Got to work off that slice of cake

Most weddings are glamorous affairs, but ivory white dresses, overflowing bouquets and silver trays of fancy food aren’t everyone’s idea of a good time. For some, there’s no better way to celebrate newly minted nuptials than by ploughing through mud, crawling under rope bridges or scaling huge wooden poles.

We hope he can swim…

Some things are a fate worse than death – and one such thing is going to a wedding by yourself. On a day that’s all about celebrating a loved-up couple, surrounding by their loved-up family and friends, there’s nothing that could remind you more of your loneliness. In fact, it’s enough to make you want to jump into the sea and begin a new life as the King of Atlantis.

Keepin’ it classy

The 2011 movie Bridesmaids was marketed as a gross-out comedy about women screwing the rules and going their own way – and given it was a smash hit, it’s no surprise that many real-life bridesmaids followed suit. Just take this picture of some absolute edgelords (edgeladies?) for example.

Here comes the booze

Weddings are joyous, but they’re also stressful – and there’s no question that the two people at the centre of the whole affair are the most stressed-out of all. So we aren’t going to judge this blushing bride for taking a quick break and indulging in a few vices outside the house of God.

Speedos for every occasion

How much for the wedding package? Well, it’s a lot cheaper than you might expect. The thing is, when you opt for romantic pictures on the beach, you have to realise that some crass members of the public will actively try to ruin things for you.

You can see the love in their eyes

Shoving a ring on to a finger is harder than it looks. You obviously want to buy a ring that fits snugly, so your expensive investment doesn’t end up falling down the sink drain, and the sweat and stress of the day itself can make adorning your new spouse a lot tougher than it looks. Unfortunately, this picture has captured the flash of panic that’s not so uncommon in these situations.

Was this how the picture was supposed to go?

Let he who has never wanted to jump into a lake on their wedding day cast the first stone. What could be better than ruining your outfit with ditchwater, being soggy for the rest of the day, and looking like your internal organs have exploded in all of your wedding pictures?

Where’s Waldo?

Here’s a question for you: is this funnier if it was a surprise, or if it was planned? Given the formal attire and earnestness of the people in the foreground, this would seem like the work of a ne’er-do-well prankster, dressing up as the infamous striped fugitive for kicks.

Luck of the drawers

Look at this. It’s hilarious. There’s not an unhappy face in the house. There simply isn’t anything funnier than oversized underwear. And we’re meant to believe they belong to this bride? Simply preposterous. These are the undergarments of a bear, or a smaller-than-average elephant.

Blue milk, legs like silk

We’ve all played the wedding game where you feel up an old man’s leg, right? All you need is a blindfold and a common or garden old man who’s willing to roll up his trousers and let you cop a feel. Bonus points if he’s drinking blue milk like Luke Skywalker.

Just checking out the view…

There are some images that make you think: if only the photographer had panned over to what those guys are looking at. And this is certainly one of them, with these two people being absolutely transfixed by whatever is going on out of frame and not by the wedding of former Trump political adviser Stephen Miller.

We’ve all been there

All the leaves are brown (all the leaves are brown) and the skies are grey (and the skies are grey). I’ve been for a walk (I’ve been for a walk) on a winter’s day (on a winter’s day). I’d be safe and warm (I’d be safe and warm) if I was in LA (if I was in LA). Wedding man third wheelin’ (wedding man third wheelin’) on such a winter’s day.

We just wanted one serious photo!

You might think this is some kind of prank on an unassuming bride, but the real story is pretty clear: the left strap on the bride’s dress fell off – a sartorial catastrophe – so a distraction was necessary. Thankfully, these bridesmaids were more than happy to rise to the occasion.

The happiest day of your life?

Weddings are emotional affairs. The thing is, people handle intense feelings differently: some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, and others wear their hearts in the deepest possible pit within the human soul, far from the prying eyes of friends, family, and therapists.

He’s at max level now.

