26 Great Films From The 80's (In no particular order)

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Hey you guys!! Seven kids go after One Eyed Willy's rich stuff. 1985

2. The Lost Boys

Two Brothers move to a new town, Santa Carla, in California with their Mom after a divorce. The elder Michael, starts hanging around with a group of vampires - what could possibly go wrong?! 1987

3. Labyrinth

You remind me of the babe! Sarah has 13 hours to solve the Labyrinth or her baby brother will become one of the goblin King's subjects forever! 1986

4. Beetlejuice

Adam and Barbara must learn how to frighten the new occupants of their house after they are killed in a car accident. Beetlejuice to the rescue! 1988

5. Footloose

Kevin Bacon teaches the small town how to rock and roll!! 1984

6. The Princess Bride

The Man in Black must save Buttercup from marrying Lord Humperdinck. Watch out for those Rodents of Unusual Size! 1987

7. Dragonslayer


A bit of a hidden gem this one. Galen must save the town from having to make regular human sacrifices to the local pesky dragon. 1981

8. The Breakfast Club

Five students who are all very different, start to bond during detention. 1985

9. The NeverEnding Story

Sebastian must stop The Nothing from consuming the fantasy land he is reading about in his book. Who wouldn't want to ride around on Falkor! 1984

10. Gremlins

Billy must halt the spread of the evil and havoc wreaking gremlins. Note: They don't do too well in the microwave. 1984

11. InnerSpace

Tuck accidentally gets injected into Jack with hilarious consequences! 1987

12. Romancing the Stone

Joan has to travel to Columbia to rescue her sister who has been kidnapped. Jack reluctantly agrees to help out. 1984

13. The Flight of the Navigator

David is abducted by an alien spacecraft and must find his way back to his family. Catch ya later navigator! 1986

14. The Three Amigos

Lucky Day, Ned Nederlander and Dusty Bottoms must save Santa Poco from the dastardly El Guapo. 1986

15. Short Circuit

Johnny 5 is alive! The robot comes to life after being struck by lightening. 1986

16. Look Who's Talking

Mollie's romantic follies are narrated hilariously by her talking baby. 1989

17. Jumpin' Jack Flash

Terry Helps Jack a DIS agent to get home after he is trapped in a foreign country. 1986

18. Batteries Not Included

Tiny extraterrestrial space ships living in an apartment block try to stop it's demolition. 1987

19. Stand By Me

Four friends go on a hike and find the body of a missing child. Absolute classic! 1986

20. Overboard

Goldie Hawn at her finest as a spoilt millionaire's wife who takes a tumble out of their yacht and ends up with temporary amnesia. 1987

21. Edward Scissorhands

Rescued from the dilapidated mansion where he was created, Edward goes to live with the Boggs family and tries to fit in with suburban life. A bit cheeky this one as it was made in 1990.

22. Adventures in Babysitting

Against her will Chris is convinced into babysitting Sara. Chaos ensues! 1987

23. Ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters tackle spooky crime in the city of New York. 1984

24. Dirty Dancing

Nobody puts baby in the corner! Baby fills in with dance partner Johnny and he teaches more than just how to move! 1987

25. ET - The Extraterrestrial.

Elliot finds ET who is stranded on Earth. ET phone home!1982

26. Top Gun

Maverick gets the chance to fly at the Naval Fighter Weapons School but will his massive ego ruin everything?! 1986

Just a few gems from a time when movie making was in a golden era. Are there any you would like to add to the list? Comment below.

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