35 Reasons Your Childhood Was Better Then The Youth Of Today

35 Reasons Your Childhood Was Better Then The Youth Of Today

When when we look at the youth of today with all their trendy gadgets, gym memberships and fancy hair cuts, you could be fooled into thinking that they have it better than us 80s kids did. But you would be wrong. You are clearly forgetting about all the shows, products and things we did that made life so much fun growing up.


In this post we decided it’s time to remind you just how much fun it all was. Enjoy and share with your friends so they don’t forget either!

1. Being Convinced you would win every prize and beat the Fun House in this childhood fave!

2. Watching this show and secretly loving it whenever you had a sick day from school.

3. The Feeling of pure excitement whenever these opening credits came on and you shouted along…

4. Getting your Maccie’s in these kind of containers

5. Having a Mr Wimpy Birthday Party!

6. Being desperate for one of these, even though you didn’t really believe it would work the way the ads suggested.

7. Every playtime at school, pretending you were these kids, lost and trying to get home using your special powers.

8. And wishing you could have your own pet Emu so you could cause havoc and blame him!

9. Spending your pocket money on these pickled onion snacks.

10. Thinking you looked amazing in your brand new, stylish shell suit…

11. Being mesmerised, excited and yet terrified by this classic all at the same time.

12. The feeling when you finally got bought your own Boglin pet.

13. Birthday and Christmas money would be spent in here without fail.

14. Watching the Trotters every Saturday night, and watching Del and Rodders up to their usual tricks with Grandad in tow.

15. Spending every summer holiday morning watching this guy and Pinky Punky

16. Feeling like an adventurer and that you were in a fantasy movie when you sat around to play this.

17. Wanting to learn more about everything and anything from watching How 2


18. And finding you enjoy doing some maths and English whenever Countdown was on.

19. Feeling incredibly posh whenever your mum got this in as pudding for Sunday Lunch because you had guests.

20. Being obsessed with everything Batman and reliving the key scenes in the school playground.

21. Watching Kylie and feeling so lucky!

22. Watching this extended music video over and over whilst being secretly terrified! And trying to do that bloody slide, he does and never managing to get it right…

23. Playing Jet Set Willy even though the tape took fifteen minutes to load, and never getting past the stupid maid in the bedroom!

24. Not being able to stop watching Spitting Image, even though the puppets secretly creeped you out!

25.åÊBeing terrified by this guy and his stories, even though you told your friends you didn’t find it scary at all!

26. Never admitted that you liked these guys, they were incredibly popular yet no-one admitted to buying their songs,åÊsomeone must have – did you?

27. Then singing along freely to Rupert and the Frog Chorus which was surely far more embarrassing!

28. Being terrified you were going to get lost oråÊseparated from your family after watching this.

29. Experiencing the feeling of loss for the first time whilst watching this scene.


30. Watching this film in genuine amazement at what they had achieved.

31. Genuinely believing you wouldn’t be good enough to play for Accrington Stanley if you didn’t drink plenty of milk!

32. Loving everything Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles!

33. Don’t push me, push a Push pop!

34. Making your Ice Cream Magic with these!

35. Singing along to every word of the opening song on this, every week!

What other memories made your childhood great? Let us know in the comments!