What’s a wedding without an Xbox reference? Short answer: a good wedding.

In all honesty, it’s a cute reference for a couple who are both gamers, but the father of the bride doesn’t look too pleased. Must be a Playstation guy.

Marking his territory now there’s a new man on the block.

It seems trendier than ever to get the family pets involved in the big day, but it’s clearly not without risks.

It’s really not such a big deal – you’re never going to wear your wedding dress again, so you might as well let everyone have a wazz on it. Go wild. Start a new, damp tradition. Here comes the urine, and all that.

He’s afraid of birds

You know that traditional, extravagant moment when the bride and groom release doves as a dramatic symbol of their love? Well, spare a thought for Keith. The doves were actually drafted in at the last minute – the original plan was for the happy couple to throw Keith over the bridge. He’s been totally upstaged.

And when you can’t afford doves…

When it comes to weddings, nothing could be more romantic than doves. But have you tried raw chicken? Here, bride and groom can be seen flinging two headless, pink carcasses into the air, perhaps in the vain hope that these will – like their marriage – take flight, rather than just crash down to earth in an unholy splatter.

When you figure out what his intentions with your daughter are

This here old-timer’s long enough in the tooth to have attended a shotgun wedding or two in his time, but he’s got completely the wrong end of the stick on this one. A blunderbuss is supposed to be for forcing a bride and/or groom into marriage, not to threaten the husband-to-be out of one!

Is planking still a thing?

It was a wonderful ceremony; the location was perfect, the flowers were beautifully arranged, bride and groom looked immaculate, and the exchanging of the vows went entirely to plan, at which point the priest uttered “My work here is done” and ascended up to heaven, rear-first. Glory!

Didn’t think Speedos would appear again, yet here we are…

Some people find the kinds of fancy clothes you’re required to wear for a wedding restrictive, but this seems to overcorrect too far in the opposite direction. I can’t imagine that kid will ever grow up and ask to look at the beautiful wedding pictures of his parents’ big day, and they will probably be very strict on the dress code come their own wedding.

We can’t even fathom an explanation for this one

I’ve no idea at what point in the wedding process this happened: the bachelor party? The reception? Some kind of pre-ceremony ritual? Either way, everything from the costume to the wigs to the pole and the tiny stage and keyboard in the background is completely baffling. Maybe the best men just wanted to get in on the first dance action?

Who wants a slice?

It’s difficult to tell from this angle what exactly we’re looking at here: A cake made to look like a turd? Or some brown slug? Is this the back end of intergalactic crimelord Jabba the Hutt? Whatever the case, we know for sure that it’s a total failure of a wedding cake.

Setting the mood

Talk about stealing the couple’s thunder! This kind of thing isn’t supposed to happen until the wedding night. But what can you say, weddings are high time for impromptu displays of feeling. The crazy thing is, these two dogs weren’t even invited!


A bride’s wedding day priorities are: 1) get glam, 2) get drunk, 3) get married, usually in that order. That last part she has to do herself, but the bridesmaids are there to take care of the rest. Girls: prepare the dress; pour the wine; shave my pits.

OMG girl it is gorgeous!

These bros forgot the cardinal rule of bro-dom: groomsmen aren’t supposed to get emotional at the wedding! Emotions on wedding day are for the bride and her bridesmaids, not the groom and his hard-drinking entourage. Now put that ring away and hit the free bar before anyone sees this mortifying display of feelings!

She doesn’t look too concerned…

A gorgeous cake is the cherry on top of a perfect wedding, but this one looks ready to come crashing down. This poor couple didn’t even have the chance to grab a knife and get a slice out before it all fell to pieces, and there’s no way the toppers or the frosting could recover from a fall like that. Hopefully, it still tasted good!

His head’s going to hurt the next day for all the wrong reasons

Partying too hard is an essential part of a wedding, but it’s not quite clear what’s happening here. First of all, what kind of wedding guest (or even a groom) wears white jeans and a white shirt to the ceremony? Second of all, were the other guests throwing him around “for he’s a jolly good fellow” style? Thirdly, is he ducking, or did his head go through the plasterboard?

