Are you tired of seeing the same cookie-cutter influencers on your Instagram feed? Look no further! In this article, we showcase over 40+ influencers who have taken their creativity to the next level with the use of Photoshop. These influencers have truly reinvented themselves from totally new looks to out-of-this-world transformations. So get ready to be amazed!

1. Stick figures should have clothes, too.


We all want to look our best, and editing tools can make us look even better in photos. But have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a real-life Slenderman by your side? This photo may give you an idea of how editing can make a person’s limbs look unrealistic. It’s funny to see stick figures wearing trendy clothes on social media. It’s a fun take on fashion and art, and it makes us wonder what other cool stuff we’ll find in the World of stick figures.

2. Mystery of the Messy Cafeteria

High school cafeterias can be tricky, especially with disrespectful patrons. For example, the cafeteria manager caught a student stealing a cookie. He begged her not to tell the Boss, even promising he wouldn’t get fired if she didn’t know. But when he realized who he was talking to, he dropped the cookie and ran off. This shows how important it is to be respectful and honest in all situations, especially at work.

3. Photoshop Your Reflection!

It’s okay to use editing tools to enhance your photos, but it’s important to be mindful of their impact on self-esteem and realistic expectations. Remember, wrinkles are a sign of a life well-lived; embrace them. This means that if you’re using Photoshop to blur out wrinkles on your face, it’s only fair to do the same for your reflection in the mirror. Also, be honest and transparent about using editing tools; it helps build trust with the audience.

4. Minimalism: The Key to a Better Life

You might see heavily edited photos of impossibly thin legs when you scroll through Instagram. It’s a trend, but remember, these images aren’t realistic. Please don’t compare yourself to the edited versions of people; they often create unrealistic expectations. Don’t be fooled!

5. The Sale Slip-Up

This gal was pretty bummed about missing a sale on ice cream. She saw signs all over the store but still called the next day asking for a refund cause her server didn’t mention the sale. The manager told her she wasn’t getting a refund, and she started demanding to speak to someone higher up. The manager said they were the top of the line, but she never showed up for the in-person convo she promised.

6. Nah, I’m Not Digging the Economy Class

A social media influencer got called out for making a fool of himself. He bragged about never sitting in economy class on a plane on Snapchat but was caught sitting in economy. A lesson to watch yourself before flexing on social media if you don’t want to be caught by internet trolls! Always be mindful of what you say and do online to avoid embarrassment.

7. The Assistant Manager’s Move

This assistant manager was helping out during a busy shift, and a customer got entitled and demanded a free refill, even though it was against the store’s policy. The manager told her no, and when she asked to speak to a manager, he pointed to his name tag and repeated the policy again. A simple move, but it got the message across.

8. Something Seems Off: Photoshop Goes Too Far

As social media rises, people aim to present the best version of themselves online. But some take editing to an extreme by manipulating their body to look a certain way, regardless of how unrealistic it may appear. One individual is fascinated with altering reality, as seen in his photographs featuring exaggerated body proportions. Though he may believe unrealistic images are impressive, many argue that looking realistic is still important. However, his approach to photography may be seen as distorting reality and setting unrealistic expectations.

9. A Little Backup: The Sandwich Saga

An assistant manager was minding the store when a customer came in to grab a sandwich. She ate half and complained it didn’t have enough mayo, demanding a refund. The manager pointed out the mayo was on the table for her to add. But she went on a rant and started slamming the counter. Just then, two regular customers, who happened to be on-duty cops, got in line behind her. They asked if there was a problem and the woman quickly took off.

10. Ballerina’s Photoshop Surprise

Ballerinas are usually thought of with long legs and arched feet, but this ballerina’s picture has been heavily photoshopped. A side-by-side comparison shows how much her body was changed. It raises concerns about unrealistic beauty standards and the morality of using Photoshop to alter appearances. This is a reminder to be cautious of online images, as they may not be genuine. It’s disheartening to see how far some people will go to meet societal beauty and body standards. However, it’s important to remember that true beauty comes from self-acceptance and self-love. Embrace your unique qualities and characteristics.

11. Dealing with a Difficult Customer

This guy walked into a restaurant being a total jerk and started complaining about the food. The manager handled the situation professionally and made sure his food was perfect. But the customer kept demanding things that were right in front of him, so the manager treated him like a child, and everyone around chuckled.

12. Too White to Handle: A Photoshop Fail

This photo brought back memories of the “Friends” episode “The One With Ross’ Teeth.” Ross wanted to look good for a date and whitened his teeth but left the solution on too long, making his teeth super white and blinding. You might want pearly whites, but not ones that light up the room! White teeth are nice, but nobody wants to be a human lightbulb.

