30 Flawless Photographs Taken One Second Before The Inevitable


1. This cat is about to eat lunch.

2. Remember, wild life has to work for its food.

3. She looks pretty happy now. . . give it a second.

4. This poor puppy never saw it coming.

5. Oh, no you didn't!

6. Happy 16th birthday!

7. Jump  chicken, jump!

8. This bird might be picking on the wrong feathers.

9. Mud is good for this skin.

10. An icy greeting.

11. Hauntingly beautiful.

12. Looks like the right wrist is about to be snapped now.

13. These guys are barely hanging on.

14. Ouch.  Enough said.

15. The perfect angle.

16. He looks like he can fly.  I doubt that he can.

17. How did they stack them so high to begin with?

18. Duh, which way did he go?

19. A beautifully dangerous photo!

20. This dog walks on water.

21. Just out of reach.

22. This doesn't look good.

23. I never felt so sorry for a fly as I do now.

24. This is what a rodeo is for.

25. This dog has his game face on!

26. I don't want to see anymore.

27. Done!

28. I can't watch!

29. Even now, his eye is still on the prize!

30. Well, it WAS a pretty cake.