hardy told the director he looked “too over-the-top.”

21. This girls’ eyebrows are on fleek

In case you hadn’t heard, the forehead-brow is so in.

22. This shopper picked up a bargain in the ‘middle-aged sports fan’ section

Check out the blur – they’re going at lightspeed.

23. Anybody else think that’s way too much Coke for one person?

A cautionary tale for all fizzy drinks lovers.

24. This guy is aspiring to be his favorite President

Only slightly less ridiculous than Donald.

25. Some Walmart shoppers bring their pets

The diaper is as much for her benefit as it is for his.

26. This person prefers his ducks alive, and killing them at home

Never has a duck known his time is up more.

27. It’s Always Sunny in Walmart

The Green Man Cometh.

28. Ronald McDonald had a rough night and came in for some water

He’s been taking the rise of Subway really hard.

29. When you really need some breakfast but can’t be bothered to get out of bed

Either she just woke up, or she bought way too much material for the toga party.

30. This guy likes to bring his life-size doll out for a ride

“You’ll understand one day, son.”

31. The famous nursery rhyme, where Mary takes her lamb to the abattoir

Mary doesn’t approve of this message.

32. Halloween came early for this Walmart worker

And she’s sensibly getting a Christmas bauble before the big rush.

33. Just a guy in some heels browsing Halloween masks

You don’t need a mask, pal, we’re already scared.

34. Inside the store, there’s hilarity; outside, it’s pure nightmare fuel

This is how it feels when one of you is really overdressed for an event (or vice versa).

35. It’s like a Furby somehow spontaneously grew arms and legs

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga finds her new look of the season.

36. This girl only shops for things on the top shelf, because that’s where all the good stuff is

Orthopaedic shoes just got fierce.

37. Even Santa sometimes falls on hard times

Christmas just doesn’t pay like it used to.

38. When you have spa at 2 and shopping at 3

Gym hair, but a soft and blemish-free face.

39. Summer at Walmart can be trying

Perfectly fine in winter though.

40. Walmart is for patriots only

Obama to release a book along the lines of: if I was going to destroy America, here’s how I would have done it.

41. We know this because even the drinks aisles love America

God bless anyone who wants to get a Coca-Cola Light out of that thing.

42. If the trousers don’t fit, wear them anyway

If there’s anything God loves more than Walmart, it’s a dreamer.

43. Use this shelf here to see what’s good in the bargain bins

Mom helpfully offers some ass-istance.

44. There’s more to see in the Walmart parking lot

Typically seen on 19th century train tracks.

45. Moo-ve your darn car!

This makes sense – cattle farmers who need to shop at Walmart likely can’t afford the truck to properly transport the cows in.

46. Hopefully this lady has gone in for a pair of scissors

Laying low in Kentucky, Rapunzel wonders what to do with her newfound freedom.

47. Not content with one ass, this guy seems to have one on his front as well

Hey, it’s a look.

48. That’s one reason to get married

“Sex woo” and “Peace” – there really are two Americas.

49. Hopefully these two photos aren’t just of the same car taken a few months apart

Any excuse to celebrate is an excuse to take a trip to Walmart for party prep.

50. Either Hulk Hogan’s fallen on hard times, or this guy’s run out of clean clothes that aren’t last year’s Halloween costume

That’ll teach him for destroying Gawker.

51. If you’re tired, just carry the child like luggage

Just call it Haul-Mart.

52. Some people test their technological innovations at Walmart

Technically hands-free, literally ridiculous.

53. If you want your ‘congratulations’ cake spelled correctly, you’ve come to the wrong place

It’s the thought that counts. And the delicious, delicious cake.

54. Ditto anniversary cakes

Hopefully Patipenis appreciates the effort.

55. Here we have a suit for the man whose evening schedule involves formal dinner followed by a hunt

Always be ready.

56. Wedding parties aren’t an uncommon sight at Walmart

The ceremony wasn’t up to much, but the low prices were excellent.

57. Luxurious skullbeards are all the rage in Walmart these days

Business in the front, barren on the top, party in the back.

58. Did he just keep adding more tattoos as he got balder, or did he get these done all at once?

They say a witch cursed him when he was mowing the lawn. And there were also scorpions.

59. Looks like the old shirt-hole’s going to come in handy this weekend

Maternity clothes for men: incredibly, still not a clothing range on offer at Walmart.

60. You have to wonder whether he’s making this purchase too late

Though in all fairness, his beard really is a mess.

61. Others, however, prefer their privacy

Disclaimer: shirt not sold at Walmart.

62. If it’s raining and there’s no umbrella sale on, a Walmart shopping bag will do

That’ll keep him dry.

63. Walmart shoppers are all about maximum comfort

Recline in style… on the freeway.

64. Everybody’s got a philosophy

In that order.

65. People aren’t afraid to be who they are at Walmart

Who doesn’t?

66. God bless America’s superstore

And check out that Confederate flag…

67. This guy again!

He looks like one crazy guy!

68. The prices are shockingly low

“Lay” wasn’t an instruction…

69. Walmart in Winter is like a World’s Fair

I’m going to try this next time it snows… Although, it looks very dangerous!

70. Sometimes, they even come dressed as the merch

She definitely came prepared!