7 Fantastical Imaginings Of How People In The 1900s Thought We Would Be Living Today


1.) The Space House (1950s)

Science fiction is littered with many wonderful imaginings of what the future holds for us, and the sorts of things that we'll be able to do by the year 2100 - perhaps by then we'll all have those personal jetpacks we're so frequently promised! 

Lack of jetpacks aside, technology is currently improving at a rapid rate, and when you consider how far we've come in the last fifty to one hundred years, then who knows where we could be another few decades down the line. One thing is for sure though, we aren't living quite how the people of one hundred years ago thought that we would be! 

The people at Angie's list used modern architectural imaging techniques to fully realize 7 technological ideas from the 20th century, and the results are amazing!

(Source: Angieslist)

Coming straight from the brain of the 1950s is this classically sci-fi idea for a house in space. I do love the idea of people's houses just floating around aimlessly, occasionally bumping off one another, it seems very serene!

2.) Rolling House Of Chaos (1930s)

(Source: Angieslist)

According to the Angies list article, 'The September, 1934 issue of Everyday Science and Mechanics assured readers that spherical houses would soon become highly fashionable'. 

Now, I can barely keep my house in line when it's squarely fixed to the ground, so the idea of living in a hamster-ball quite frankly is a nightmare that I imagine I will be having tonight and every night following!

3.) The Original Winnebago (1900s)

(Source: Angieslist)

The original design of this imagining was called 'House Rolling Through The Countryside' and was done by Jean-Marc Côté. The original design was part of a series of ideas as to what life would look like in the year 2000. 

I freakin' love how twee this is! I'd probably rather see these things being driven around than some of the hideous cars we have on the roads nowadays... I'm looking at you Nissan Cube!

4.) The Human Greenhouse (1920s)

(Source: Angieslist)

All I can think about this design is how immensely hot it would get in the summer, it'd be like a sweat box! According to the design website, 'plain glass was controversial during the interwar years, with worries that its new popularity would discourage people from ever going outside.' 

If only they could have predicted Netflix for stopping people leaving the house! 

The Eco-Dome (1950s)

(Source: Angieslist)

Although the eco-dome sounds like a feature of a dystopian landscape, the design of this was very economically friendly! The dome was intended to rotate so that the most could be made of the suns energy... although, just the idea of a rotating house is making me feel sea-sick.

6.) Underwater Living (1960s)

(Source: Angieslist)

The idea of this underwater house is attributed to General Motors back in 1964. I can't say the idea of having octopuses and the like clinging to my house makes me particularly comfortable; also, much like the space house, it'd be a nightmare to nip out for milk!

7.) The Lightweight House (1940s)

(Source: Angieslist)

I'm not entirely sure how intentionally eerie those little faceless people were meant to be but I find them immensely distressing. The idea behind this one was to cut down on resources while keeping structural integrity apparently... but the little people are just too creepy to ignore...

So those were 7 visions of our lives from the previous century that show just how wrong we can be when predicting the future. However, the imagination and vision in these cannot be understated and proof that we should keep aiming as high as possible, and one day we may be able to live in space! Which one would you want to live in? Let me know in the comments. AAx