25 Pictures That Men Will Just Never Ever Understand

25 Pictures That Men Will Just Never Ever Understand

25 Pictures That Men Will Just Never Ever Understand

There are plenty of things about being a woman that can make our lives difficult and yet we seem to tolerate it with a lot of dignity and grace. Therefore, we make it look easy when in all actuality, we are in a constant struggle with even the most basic aspects of being a woman.  They are the kinds of things that men will never understand. Here is a list of those things that we struggle with:

1. Having Marks On Your Wrists From A Hair Tie.

2. Always Being Asked This.

3. What We Really Go Through.


4. Never Feeling Pretty – Oh So Pretty!

5. Having More Hair Than Scalp.

6. Having Lip Gloss On In The Wind.

7. The Best Part Of The Day – Getting Comfortable.

8. The Pain Of This Rigorous Beauty Routine.

9. The Struggle To Get It to Stop.

10. Finding Hair You Didn’t Know You Had In Places You Didn’t Want It To Be.

11. The Money Wasted And The Face Exposed.

12. Passing Your Lipstick To Every Cup Of Coffee In Your Hands.

13. The Hair Left Behind On The Shower Walls.

14. Trying Not To Sneeze!

15. Especially During That Time Of The Month.

16. The Different Dress Codes For Boys And Girls Growing Up.

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17. Knowing That You Can’t Let Your Hair Down After You Decided To Wear It Up.

18. Knowing That You Have To Wash Your Make Up Off Even When You Don’t Want To.

19. Being Harassed By Simply Being Alone.

20. The Dreaded Chair In School.

21. Using Your Hand As A Canvas.

22. When You Have Thick Hair.

23. When Putting Your Hair Up Means You Look Like This.

24. Getting Your Heel Stuck.

25. When You’re Down To Your Last Hair Tie.