Feel sorry for him for what must have happened 0.5 seconds after this was taken

There’s always one guest that ruins a wedding, whether it’s by snoring their way through the ceremony, getting drunk and hysterical at the reception, or deciding to wear white just to spite the bride. However, stepping on someone’s veil, especially when it’s clipped into their hair, is a surefire way to not get spoken to at dinner, or invited back for the renewal.

Their hearts will go on

A wedding over the water might sound like the most romantic thing in the world, but it definitely comes with risks. Namely, the bride falling in the water in a dress that they probably spent 1000s of pounds on, and potentially taking the entire bridal party with them. Thankfully, the best men’s instincts were good enough to grab the ladies as the pier collapsed, or this could have been a really soggy wedding.


It’s normal for the best men to have a bit of a laugh on the big day, and that can include some pretty inventive ideas when it comes time to take the pictures. Depending on your view, this is either the funniest way you could think of to immortalise the groom’s upcoming nuptials, or it’s incredibly tacky. Let’s just hope none of them were actually following through on what they were acting out.

Travel in style

At the end of every classic romantic movie, there’s a scene where the happy couple ride off into the sunset to start their lives together, usually whilst riding some kind of idyllic vehicle. Usually, that means a vintage car or a horse and carriage, but this couple bizarrely opted for sitting in the bucket of a digger…. on a sofa for some reason.

That poor, poor dress

If a wedding has one enemy, it’s mud. However, this bride is clearly wearing wellies, so she was obviously prepared. Maybe she cancelled the first dance in favour of a first quad bike ride, or maybe she just wanted to make sure she got her use out of the dress before hanging it up for good.

Bet you money she fell

There’s nothing more romantic than a beach wedding… in theory. Sun, sand, bare feet and glowing skin, followed by a sunset walk along the beach and some kind of fruity drink. The reality is more likely to be this: falling into the freezing cold water, realising that sand is basically just mud with a different chemical composition, and not being able to get it all out of your hair for weeks.

The cake says it all

Getting married is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, but you’d never know that from looking at this cake topper. While it can be cute to make mutual jokes about the ole ball and chain and your upcoming married life, this sort of joke could also make everyone at your wedding uncomfortable while they try to figure out just how joking you actually are.

When you double book your wedding day and Halloween party…

What do you do when you have a wedding ceremony at four PM but there’s a zombie breakout at noon? You carry on of course! Either that, or this bride just wanted a ceremony that was as spooky as it was spectacular. I wonder what their first dance song was – Thriller?

Do you think he said the wrong name?

Plenty of couples fight on their big day, due to the heightened emotions, early start and very little time set aside to eat, let alone relax. However, most brides don’t take off their heels in order to kick their new husband into the water, no matter what they do to spoil the event.

Relationship goals

People often joke about who really wears the pants in any given relationship, but this cake topper is a pretty significant indication. Right down to the fact that the groom has to hold the bride’s flowers, since she’s too busy carrying him around. Or maybe, she’s going to throw him into a crowd of bridesmaids along with the bouquet?

Not so sure about the Converse

Have you ever heard the phrase “dragged to the alter”? Well, it’s definitely true in this case. Not only does the picture make it seem like the groom is not too thrilled to be getting married, but his footwear makes it clear that he’s ready to run at the first given opportunity. Maybe he’s fleeing because there seem to be two brides in the group?

Catering: Done

Food is one of the most important parts of a wedding, especially when it comes to guest satisfaction. However, not every wedding needs a three-course meal or even a fancy buffet – some people are perfectly happy with square burger patties and tiny pickle chips. The bride certainly seems happy at least!

The facial expressions are perfect

For any bride and groom, the ramp-up to the vows tends to be the most stressful part of a wedding, with the first toast being the time when everyone can kick back and start celebrating. However, popping the champagne can be fraught with trouble, leading to explosive consequences but very memorable wedding pictures.


