A 3-Year-Old Girl Helps Mom Deliver Little Brother. Afterwards She Said THIS, Everyone Exploded With Laughter!

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Here is the story of Kathleen, who helped deliver her little brother.

There was a power outage that night, so only one paramedic could respond to the call.

Kathleen, who was just three years old, was asked to hold a flashlight over her mom so the paramedic could see while delivering the baby. It was very dark in the house, but she managed to keep the light on her mom so the man could see.

Heidi pushed and pushed and finally her son Connor was born.

The paramedic immediately gave him a swat on the bottom after he came out.

Then, he thanked Kathleen for all of her help.  He wanted to know what she thought since she was just three and had witnessed a baby being born. He asked her what she thought about what she had just seen.

Kathleen quickly responded, "He shouldn't have crawled in there in the first place! Smack his ass again!"

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