Were you guilty of any of these 80s beauty crimes!

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2. Shocking Pink Blush

Never mind trying to achieve the healthy subtle blended pink glow we go for today, back then it was all about trowelling it on, the pinker the better!

3. Crimped Hair

Mmmm. Despite it flattering no one, we remember the joy of getting a crimper in our Christmas stocking.....why oh why oh why?

4. Dark lips

Basically Madonna ruled! When she decided to rock the dark lips with darker lip liner, well who were we not to follow her lead!

5. Neon Coloured Plastic Earings

Round or square, triangular or diamond, it didn't matter what shape just so long as they were huge, brightly coloured and 'in your face'!

6. Full on Eyeshadow

Subtlety was certainly not a word associated with the 80s trends.....as demonstrated here by the fashion for covering the whole eyelid in varying shades of bold eyeshadow! - Dread to think what the make up remover wipes looked like at the end of the day.

7. The Mullet

Surprisingly this was a firm favourite for many, available in varying lengths & volumes. Demonstrated here by the king of mullets, Pat Sharpe.

8. The Perm

Thankfully this is one beauty trend we instinctively knew better than to experiment with. Sadly, we were in the minority in our decision!

9. Scrunchie

Although still available today, the srunchie was a slightly different animal in the 80s! - It was a case of the bigger and brighter the better back then.

10. Side pony.....& the rest!

Oh how we loved and embraced the side pony! - Even better was when we combined it with some crimping and the 80s signature scrunchie....preferably in neon!

11. The Sweat Band

Inexplicably this look became a definite favourite, regardless of if any exercise was being undertaken!

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