92-Year-Old Drives Down Motorway On Mobility Scooter, Swears At Motorists


Ah! Old age! It brings with it many blessings! Primarily; not giving a flying f**k what people think of you!

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This is certainly the case for this elderly Australian man who was just so done with society's rules and regulations that he decided to take the law into his own hands and drive his mobility scooter down the motorway. 

Needless to say, this guy is my new hero. 

In a video that has since gone viral, concerned motorist Bruce Bromley cautions the mobility scooter riding pensioner that he shouldn't be on the roads. 

The old chaps response? "F**ck off!"

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Now, foul language is no laughing matter. Nor is disregarding road safety but... this is pretty freakin' funny! 

Bromley then calls the police and informs them of the situation. When he relates the profanity the pensioner yelled to him the officer on the end of the line barely conceals a splutter of amusement.

Despite Bruce being told not to put himself in any kind of danger Bromley insisted he wouldn't try to overtake the man.

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Bruce explained, 

"Well, what do I do. See, if I go off around him he's going to get collected. I don't want him to get hit."

Even after being sworn at Bruce kept his cool and kept the pensioner's welfare as his priority. What an absolute gentleman!

We could all do with more people like Bruce! 

The police eventually arrived...

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And, just to highlight how deadly serious this guy was about his mobility scooter and his absolute conviction that it belonged on the road, he indicated with his hands

My mind BOGGLES at the behavior of other people sometimes! 

Bruce was glad when things were resolved. Despite the aggression, he was confronted with he still extended his well wishes to the mobility scooter man. 

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In an interview with 7 News Bruce is reported as having said; 

"I was just completely shocked. I just told him to try and pull over and he told me to fuck off."

Despite being affected by the obscenities directed at him, Bruce went on to say;

"It was very aggressive, but at 92, the poor bugger was just confused and a bit overwhelmed. If I wasn't there, he would have got collected, and I couldn't sleep at night if something like that happened."

Bruce's heart is clearly in the right place!

His patience sure is something! I know it doesn't take much to give me road rage so kudos to this guy for keeping his cool and putting himself in the other guy's shoes! 

... or in his mobility scooter seat, as the case may be...

... okay, maybe that joke didn't really work...

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After police showed up they were able to confirm that the family had earlier reported the man as missing. 

The scooter motorist was then:

"taken to Glen Waverley Police Station where he was reunited with his family."

Reports 7News.

I bet they were glad to have him back! Especially considering the dangerous adventures he was enjoying in their absence!

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The older gentleman was tootling along at just 15 km/h, whilst the speed limit for the road he was doddering along was (a rather worrying) 100 km/h! 

You do have to wonder if the chap felt he really was going at such speeds? Satiating his inner speed demons??

I hope so! 

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You can watch the video of the close encounter on Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook Page.

I'm so glad that this fella's adventure on the motorway didn't end in a worse way! As it could have very easily turned ugly. 

Thankfully, Bromley was on the scene to treat the gentleman with care and caution (even if he did get a bit of abuse for it!) and the story can be a (slightly amusing) cautionary tale!

Do you have an amusing road rage experience? Would you have kept your cool like Bruce Bromley did? Let me know in the comments below! AAx