9 Movie Villains and Monsters That Terrified Us Growing Up!

9 Movie Villains and Monsters That Terrified Us Growing Up!

9 Movie Villains and Monsters That Terrified Us Growing Up!

Sometimes when we watch a movie, the thing that sticks with us most is the villain, bad guy or monster, especially in a good horror film, though not exclusive to that genre.

Which of these terrified you when you were growing up? Which did you watch when you were simply too young, even when your parents warned you against it, then you realised they were damned right?

Let us know your favourites (if that’s the right choice of words) and any we have missed off in the comments.

Freddy Krueger

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Just the look of Freddy Krueger terrified me as a child, without the need to see the films! Burned and scarred, with a razor glove and a demonic sense of humour, Robert Englund terrified a generation with his charismatic performance as the demon who would kill people in their dreams!

The Thing

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Using practical special effects as it was before the time of CGI was the best thing for this film, as it brought the alien that has crash landed on earth to life spectacularly, and in every form it took on it would terrify and disgust in equal measure.

Michael Myers

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Although the original was released in 1978, video sales soaring meant Michael Myers terrified many people over the next decade, especially  with sequels. Genuinely chilling, largely because he was completely silent and unstoppable, Michael Myers haunted people for many years!

Mrs Voorhees

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The original killer in the first Friday the Thirteenth film, Mrs Voorhees was getting revenge for the supposed death of her son, Jason. She was a little deranged and more than a little scary! And the reason I say “supposed death” of Jason? Read on….

Jason Voorhees

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Even death couldn’t stop Jason – it happened to him several times and he kept going! One of the most iconic and terrifying slasher villains of all time, the hockey mask is instantly recognisable!


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Another one that stopped me watching it just because of the terrifying look of the main villain, Pinhead, the demon straight from hell was so iconic in the 80s, and scared a generation! Threatening to tear your soul apart, and then doing it a piece at a time, Hellraiser is still a great horror to this day.


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Kiefer Sutherland was perfectly cast as the vampire bad guy, David, in the Lost Boys. Not the head vampire but the most memorable, and showing a real vulnerability and giving us a sense of loss when he is killed at the end and turns back to a normal human as he dies.

Darth Vader

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The very definition of evil for a generation, Empire Strikes Back is the film that really sticks with people when it comes to Darth Vader, and all because of four words that changed everything, “I am Your Father”!


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Evil Dead was so extreme it had to be heavily cut to be released for UK audiences. The Deadites had real character, being a cross between zombies and demons, and the movies had a very twisted sense of humour throughout!

What other movie creatures, villains and monsters stood out for you and terrified you growing up? Let us know in the comments as always!