13. Toasting Tips from Subway

Rewritten text: This customer got mad at Subway employees when her sandwich was still wrapped in the paper it was made on. The juices from the ham leaked onto the paper, and it looked like blood after being toasted. The woman, who claimed to be a nurse (but wasn’t), returned to the store, started yelling profanities, and even spit on the register. The manager could have given her a free meal, but with her behavior, they would have told her to leave too. This situation highlights the importance of appropriate behavior in public places.

14. Big Eyes, Big Photoshop: Overdone Beauty Edition

This photo is definitely a head-turner, that’s for sure. At first glance, it looks like one of Margaret Keane’s “Big Eyes” paintings, but upon closer inspection, it’s clear that the woman’s eyes have been heavily photoshopped. While it’s great to want to enhance our features, this look is just a bit too over-the-top for our liking. It’s important to remember to love and accept ourselves just the way we are instead of trying to change the way we look completely.

15. A Take-Out Food Manager’s Story

So, this customer calls up a take-out place and orders food saying no mushrooms, but then calls back all mad because there were mushrooms in her meal. The manager, Ken, offers to replace it, but she wants a refund. So, he gives it to her to keep her happy, and a few weeks later, she orders the same meal with mushrooms again. It’s just another day in the life of a food manager, dealing with all types of customers.

16. Embracing The Beauty of Textures

It’s time to embrace our real, human features instead of constantly comparing ourselves too heavily edited and fake beauty standards on the internet. Perfectly smooth, poreless skin, wrinkle-free faces, and hairless bodies are just not realistic. Let’s stop feeling bad about ourselves because of unrealistic beauty expectations and love the unique textures that make us human. Embrace the real you, and it’s beautiful!

17. Buffet Bluff: The Customer who Ate too Much and Lied

Lauren, a former buffet manager, had a tricky customer who claimed the food made her “throw up” and demanded a free meal. But Lauren saw right through her lie by finding uneaten food all over the bathroom floor. Lauren confronted her and pointed out the security cameras that captured the truth. The woman quickly paid up and never came back. A good lesson in making sure your lies have solid alibis.

18. Where in the World?

This photo on social media is so edited that it’s tough to tell what’s real. Lately, there’s a trend of pasting animals into photos. This woman even put elephants in her pic but didn’t even know the difference between an African and an Asian elephant. But honestly, that’s not even the real problem here. The real problem is why? Why do people feel the need to fake these things in their photos? It’s just weird.

19. Sunday Brunch Gone Wrong

A mean customer came to food service, made her group complain about everything, and didn’t leave a tip. The manager, Sam, went to check on her, and instead of complaining, she started insulting Sam’s staff. Sam, being the Boss, told her to leave and banned her for life. Working in the food industry can be challenging, and this just proves it.

20. Ribs or No Ribs, Let’s Love Our Bodies

The obsession with looking a certain way is wild. People are going as far as hiding their ribs to have a tiny waist. It’s not possible or healthy, but social media and photoshopped images make it hard to tell what’s real. Let’s appreciate natural beauty and stop comparing ourselves to impossible standards. Embrace your unique body, including your ribs!

21. Broken Coffee Machine = Bad Customer Service

A tavern manager, Shelly, had a tough time with a demanding customer who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. Despite the coffee machine being out of order and the “Out of Order” sign, the customer became aggressive and insisted on getting coffee. Shelly had to stand her ground and ask the customer to leave. Being a manager is not easy, but someone’s gotta do it.

22. Piercing Eyes Edition

People altering their photos with piercing eyes is just another way of being “perfect.” Let’s embrace our natural beauty and stop with these fake enhancements. Walking through walls with piercing eyes would be like having superpowers, but it’s not happening soon. Good old-fashioned eye contact will have to do. Avoid obvious Photoshop fails and embrace real beauty.

23. Proving ‘Em Wrong: The Manager Showdown

Proving someone wrong when they wrongly accuse you of theft is a great feeling. Adam, who opened and ran a restaurant in his mid-20s, had a lady accuse him of stealing her credit card. She thought he was just a “bus boy.” But her friend stepped in to explain Adam was the manager. The lady then found her card in her purse and paid up, not saying a word. The experience was a hilarious reminder of the power of a manager’s title.

