35 Things British Adults Miss From Their Childhoods

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Panda Pops actually only got scrapped in 2012, after a 35 year old run. The main reason they went down were parents valid concerns over giving their children fizzy drinks. If you miss the sugary sweetness, either cheap Aldi cola or Barrs cans are your best bet.

34. Gladiators

They tried to bring this show back on Sky but it was never the same. You can find a bunch of old episodes on youtube, but while some episodes did get a VHS release, they never made it to DVD.

33. Super Mario

Good news, Mario still exists! You can go back and play the classic games of your youth or play one of the recent releases, I recently played Mario Odyssey and it was amazing, a true successor to Super Mario 64.

32. Findus Crispy Pancakes

While they were considering scrapping these, you can still get a 4 pack for around a pound in most supermarkets. Go get some, eat your nostalgia.

31. Space Hoppers

While not as popular nowadays, you can get special giant ones made for adults. Get a few and have a race with your mates.

30. Chopper Bikes

You're an adult, you can buy an actual chopper.

29. Tetris

While playing it on a computer or a phone isn't quite the same as playing it on a GameBoy, it's still very accessable.

28. Lemon Sherberts

Why are so many of these things that still exist? The only thing stopping you from eating lemon sherberts is you.

27. Slush Puppies

See above. Your parents can't tell you no when you are the parent.

26. Skimming stones at the beach

Take your kids to the beach, skim stones with them, it'll be fun.

25. Blowing Dandelion clocks

Just do it. If you want a more serious adult thing to do with dandelions, you can always make Dandelion jelly with the flowers.

24. Hopscotch

As an adult you can play hopscotch while drinking scotch which would be very funny and involve a lot of falling over.

23. Doing Handstands

It's definately a lot harder to do these as an adult, but not impossible. Joining a gym with the goal of being able to do handstands is a lot nobler than people who go there just to lose weight.

22. The A Team

You can buy the whole series as a DVD box set for less than £40. Whether you use it for a very long marathon or try and stretch it out with an episode a night is up to you.

21. Knight Rider

The advantage of rewatching all of these shows is that it's probably been long enough that you've forgotten most of it and it's practially new again.

20. Being swung by the arms by your parents

Unless your parents are very tall and buff for their old age, this isn't going to happen again.

19. Searching for four leaf clovers

Do people not do this with their kids? A lot of these seem like things you could do by spending time with your child.

18. Skipping ropes

Your knees will hurt afterwards but there's no law saying you can't skip as an adult.

17. Salt and Shake Crisps

I actually didn't know you could still get these but you can at most supermarkets!

16. Visits from the tooth fairy

You are the tooth fairy now.

15.  Curly Wurlys

Just add all of these to your shopping list, put some Gladiators on and have a nostalgia night.

14. Opal Fruits

Opal fruits were actually called Starburst everwhere else before they were renamed that in the UK. They taste a little different now the focus is on natural flavouring but htey're still good.

13. Being allowed to sleep in a tent in the garden

Give yourself permission. Maybe even go on an actual camping trip.

12. Cola Cubes

More likely to be found online or in an old fahioned sweetshop than in a supermarket, but still out in the world.

11. Daisy Chains

Take your kid to the park, get them to do the hard work of picking good daisies while you make the chains.

10. Water Fights

You can finally get yourself the really good supersoakers your parents would never buy you. You can also look at the price and buy yourself a more reasonable one.

9. Enid Blyton Books

I still have my books from childhood, but many of Enid Blytons works are still being reprinted today, or you can even get them in digital or audiobook form.

8. Checking if people like butter with a buttercup

32 perent of those surveyed said they missed this, but that's a really weird thing to be nostalgic for?

7. Rolling down grass banks

Your old bones won't like it, but you can.

6. Money in birthday cards

At least people give you alcohol now.

5. Woolworths pick and mix

Wilkos pick and mix is probably the best now, but you can't help wondering how many kids have shoved their snotty hands into the sweets.

4. A 99 from the ice cream van

Are adults incapable of doing things they feel makes them seem immature? If you've been depriving yourself of harmless things you want because you're worried about what people will thing I assure you that they probably dont care. Buy yourself an ice-cream from the van on your lunch break. You may have to wait until summer.

3. Penny Sweets

Inflation ruins everything.

2. Playing in the street

How many parents who miss this won't let their own kids play in the street?

1. Long hot summers

At least it's still light when you leave work? Officewear and hot weather is an awful combination though.

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