5 Tips to Optimize Your Experience at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium

5 Tips to Optimize Your Experience at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium

5 Tips to Optimize Your Experience at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The best or nothing. This is the slogan of Mercedes-Benz, and it applies just as well to Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

Opened in 2017, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium has become one of the most popular stadiums in the United States. It regularly tops fan polls for its service quality and convenience.

But the stadium is rather overwhelming. At two million square feet, seating more than 75,000 people, Mercedes-Benz can be hard to navigate.

So here are five tips to help you optimize your experience at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

1. Get Into Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mercedes-Benz is located in the heart of Atlanta. It is adjacent to the Atlanta University Center, and it is right down the street from Atlanta City Hall. Walk to the stadium if you can.

As a downtown venue, Mercedes-Benz is accessible from public transit. Use the MARTA lines to get to it by train or bus.

Mercedes-Benz features tens of thousands of parking spots. If you want to rideshare, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium parking has spaces where you can be picked up and dropped off.

Pick the easiest form of transport for you. Mercedes-Benz Stadium accommodates anything.

2. Join the Club

You can have a premium experience from any concourse. But for added amenities, choose a club seat.

The Mercedes-Benz and Delta 300 Clubs provide thirty-five rows of on-field seating. The private bars and bathrooms are the finest in the entire stadium. Climate control keeps temperatures comfortable, even in the worst weather conditions.

Mercedes-Benz also features a number of rentable suites. The Owner’s Suites provide all-inclusive food and beverage service with impressive views of the field. Call the stadium to see what their availability is.

3. Bite for a Couple Bucks

Don’t bring your wallet. Mercedes-Benz offers a number of meal options, like burgers, pizza, and nachos. Mercedes-Benz does not accept cash, but that doesn’t mean prices are expensive.

Hot dogs cost one dollar and fifty cents. Burgers cost seven dollars and fifty cents. The prices are the most affordable of any major sports stadium, so you can splurge without spending too much.

If you want a drink, Mercedes-Benz features more than 1,250 beer taps. Concourse 100 even features a beer garden from Budweiser.

4. Leave the Phone at Home

Go anywhere in the stadium and you can receive the latest updates.

The Halo Board is the largest video board in any stadium. At 63,000 square feet, it provides 360-degree high-quality video.

If you’re away from the field, you can watch the event from one of 2,000 television screens. Mercedes-Benz features a state-of-the-art audio system, so you’ll hear every announcer call.

5. Keep up With the Calendar

Mercedes-Benz is more than just a sports stadium. It houses football and soccer games, but it also houses concerts and much more.

Beyonce and Taylor Swift, amongst others, have had sold-out concerts at Mercedes-Benz. The Passion Conferences, the largest youth-centered faith conferences in American history, were held at Mercedes-Benz. Check the calendar for upcoming events.

Mercedes-Benz Is Unmatched

For a premium stadium experience, you can’t beat Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Take public transit or your car. Pick a club seat, and pay for food at low prices with your credit card.

You can take to the concourses and keep up with the game, and you can attend music and other events year-round. Mercedes-Benz is unmatched for its premium options and affordability.

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