29 Hilarious Pictures That Sum Up The Reality Of Married Life

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I'm sure that's exactly what she meant.

2. Looking forward to a life full of fun adventures together dies down after a while.

Although this is pretty vital information to know.

3. The lies, the deception!

We can feel the disappointment this guy must have felt.

4. Both appreciating what your wife does for you, but also enjoying being able to do what you want when she's not there!

I think we should all just take a moment to appreciate how cute that dog is, too.

5. The little things - I almost melted at this one.

Whoever said romance is dead hasn't met this couple.

6. (NSFW)

Staying young at heart together!

7. Leaving each other sweet messages around the house...

dat butt hot.

8. And if you choose, experiencing the beauty that is childbirth...

I doubt she needed the reminder.

9. Compromise.

She seems pretty comfortable...

10. Speaking of those nice messages around the house...

...same goes for arguments.

11. This one is too good, and pretty creative too!

It looks pretty cool, maybe they should just leave it!

12. Working together to reach a mutual goal...

A genius pet-training idea.

13. Having to take interest in the things your partner likes doing...

You blokes all know this one.

14. Again, a pretty creative idea.

We all have a little bit of 'hoarder' inside of us.

15. Leaving a problem for whoever comes across it next...

How did it get there?!

16. Problem solving:

While this example if pretty cute, we can't guarantee this will be appreciated every single time!

17. You've got to do what you've got to do!

Who doesn't love Deadpool though?!

18. Going to extreme lengths...

...just to be right.

19. Having to put your foot down:


20. Embarrassing your kids is just a part of the job description.

It's a pretty popular tourist destination.

21. Sometimes being too much on the same wavelength!

Now commences the debate on whose is better.

22. Never trusting your husband to do literally anything.

While pretty awesome, I bet it wasn't what she had in mind.

23. Learning that there really are two kinds of people. 

Yet somehow you make it work.

24. Truly being able to express yourself...

Once again, if you want a job doing...!

25. Eternal prank wars.

26. The way their brain works still amazes you.

Half of the random thoughts they come out with are hilarious.

27. Thinking about them all the time...

28. Compromise pt.2

Appreciating the cute dog pt.2, too.

29. Forever being the perfect gentleman:

Fingers crossed that one worked for you mate!

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