25 Dogs Who Are Ten Thousand Times Cuter After Bath Time


If you're lucky enough to own a dog then you'll know bath time can go one of two ways...

It's either an intensely dramatic event or your pup can't get enough of the soap sud goodness.

(It's pretty obvious how this pupper was feeling about the idea...)

Regardless of how a dog might feel about getting a bath we know that they'll always scrub up well in the end! And they'll probably look pretty amusing mid-soak as well...

1. The pointy-headed pooch

(Image Credit: tuskthedog) 

This poor little guy looks like he's suffered an electric shock. He went from cotton wool to cacti but I'm still desperate to give him a cuddle.

2. This pooch was out-foxed into bath time

(Image Credit: 

Look at those half closed lids! "Look at what you did Sandra. Don't be blowing bubbles like we're friends. This betrayal will not be forgotten)

3. This melted mutt

5. Pooch paradise lost

now look at what's become of him

6. This perfect dollop of whipped cream

7. The look of betrayal

(Image Credit: oscarpom)

This little guy will never trust again. You can see his faith in humanity leaving his eyes. Poor fella.

8. The well washed wolf

(Image Credit: Green Dog Grooming)

This is the sweetest wild animal I've ever seen. I guess he gets washed pretty regularly, look at that coat! Must be impossible keeping those whites clean...

9. Baby bear in the bathtub

(Image Credit: bearcoat_tonkey)

LOOK. AT. HIM. So complacent, his little trotters all a-paddle.

10. Life's a beach

(Image Credit: teraflux)

and then you get home

11. Betrayed and bedraggled

(Image Credit: Serenah Hodson)

13. Surprise shower attack

(Image Credit: yesiamagirl) 

14. Bathed but unbroken

(Image Credit: houndhairdresser)

She knew what was coming, she'd accepted her fate and she endured it like the heroine she is. Look into that unflinching gaze, they may have washed her but she'll always have her pride.

15. Showing your true, terrifying colors...

Expressive to the extreme, this guy isn't sugar coating his feelings on being so rudely washed against his will.

16. Still smilin'!

(Image Credit: chancrescolex)

Nothing is dragging this dog down! He's playing it cool on the left but ten seconds in the pool and he's smiling from ear to ear!

17. Reputation washed away

This doggo was living his best life. You can tell by the tilt of those shades that he's living the high life but who'd have thought he was just one shower away from devestation...

18. Saturday night vs. Sunday morning

It's all glossy hair and pink bows to begin with ten seconds in the tub and all that is washed right down the drain.

19. Cotton candy caught in the rain

(Image Credit: Mariya Malone)

That pink gingham leash is the definition of fabulous but even when she's a bit bedraggled? We still think she's the sweetest bushel of love that ever there was.

20. Grace, agility and speed... robbed by a lake...

(Image Credit: minnemaus82)


21. Just happy to be invited

(Image Credit: tdgonex)

Great! Bath time? Great! A stick? The best thing to have possibly ever happened to me since five seconds ago! 

22. Crime and punishment

Get him out! Give him the cuddles he deserves! 

23. Not fat just big-floofed

(Image Credit: Gregor Sands) 

"Linda lost ten pounds in just ten seconds with this secret weight-loss method"

I swear this is my problem! I'm really very skinny I just wear big coats...

24. Rub-a-dub-dub get me the heck out of this tub

(Image Credit: Damaxan)

A proud snowball reduced to a melting, unimpressed popsicle, cowering in the corner of a sink. What kind of owner could do such a thing??

25. The shower-cap Queen

(Image Credit: oodlesofpoodleshfx)

She's so prepared! We feel like this little lady would look down on all our other dogs, she's not getting hair in her eyes or unsightly ears! We respect this level of readiness, an exceptional effort.

What's not to love about man's best friend getting the star spa-treatment they deserve?

How does your dog deal with bath time? I know mine doesn't behave quite as well as some of these adorable doggies! Let us know your favorite photo in the comments below! AAx