Out of all the inventive best men photoshoots on this list, this one might be the most creative. It definitely takes the idea of a Bridezilla to the next level, since this bride could crush all the best men under her heel with one final crunch. Wonder how long it took her to find a dress that would fit?

They said she could only get married once she’d grown up…

They say on your wedding day you stand a little taller, simply knowing that you’re about to start your new life with the person you love most in the world. This is definitely true of this bride, who is glowing so much that her bridesmaids seem positively short in comparison.

Keeping things brief

Let’s face it: at weddings, it seems like the women have all the fun. A lot of thought goes into matching bridesmaid dresses and co-ordinating everything. For the groomsmen, it just tends to be dark suits and inoffensive ties. Boring! That’s why these wedding-goers have spiced things up with matching boxer briefs. As they say in the army, no man left behind…

Getting down on two knees

“OK Amy,” the photographer says. “Let’s have you on your back for a second, shall we? Legs akimbo. That’s it, yep. Maybe just a little wider with the legs? Perfect. OK Jeff, let’s have you on your knees. And get in there. Don’t be shy. Right. Big smiles now, guys. Lovely. Oh, lovely. Wait until you see these.”

Burning loins!

Weddings, with all those people under one roof, are an accident waiting to happen most of the time. But we should embrace emergencies, according to this couple who decided to capitalise on having a fire engine turn up to their big day by posing in front of it.

The Bridesmaid from Beyond the Grave

Go ahead, tell yourself this is a harmless photobomb if it helps you sleep at night. This right here is a ghost. The one bridesmaid who didn’t make it to the wedding but found a way to be there anyway. Is this the kind of energy you wanna be around for the rest of your life?


Careful with that drink. Especially if it’s your ninth or tenth. We all love raising a glass to happy couples, but raise it too hard and the contents are gonna go flying right over them. The groom probably won’t mind but bet your bottom dollar the bride will!

Ring ring

Usually, if someone crashes your photo, intentionally or not, you greet them with a bit of hostility and trash talk. “Get out of the way jerk!” or “Move it, knucklehead!” Not in this case. The bridesmaids and grooms are loving life while this cyclist awkwardly passes by.

Talk about getting legless at your wedding

There are two possibilities here: either the groom has yanked his bride up in the air so fast that her legs have actually separated from her waist – so fast in fact, that she has yet to process the reality or pain – or she has tucked her legs behind her, putting them out of shot. You choose!

Nice day for a white wedding!

You may think weddings are just something that women care for and men endure. Wrong! Plenty of fellas out there dream about their special day with the love of their life. Imagine this guy was one of them. Ouch. Antiqued by his so-called “friends”. Gee, thanks a lot!

Sun’s out, guns out

Never underestimate the masculine urge to rip the sleeves off clothes and turn anything into a vest. It’s a surprise we don’t actually see more of this at weddings. Why feel pressured by the confines of a tight, tailored suit when you could be free and happy, like these bros?

“We do, too!”

Good heavens, this ain’t it guys. Do not do this. Ever. Christ. If you’re going to do it, at least wait until you’re in the privacy of your own room. Don’t do it in front of the newlyweds! What is this, a snuff film? Yeah, they’re smiling, only in the same way that Ted Bundy used to smile.

When you can’t quite afford a chariot

Sod’s law, isn’t it? You organise a photoshoot on the beach, the one place that guarantees a bit of serenity and scenery, and there’s a paraglider in the background. We can’t rule out the prospect of him being a part of the wedding in some way. Maybe he was coming to pick up the bride?

Bad day for a white wedding

ICYMI, you should never wear white on someone else’s wedding day, especially if you’re a woman. While this is unwise, it’s not illegal, and some have overstepped the mark. These gals overstepped it together and did so with smiles on their faces! You have to feel for the bride, don’t you?


