5 Year-Old Is Bullied For Wearing Nail Polish To School, Internet Steps In To Help

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Bullying really is reprehensible. It takes a second for a group of kids to gang together to be cruel, but it can stay with their victim for a lifetime.

Thankfully, there are still a lot of people out there who are willing to stand up for what's right.

A man called Gouveia is the dad behind the website The Daddy Files, and his Twitter thread about what happened when to his 5-year-old when he decided to wear nail polish to kindergarten has gone viral.

Gouveia's son, Sam, is 5 years old. Dad says that Sam is what many would refer to as a "boy's boy"—rough and tumble, loud, always dirty, loves trucks and sports. etc.

However, Sam also happens to enjoy a lot of 'girly' things, such as dolls and painting his nails. Kids are complex little things, as we all know.


When Sam wore red nail polish to school, his kindergarten peers bullied him. Although his dad half-expected this to happen, he says that Sam had no idea that it would cause a problem for him in school. "Sam has absolutely no concept of nail polish only being for girls or reason to think anyone would possibly have a problem with beautiful nails."

Unfortunately, that's not true for many of his classmates. When he wore nail polish to school, kids called him names and told him to take the polish off all day long.

When Gouveia's wife picked Sam up from school, he burst into tears, devastated at how kids had responded to his look. Out of the whole school, there was only one kid stood up for him.


When Sam called his dad at work, Gouveia reassured him that his nails were "BADASS!" and that the only thing that mattered was whether he likes them - who cares what others think? Then Sam said something that broke his dad's heart: "Daddy, I want mommy to take off the nail polish so they don't make fun of me."

This really hit Dad hard. This is one of those moments as a parent that just crushes you, when you feel torn between wanting your child to not face any more suffering, but you also feel the need to teach them to stand up for themselves and for what they think is right.

Although the mean kids at Sam's school made his Dad angry and upset, his anger is not directed at the kids who picked on his son - rather those kids' parents.


"We teach our kids what's right and wrong, what's kind and cruel. And we teach them what it means when someone does something we consider "different." he said.

Sam decided to keep wearing his nail polish, and the better side of Twitter rallied right behind him.


The best part of this story is people's responses to it. No 5-year-old should be bullied for any reason, but the fact that a boy is bullied for something seen as feminine is a problem in and of itself.

Thankfully, the internet showed Sam that he was not alone. Hundreds of people sent supportive messages to Sam and his dad, including NFL star Martellus Bennett in the tweet below:


Then, nail polish company OPI weighed in, offering Sam a bunch of free nail polish to rock next time he went in to school:


I'm so glad the internet stepped in to show this frightened little boy that the world isn't such a bad place. Just because someone's different, doesn't mean you should go out of your way to make their life more difficult! Live and let live, I say.

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