25 People Whose Personalized License Plates Totally Rule The Road


Personalized license plates often trigger reactions such as eye rolls and hefty sighs. However, some people know how to do personalized license plates the right way and those people are definitely the best...

These people with their creative and hilarious license plates definitely deserve to rule the roads. Forget having your name on your license plate, that's boring, you need to take a leaf out of these driver's books!

After seeing some of these, you are definitely going to want to shell out and splash the cash on a personalized plate and I don't blame you...

1.) You would WANT this guy to cut you off

This car is so sassy and polite at the same time, I don't think I would even mind if he cut me off, at least he said it politely! This is how you should do personalized license plates...

2.) This license plate reminds you of your impending doom

This is probably one of the most fitting license plates for a hearse ever...it is also pretty disturbing to think about but hopefully people can see the funny side!

3.) Every metal fan's dream license plate

Everyone has been through a metal stage and a lot of us will never leave that stage! This is why this license plate is just awesome in every way and they deserve to do what they want on the roads...

4.) This Saab owner knows what's up

This Saab owner is cleverer and better at puns than I'll ever be. Thankfully, they had enough money to get this awesome license plate to put other personalized plates to shame.

5.) The most appropriate license plate

This worker must get tired of driving so many tires around all day every day so decided to let the world know with this amazing license plate. I love how appropriate this is.

6.) Could this be the best yet?

Another hilariously clever license plate that I would never be intelligent enough to think of myself. At least I can just appreciate and laugh at these license plates instead.

7.) Okay, THIS is the best one yet

I really do struggle to understand how people think of these. This one is great, self-deprecating humor has always been the best and this person is nailing it. Their car is a bug and it's gross...

8.) Annoying but hilarious

Smart Cars are great, they are adorably cute and can park literally anywhere. You can even pick them up and move them if you have enough people, which might come in handy when they squeeze into a non-existent space, blocking you in. It's funny when it's not you though!

9.) The driver was eating cereal and it fell on her lap...

Sometimes I struggle to believe that people like this actually exist...who eats cereal in a car then somehow manages to flip the car because they dropped the cereal? At least this license plate is a warning to other drivers to keep their distance...

10.) This driving instructor has a sense of humor

This is just amazing. This driving instructor certainly doesn't have that much faith in his students though... oh well, we all start out as noobs at some point in our lives!

11.) Simple but effective

This license plate is so simple, unlike a real Rubix Cube...I'm not sure why this car is even called a cube but each to their own...

12.) "This car cut me off. I was mad until I saw their license plate."

You just cannot be mad at a license plate like this, at least they know that their behavior is evil and makes them a complete jerk. Just accept that they are better than you, it's okay, I accepted it long ago.

13.) The perfect license plate for a Tesla

This Tesla driver is definitely better than the rest of us oil-guzzling peasants. He is obviously proud of his purchase, hence the license plate.

14.) The most self-aware license plate

At least this car understands its position in the world, clearly it is very proud of itself as it should be! I mean, it's probably the most random license plate ever but that's okay...

15.) This is disturbing

I mean, why are people eating children now? I would rather that than being eaten myself though so I will fully agree with this license plate if it means that I won't be eaten.

16.) Roger the UPS driver

You can tell that Roger is definitely a complete legend and the coolest UPS driver ever. His license plate doesn't make me want to roll my eyes either so that's a success!

17.) This dog has his own license plate

Could this be the coolest dog ever? Definitely. He drives his own car and has even personalized it with his own license plate! I am very jealous of this dog, I'll never be that cool.

18.) This drain cleaner really loves his job

It's really nice to see someone who really loves their job as much as this drain cleaner does, especially when their job deals with poo every day! I need to hire this company...

19.) The most Canadian license plate ever to have existed

I don't think that I would complain if I got cut up by this license plate either. It's just so Candian, to basically apologize for driving in a car...

20.) "I dare you to put the c-word on your license plate..."

This is just the ultimate rebel, I wouldn't want to mess with him! What kind of badass has the guts to put the c-word on their license plate?! Ultimate cool.

21.) Lucky for some

This has to be the best license plate ever. I can definitely tell he doesn't have kids, that's why he has nice things in life. Sadly, not all of us can afford that luxury.

22.) The most stressful license plate

This license plate understands how annoying it is that it is on straight and so decides to annoy everyone else with it. I just want someone to straighten it...please.

23.) The rudest license plate

This license plate definitely has new levels of sass and I'm a little intimidated. I would definitely NOT move for this one, ask politely next time!

24.) Fair enough

I'm a bit concerned that this person needs a license plate to tell them what kind of vehicle they are driving. At least it's simple and effective, not too sure what it's achieving though.

25.) An alien is 100% driving that car

This car HAS to be driven by an alien, they are trying to fit in but I can see right through their lies...open your eyes people!

I don't know about you but I'm about to go and personalize my license plate with something smart and funny now... I can't promise that it'll be either of those things though. Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments! AAx