Everybody needs a little life hack now and then: a simple, convenient, cost-cutting measure that takes a mundane task from day-to-day life and makes it that bit quicker and easier, and/or yields far more impressive results than our usual way of doing things. They leave us far more pleased with the end product, make us feel a whole lot better about ourselves, and usually make the whole endeavour a lot more fun than it would have been otherwise! That’s definitely true of the handy, helpful and often surprising life hacks we’ve got listed for you here…

1. These retail clothes hangers are great for chip clips

Need a quick and convenient way to seal up a half-eaten bag of potato chips? The clips from retail clothes hangers should do the job nicely; just gently snap them off either end of the hanger and use them to help keep those chips nice and fresh!

2. For those zippers that just won’t stay up

There’s nothing more embarrassing than a fly that just won’t stay up. Avoid that problem by attaching a key ring to the end of the zipper, then hooking that over the button once your fly is up, and if you tuck it behind the fabric of your jeans no one need ever know about it.

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