24. Frozen Fail: When Editing Goes Wrong

“Whoa, hold up! Did someone seriously photoshop the life out of this girl’s face? We get it, we all want to look good in pics, but this is just too much. It’s like they turned her into a possessed Elsa. Let’s appreciate natural beauty, huh? Pro tip: stay away from this exorcised version of Elsa.”

25. Clam Chowder Craze

Taylor worked at a seafood restaurant since she was 15 and became manager at 19. Every week, a woman would order clam chowder, eat it all and then complain that it was made differently last time and demand it be free. Taylor put up with this for years until she finally confronted the woman. The lady tried to argue but eventually paid up.

26. Flawless or Faked?

People fall for beauty delusions from photoshopped images, even everyday people, causing them to believe they should look a certain way. It’s important to be critical of what we see as media often distorts reality. Society’s beauty standards are toxic, leading people to change themselves just to fit in and conform, causing them to lose their true selves in the process. Don’t let unrealistic beauty standards get to you; embrace your own unique beauty.

27. Drive-Thru Drama: The Long-Winded Customer

Marley was a restaurant manager who filled in at the drive-thru when they were short-staffed. A customer took forever to decide what to order but finally went for the most oversized item on the menu. When she reached the window, she wanted to change her order and claimed the restaurant always accommodated her requests. As the manager, Marley kindly let her know that wasn’t possible. The customer wasn’t happy and demanded to speak with the manager, not realizing she was already talking to them.

28. To Change or Not to Change

Editing apps make it easy to change our appearance, but it’s important to remember that our individuality makes us unique and beautiful. Constantly evolving our looks can lead to a loss of self and unrealistic standards for others. Embrace who you are, and don’t get lost in the editing. That girl on social media is taking editing to a whole new level, making herself look like a 12-year-old. With just a few clicks, anyone can look however they want, but embracing our natural beauty is better.

29. Banning the Ice-Cream Scammer

Lacie managed an ice cream parlor and faced a woman who’d come in with her family and requested her large (3-scoop) ice cream be divided into 3 single-scoop cups, but only pay for the large. Lacie declined, but the customer insisted and asked for the manager. To her surprise, Lacie was the manager. The argument continued until Lacie, with the help of corporate, banned the woman from the store. Running an ice cream shop may seem fun, but rude customers can make it a challenge.

30. The New Beauty Standard?

“Rib haters” are those who see no value in having ribs, even though they play a crucial role in our health and survival. They’ll even alter their bodies and use editing apps to reach a distorted version of “perfection.” Let’s stop the toxic pursuit of perfection and love our bodies as they are. Embrace our individuality and natural beauty, and reject the notion that Photoshop can improve our looks. It’s time to break the cycle of body dysmorphia and unrealistic beauty standards.

31. Dealing with a Difficult Customer at the Nightclub

Ted faced a tough situation at the club with a guy who was getting aggressive and slurring his words. Despite trying to calm him, things escalated, and Ted called in security to escort him out. Safety was Ted’s top priority, and he made sure everyone at the club was having a good time. When the guy tried to start a fight outside, Ted walked back inside and had him banned. The guy’s expression when he was banned was amusing.

32. Yo, what’s up?

Some people will do anything to change their appearance, even if it means ruining their natural good looks. I saw a guy who used Photoshop or plastic surgery, and instead of looking better, he became a joke online. It’s not just women; men also buy into unrealistic beauty standards. It’s sad to see someone change themselves so drastically for more likes or matches on a dating app. Embrace your unique assets and love the skin you’re in. Celebrate natural beauty and ditch unrealistic standards

33. A Manager’s Misery

Dealing with entitled customers can be a nightmare,” I thought as I managed a restaurant. This guy came in and complained about everything but didn’t know I was the manager. I listened to his complaints and calmly explained I was in charge. Seeing the look on his face was satisfying but frustrating to deal with people like that. The dude was a real pain, complaining about the menu, wanting the channel and volume changed, then demanding to talk to the manager. Little did he know, I was the manager!

34. Dolled Up: The Bratz Pact

So, these days it’s all about looking perfect but not looking like a real person, right? And these two, they’re like the ultimate example of that. I bet they played with Bratz dolls when they were kids and made a promise to each other that they’d turn themselves into real-life versions of those dolls. Oh my god, have you seen those photoshopped and face-tuned pictures? They’re so crazy. It’s like you can’t even tell if these people are even alive anymore. Their faces are so frozen, and it’s like they’ve just been injected with a whole bunch of botox or something.

