20 Times Kids Renamed Everyday Items With Hilarious, Brutal Simplicity


1. Perfect for a snow palace 

Kids have a way of cutting through all the bull****, right? They can be refreshingly unfiltered and unknowingly hilarious...

Being kids, these little ones can have some fundamental flaws in their knowledge and watching the sprogs try to navigate their way in a confusing world can be very amusing. Here are 28 times when kids didn't realize just how funny their re-naming of everyday items was! 

(Image Credit: Twitter, XplodingUnicorn)

He's not wrong though, is he?! 

Sure, you wouldn't be building your house from them (unless you live in an Igloo or a Disney film) but I'd feel super powerful with "ICE BRICKS" in my fruity, umbrella-shaded, cocktail! 

2. Pizza pockets

(Image Credit: Twitter, RebeccaCaprara)

Really, what else are pockets for?! 

Chat all you want about ridiculous spare change or mobile phones or keys! BAH! Pockets are for candy! 

3. Drama Queen

(Image Credit: Twitter, letmefinish)

This little girl is displaying a level of drama that I truly aspire too. 

So poetic, so poignant, so pure.

4. Taste the rainbow!

(Image Credit: Twitter, OutNumberedMother)

This momma is (rightly!) proud of her little boys connection between all the wonderful colors of the rainbow and all the wonderful people of the LGBTQ community! 

Eat with pride, kiddo! 


(Image Credit: Twitter, ZoesZooYouTube)

It's a magical clash of two different worlds! The leathery, horned rhino, the bright and starry spangled unicorn, a match made in heaven. 

6. The calcium clink...

(Image Credit: Twitter, Lhlodder)

Children's minds work in truly amazing ways, right? For example, some kiddos see some innocent braces and immediately link them to detention centers where freedom goes to perish...

Kids, eh?

7. Shivering Shriekers 

(Image Credit: Twitter, jess2780)

They're distantly related so I'm happy to give this little girl 10/10.

From now on we'll all refer to animals living in arctic conditions with this prefix; e.g. Polar bears are now "cold horses" and seals are "cold water dogs".

8. The only way is up for robots

(Image Credit: Twitter, HunterCampbell)

This is also fairly accurate. Anything that runs on electricity should be referred to as a robot, I think. The TV is just a robot theatre and shame on you if you don't call it that. 

9. This little guy has some pretty fast moovements!

(Image Credit: Twitter, StellaGMaddox)

This is the cutest thing ever. The poor little lad was trying his best! 

10. Mowing the lawn with a razor blade...

(Image Credit: Twitter, janna_rpw)

Don't correct him! Never correct him! Just be mindful when he starts growing a beard he doesn't turn a lawn-mower on his face!


(Image Credit: Twitter, TessaDare)

PLEASE can this child be in charge of naming every bird now? 



12. Atichoo! Atichoo! Don't let that girl down!

(Image Credit: Twitter, PetrickSara)

If my little girl was being this freakin' adorable I would NOT EVER correct her. 

13. Is guac still extra, or...?

(Image Credit: Twitter, Grant Tanaka)

If only death was a pleasant stay in warm, toasty folds of floury goodness. We can but hope!

14. Quickly! Send the emergency wee-woo truck!

(Image Credit: Twitter, XplodingUnicorn)

This phrase works so brilliantly, I hope everybody starts using it. 

It would absolutely make emergency situations a whole lot funnier... not that that's necessarily needed...

15. Called out

(Image Credit: Twitter, livlab)

Remember what I was saying about kids having NO filter? Case in point. 

16. Upsies!

(Image Credit: Twitter, tanderny)

Some of these names are heart-meltingly cute. Who let this kids be so damned adorable?!

17. Don't burst her bubble!

(Image Credit: Twitter, Lhlodder)

Gubble bum. 

Let that name just sit with you a while, just appreciate how freakin' ADORABLE it is!

18. Margherita mausoleum 

(Image Credit: Twitter, Skorpeo)

These re-named items range from the unbelievably adorable to the downright creepy... I'll let you figure out which one you think this is... 

19. Garbage gobbler

(Image Credit: Twitter, Lhlodder)

"Gobble Button" is maybe the most adorable phrase on this list. It evokes images of me when faced with a takeaway pizza wider than my waistline...

20. Reading needed re-naming and rhyming 

(Image Credit: Twitter, EverydayGirlDad)

These kids have some freakin' INGENIOUS ideas! Forget "Book Club"! Let's go to "Book Looker Lovers"!

Which was your favorite re-naming? Did your kids have adorable titles for everyday objects when they were little? Let me know in the comments! AAx