30 Of The Coolest Gadgets You Need in Your Life in 2015

30 Of The Coolest Gadgets You Need in Your Life in 2015

30 Of The Coolest Gadgets You Need in Your Life in 2015

As we are now firmly in 2015, we need to ensure we are up to date with all the latest gadgets and gizmos. We have done the hard work for you and browsed the net to find the coolest things you have probably never seen before.

30 Of The Coolest Gadgets You Need in Your Life in 2015

1. Pizza Scissors

Pizza Scissors

They cut and lift the slide away all at the same time. How has nobody thought of this sooner?

via The Independent

2. Bed Fan

Bed fan

This is the modern day version of sticking your leg out of the bed. Ingenious.

Via gizmag

3. I Could Eat a Horse Pasta Measuring Tool

Eat a horse spagetti

Child portion, adults portion and ‘I could eat a horse’ portion.

Via Colossal

4. moodINQ Programmable Tattoo System


This is for the person that doesn’t want a permanent tattoo. It is a gadget that you program a tattoo into and it prints out on your arm. Only problem is that you have to have a canvas implanted in your skin first. hmm

Via ThinkGeek

4. Grill Clips


No more veg and fiddly bits falling into the grill.

via Amazon

5. Credit Card Light Bulb


Because a flashlight is a bit of a cumbersome item to carry around. This credit card bulb is an ingenious idea. It lives in your wallet until you are in times of need.

Via Thinkgeek

6. Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt

treck mit

Via ThinkGeek

7. Water bottle ice cubes


If you have ever tried to put ice cubes into a bottle of water, you will immediately know why this is such a great idea.

Available from your local Amazon store.

8. Smart Toilet Paper Holder


This clever idea sends a text or an email to you when the bog roll is running low and needs to be changed.

9. Index Cutting Boards

index cutting

10. Prong PocketPlug Case and Charger


11. One Click Butter Cutter


12. Roll & Pour


No need to break your wrist trying to tip a glass of juice from a large carton. Use the Roll & Pour to do the heavy lifting for you.

Via Skinny Mom

13. Under Desk Foot Hammock


Bring a bit of chill and that holiday feeling into your office using this foot hammock. Great to rest your bare feet on as you get on with your daily tasks.

Via Gizmodo

14. Ritot Projection Watch


Just a really cool idea.

Via Ritot

15. See Through Toaster


No more wondering if your toast is burning as it is hidden inside your toaster. The clear walls of this toaster allow you to see your bread brown up in real time.

Available here but I warn you, they are a little.

16. Condiment Gun


Who wouldn’t be the talk of the barbecue as they used this cool ketchup / mustard gun from ThinkGeek

17. Citrus Spray


Just stick this handy tool in a lemon, lime or even orange to extract and spritz the juices over a salad.

You can pick one of these up at Yanko Design

18. Pirate Bottle Opener


Help the peg leg pirate stand up while opening a bottle of plonk for yourself.

Get your own here

19. Yolkfish


This simple tool sucks the yolk out of a cracked egg then spits it back in the bowl for you. The best bit is it keeps the yolk in tact.

Get your own here

29. The Dipr


No more milky fingers when you dip your Oreo’s.

Get one at Hearted Girl

30. Toast Strips


Why use a knife when you can use this ingenious tool to make the perfect soldiers for your dippy egg.

Get one here