35. Bar Night Gone Wrong

So these two chicks went to a bar for the night, and they were being total bitches to the bartender. Not only that, but they didn’t even leave a tip. And then, to top it off, they went back later looking for the manager so they could hand in their resumes. Talk about some entitled behavior. This guy told them he was the manager, and these two girls just took off running. But then, a few minutes later, he got paged downstairs, and these same girls were there asking for the manager again. Of course, they probably thought he was bullshitting them. But anyways, I’m guessing they didn’t get the job.

36. Cheetah or Human?

Have you ever wondered what Chester the Cheetah from Cheetos would look like as a human? Well, wonder no more! But for real, though, this would have been a pretty cool pic if this woman didn’t edit it so much. Okay, so this pic, it’s like over-the-top in every way. Bigger body parts, huge eyes, and even the background are all enhanced to the max. But she missed a spot of fake tan on her right arm, so it’s not perfect.

37. Hear it from the Boss

Alright, so you’re talking to the manager of this restaurant. She and her ex-husband own it, and she’s the one who deals with all the customers and stuff. So one day, this dude comes in with his date and starts causing a big scene, making his date look super embarrassed. Eventually, the Boss of the place comes over and tells this dude to cool it. But instead, he starts yelling at her, asking who the hell she thinks she is and demanding to speak to the manager. But the boss lady lets him know that she is the owner, and she kicks him out.

38. Shedding Ribs for the Sake of Beauty: A Trend?

Ribs? Who needs ’em? I mean, according to some influencers, they’re so last year. Forget what you learned in bio. Apparently, they’re not even necessary for protecting your organs. But, all jokes aside, it’s just another example of the crazy beauty standards people have these days, like needing to have the tiniest waist possible. It’s pretty sad and messed up to see all these photos getting edited to death just so they fit some beauty standard on social media.

39. The Unruly Customer at the Deli

This dude and his lady own a deli that’s part of a franchise, and they had to deal with this customer who wouldn’t stop complaining about her sandwiches being made wrong just so she could get a free one. One day this lady called the deli owner’s wife to complain again, and the wife passed the message along to her husband. He was like, “nope,” and said she’s not welcome anymore. But the lady demanded he gets fired, but the wife was like, “sorry, that was the owner speaking.”

40. Insta-Flawless or Just Plain Flawful?

Everyone’s on the edit grind these days, but when does it go too far? When you’re smoothing out your skin so much it looks like a plastic doll or shrinking your nose down to nothing, it’s definitely time to step back and reassess. #photoeditfail” This woman edited her photo a little too hard. She smoothed out her skin, slimmed her features, and even changed her background. It’s not a bad picture, but it’s not a real one, either. She is probably gonna get some comments on this one.

41. Don’t Bring Big Bills

It’s not a big deal, but this yogurt shop has a rule where they don’t accept $100 bills. It’s just easier for them since most people don’t buy that much yogurt. Plus, they got a sign to remind you. This yogurt shop has a rule of not accepting $100 bills because the cost is usually much lower, and they don’t keep that much cash in the register. They even have a sign to remind customers. But, one customer didn’t read the sign, demanded to speak to the manager, and berated the cashier for not displaying the policy. The cashier, who also happened to be the manager, called her out and pointed to the sign.

42. I’ve Got Your Nose” game

Check out this pic! It totally reminded us of when we were kids, and our parents and family would play “I’ve Got Your Nose” with us. Looks like someone played that game with this influencer when she was a little kid and never gave her nose back, haha. We were just wondering, can this girl even smell anything with her nose missing? And if not, how does she taste her food? Maybe she can photoshop a new nose on. Who knows?

43. Don’t Be A Jerk To Servers

It’s sad but true; some folks think they’re better than servers. This one woman was giving a cafe owner a hard time, demanding to talk to the manager. But the owner decided to have a little fun with her instead. The owner sent out her son, who pretended to be the manager and got the woman going. When the real owner came out, the woman was embarrassed and sorry for being a jerk since she thought the owner was just an employee.

44. When ‘Half’-Hazard beauty standards go too far

This pic is just laughable; people are going over the top with airbrushing and looking way too young. Like, it’s not even funny anymore. But we get it; everyone’s obsessed with these unrealistic and, honestly, dangerous beauty standards. But if you’re gonna cave to peer pressure and post a pic like this on the internet, at least do it right, Kimmy! Does no one want to see a half-airbrushed face, y’know?

45. Coupon Drama

So this older woman came into the deli and wanted to use a coupon that wasn’t valid. It wouldn’t have been a big deal, but she was being a real pain about it. The manager said no and eventually said she would go to the other location in town. So the woman went to the other location, but the manager was there too. He was picking up some ingredients and saw her in line. He put on some gloves, went over, and denied her coupon again.