It’s not a wedding photoshoot without a few “funny” ones thrown in! Take these three jokers. It looks like the maid of honour and groom were hoping to carry the bride for a quick snap, but oh no! They didn’t get a good enough grip and now she’s on her way to the ground.

Who’s ready for a honeymoon!

Typically, the car will be adorned with a ribbon or a few empty cans on strings, but never this. It will never be wrapped in some protective layer. Why? Because this generally tends to look “terrifying” and “uninviting” to two people hoping to be whisked off to a place in the sun.


Unless you have your wedding in Death Valley, you will never be 100% guaranteed a sunny day. Some special days are tarnished by a spot of rain, and it’s not that big of a hindrance – except in terms of health and safety. Take this fella, who may have been mimicking Michael Jackson when he lost his footing.

Holey Matrimony

Cats are independent, we all know that. They take themselves off and stay there until they need food or sleep. So imagine the bad luck of this newly married couple when the cat decided to make a rare and very graphic appearance slap-bang in front of the camera.

Giddy up Grandpa!

Old folks have it tough at weddings. Lots of sitting and standing, loud music and unfamiliar food. Don’t make matters even worse for them with a themed medieval wedding. Look at this poor guy. For all we know, he could have served in the army. Is this how we treat our veterans?

Kids do the darnedest things!

Try and think back to the weddings you attended as a kid. They weren’t fun, were they? There are only so many knee slides you can do and cokes you can drink before things take their toll. Why has this lad even got a Jason Voorhees mask? Why was he allowed to bring it to the wedding?

Nuts to that!

Look at the poor woman. She’s devastated. The big, dramatic walk down the aisle, dashed at the last minute by a pair of streakers. Others are laughing. They’ll be laughing for years to come. But the bride? Not one bit. Think twice before taking all your clothes off at a wedding guys!

You may now kiss the bride!

Come on, give us a kiss for the camera! She’s not into it, is she? She’s not into him. This marriage is already over. Cancel the DJ, Saran wrap the food, and order taxis for the guests. The groom has given his wife the ick before they’ve even done the speeches.

Clearly been waiting for this moment

Yes, that is a chastity belt. Yes, they are real. Yes, they still exist in some circles. Please don’t try this at home. The belt or the electric saw cutting it off. That is a very precarious area of the body and you don’t want anything going wrong. Especially on your big day!

She’s lovin’ it

Not everyone wants the big, fancy wedding that sets them back five figures. Some are happy keeping things cheap and cheerful like at McDonald’s! Why bother with overrated soup and wine when you can have a Big Mac meal and a milkshake? This was the happiest meal of their lives.

An angel above, or in his hand… something something deep

We’re sure this guy was going for a “My woman is an angel” vibe. You know, “She’s a miracle!”, “I can’t believe I found her!” You get the idea. But this Photoshop doesn’t do any of that justice. It looks like the bride has died. It looks like she’s in heaven and he’s holding her.

Who needs lighting?

Unless the bride specified that she wanted to look like she was appearing in an exposé documentary where her identity was protected by a darkened face and deepened voice, then these photos are pretty amateur. The groom looks great though, doesn’t he? All smiles!

Erm. Just. No idea

Who needs AI generators when we have wedding photographers? More specifically, when we have their editing tools? It’s actually a shame more couples don’t embrace this kind of absurdity and opt for the pretentious, “serious” photoshoot.

Itching for the big day

The wedding photographer could’ve kept this out of the final collection, let’s be honest. They chose not to. They took a gamble on people finding this shot of bridesmaids itching their bums funny and it paid off. It’s on this list! Congratulations, wedding photographer, wherever you are.

Keeping the bride happy? Piece of cake!

On any given day, you’d probably turn down the offer to stick a knife into a bakery version of yourself. On your wedding day, you’d probably feel like swinging the knife at whoever made the cake. Besides this being tacky, it’s also really, really freaky. The groom hasn’t quite realised yet, has he?