40 Hilarious Notes From Kids Who Aren't Afraid To Tell It Like It Is


1. Using her personality traits to track her down.

2. What is your mom's name?

3. A little constructive criticism?

4. Probably shouldn't keep this one.

5. Oh, so sad!

6. Yes, anyone is special for that reason.

7. A little sibling rivalry?

8. This is true.

9. A thank you card.

10. This kid has a habit of saying sorry.

11. The conversation was boring.

12. Yes.  Thank goodness!

13. Perfect!

14. No parental controls for this kid!

15. Flattery is everything.

16. Hey, that's what it sounds like!

17. This kid needs to make more space between his words.

18. Are they hiding something?  A nice distraction.

19. Just testing out a new word.

20. Of course.

21. Revenge.

22. No love for sis.

23. Bad day?

24. Good job! No, wait. . .

25. Yep, just threaten to get a new mommy.

26. Learning the difference between but and butt.

27. Call the plumber.

28. First crush?

29. Wow. A warning sign?

30. Always room to make corrections in this life.

31. Just stating the facts.

32. Yes it is.

33. The insight is incredible.

34. Don't show this one!

35. Poor guys!

36. Always keep your options open.

37. How sweet!

38. This daughter is awesome!

39. New game.

40. We don't know the facts.