There are some fleeting chances that we might have more money than we believe we do. We could have some old books lying around in our house that might be worth a huge fortune. Even those dusty old toys that you think you will never use again can now be worth hundreds of dollars. We have collected a list of things that are worth a lot of money. How many of them do you have in your house?

Porcelain tableware – up to $5000

The simple tableware that is gathering dust in the kitchen cupboard can fetch you thousands of dollars online. Chances are, someone in the family has a set sitting in a cupboard, waiting for that fancy dinner party that never comes. If you are looking to sell it and make a little money on the side, now is the time. If you think it’s a nice set, take it to an antique dealer and see if you can get at least an estimate of its value. Some go for hundreds, if not thousands, online. Such porcelain antiques became a hit in the late 18th century, and vintage sets from the early 1900s have sold for a staggering $5000 online. Is anyone else planning on cleaning around the house right now?

Christmas ornaments – up to $1000

When you are decorating your tree during the Christmas period, you probably won’t think there is a fortune to be made. But I’ll give them a closer look this year if you want to make some money on the side. It may surprise you, but according to antique appraiser Eric Silver, Christmas ornaments can sell for $100 and blown glass ornaments can fetch up to $1,700. But those who have Christmas ornaments from Germany between 1840 and the early 1940s are the real jackpot winners, as these pieces can go for an incredible $18000! Now it’s time to dig through the garage in search of these treasures!

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