46. Companies’ Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Everyone knows companies edit their photos and use Photoshop to sell their stuff. But it’s not every day you see a company making a model’s boob bigger to sell padded bras or making their legs longer to sell skinny jeans. Like, come on. So Ali Express, this online shopping site, was selling some skinny jeans, right? But they went ahead and stretched the model’s legs out so much that she looks like Mrs. Incredible from The Incredibles. Like, what were they thinking?

47. The Rude job applicant

If you’re trying to get a job, probably don’t start off by being a terrible customer. This woman applied for a job and then came to the counter to complain about her soda being flat. Not a good look. The shift manager apologized and gave her a new soda for free. But then she wanted a refund. The manager said no way and even made sure she saw him tear up her application. Like, bye, girl.

48. Snap, Edit, and Share

It’s all good to edit your photos. No judgment. If slimming down your tummy a bit makes you feel more confident, go for it. A little extra touch-up can mean brightening your lips or contouring your cheeks—no big deal. People use the texture tool to fix uneven skin tone, and that’s totally normal. That’s why we use makeup tools like highlighter and contouring. But it looks like this Instagrammer didn’t get the result she wanted when she used the texture tool.

49. The Price is Right

Prices are set for a reason and can’t be changed on a whim. But this customer didn’t understand that and got mad when the worker (who was actually the manager) told him they wouldn’t lower the prices just for him. He kept insisting to speak to the manager. The guy was giving the manager a hard time until he realized he was talking to the Boss. So the manager got his big, intimidating-looking employee to back him up. As soon as the guy saw him, he left without any more argument.

50. The Quest for Anti-Aging Solutions

Aging is just a part of life, not something to be ashamed of. But some people feel differently. They’ll spend a lot of money on creams and serums that promise to make them look younger. It’s mostly middle-aged men and women who feel anxious about it. Companies are taking advantage of people’s fear of aging by selling serums that promise to turn back the clock. But since these products don’t actually make you look ten years younger, they just use editing tools to make the before and after photos look drastic. They end up making these women look like plastic dolls.

51. Not Welcome In This Nightclub

Sometimes stuff goes down at a club that’s more serious than just a messed-up drink order. For example, this manager had to kick a guy out because he was harassing her. She called security and let them know what happened, just in case other people had the same problem as him. When confronted, the dude was all like, “let me speak to the manager,” but when the security guard pointed at the woman he was bugging, his face went all sad, and he skedaddled without any more fuss.

52. Bragging Rights

When we discover a new talent, we can’t help but show off a little. Whether it’s mastering liquid eyeliner or seeing progress at the gym, we want to let the World know we’ve got skills. So we post pics and videos on social media, flexing our new abilities for all to see. It’s human nature, and you can’t blame us for that! Why edit just your wrinkles when the rest of your face is untouched? Love yourself, wrinkles and all. You’re beautiful!

53. Lying About a Reservation? Not a Good Idea

Trying to sneak into a restaurant by pretending you have a reservation is a bad move. This guy tried it and got caught. He even claimed to be a friend of the owner’s wife, but the owner had no idea who he was and told him to leave. Honesty is the best policy. It looks like this guy was caught in a fib when he tried to sneak into a restaurant without a reservation. He kept coming up with more and more excuses, but the owner shut him down and told him to hit the road.

54. Wanna Ditch Your Organs?

This Instagrammer, who posts pictures of their extremely thin body, has sparked concern and criticism from their followers. Many have commented that their organs must be visible and that it’s not healthy to be that thin. They have been accused of promoting an unhealthy and dangerous body image to their followers. I bet she thinks hitting the gym hard will shrink her stomach down so much she’ll look like a completely different person. Imagine waking up one day and not recognizing yourself because you’ve lost so much weight. But honestly, it’s probably not gonna happen like that.

55. A Casual Slip-up that Almost Got Out of Hand

The customer walked into the store, and the lobby was closed due to a malfunctioning door. The manager was polite and let him know that the lobby was closed, but he could still order at the drive-thru. So this guy walks in and starts demanding to talk to the manager, and I’m like, “hey man, that’s me.” And he’s like, “oh, well, I need to talk to you,” and I’m like, “sure thing, but first, you need to leave the store.” He leaves, but I see him hanging out in the parking lot later, and I ain’t taking any chances, so I call the police. They arrest him for loitering and for slashing everyone’s tires. It was a wild ride, I tell ya.