25 People Who Aren't Handling Quarantine Well

25 People Who Aren’t Handling Quarantine Well

25 People Who Aren’t Handling Quarantine Well

With self-isolation becoming more of a new normal, people have had to adjust everything from their workdays to their hobbies to accommodate the new way of living.

In that spirit, let’s enjoy the schadenfreude of people who aren’t handling quarantine well at all – people such as…

1. This woman, who’s on a conference call but camera shy

You might think this woman is a teacher, reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea to her online class, but the truth is actually way more banal.

This lady has simply decided that appearing on a video call with her actual face is just too embarrassing, and has opted for a lion mask instead to spare her blushes.


2. The person responsible for this literal cry for help

You would think that working from home would be an awesome chance to hang out with your kids more, but that’s not what many parents around the world seem to be thinking.

Instead, some are already at breaking point, and are begging to be freed from their little devils where everyone can see it.


These friends, whose social distancing is a bit over the top

Lots of people have taken up strange hobbies when it comes to quarantine, whether it’s learning to bake sourdough or just getting really into scrapbooking.

By contrast, these friends have figured out an ingenious new way to practice social distancing and get their one hour of exercise in – even if they do look a bit silly walking around the neighborhood.


This man, who misses feeding the pigeons

There are lots of things you would expect to miss during a period of self-isolation: prom and graduation for example, or going for a meal, or even just taking a trip to the beach.


This person who cut his own hair – badly

No-one saw our present situation coming, so it’s hard to argue that we should all have been more prepared. However, there are some things we really should have done before locking our doors, and getting a haircut would be right at the top of the list.

This poor guy had to resort to asking his partner to do it, which yielded some not-so-glamorous results. Maybe his girlfriend could just smash all the mirrors in the house? So he can’t see what he looks like?


This cat, who is really feeling the pressures of working from home

Everyone is finding this situation difficult to adjust to. Everyone, that is, except the pets. Most cats and dogs are overjoyed (if slightly confused) to find their favourite humans home all day, and are loving the extra attention.

With that said, this cat definitely seems more exhausted and thrilled by all the extra foot traffic in the house. Maybe they’re just desperate for some alone time?


The unwanted cereals

Imagine being on the marketing team for Twinkies cereal. What would you do with the knowledge that even in a situation where there was no other cereal, and people were desperate to buy in bulk ahead of a long period of indoors time, no-one was buying your brand? Poor guys.

This person, who’s taken to commuting at home

Commuting is probably not high up on most people’s lists of fun things to do, and yet it’s apparently something some of us are already nostalgic for.

What’s next – climbing into the bath with the radio on and pretending that you’re stuck in traffic?

This person making bath time less lonely

There are rules on how many people you can hang out with, and rules about whether or not you can go to a friend’s house, but there are no rules on how many cute yellow friends you can share a bath with!

Whoever employed a dog as their kids’ new tutor

Lots of parents are struggling to adjust to homeschooling their kids, so it’s not surprising that some have opted to ask for help.

With that said, this dog doesn’t appear to be adhering to the national curriculum in any way, and he’s probably trained these toddlers to be dog people for the rest of their lives.

This boss, who couldn’t figure out how to stop being a potato

Conference calls are hard things to adjust to, especially with what feels like a thousand competing platforms which are all equally important to master.

However, it’s even more important to get to grips with them if you’re the boss, or you might just find your authority completely undermined by you being a permanent potato.

This poor person, whose pet doesn’t understand business hours

Many people are now realising that it’s much harder to work from home than they ever imagined and that, despite the loss of a commute and time spent changing into work-appropriate clothes, it can be the case that they actually end up getting less work done rather than more.

This difficulty is made even worse when you have pets, since they make the assumption that all the extra time you’re spending at home must mean a steep uptick in the number of cuddles.

This vacation-faker

Out of all the things people shouldn’t be doing right now, getting on a plane and going on holiday is probably the biggest taboo there is.

With that said, it’s a totally legal to trick your friend and family into thinking that you’re jetting off to catch some sun in an exotic location… even if it’s mostly just yourself that you’re fooling.

The parent who agreed to this ‘arts and crafts day’

Parenting two toddlers is no mean feat at the best of times, but having to work from home while they’re off school just means they have more opportunities for mischief.

The good news is, at least the parents know what tomorrow’s homeschooling lesson will be, since they’ll be learning about the benefits of cleaning up the house.

This guy with artwork not appropriate for conference calls

It’s hard enough to remember to put on trousers when going on a conference call. In this case, this poor guy didn’t realise what was on his wall until after the call had ended, and now has to live with the knowledge that his coworkers were probably silently judging him the entire time.

Whoever made this toilet roll trap

Some people have joked about the world feeling as though it’s on the brink of a zombie apocalypse, but the creator of this giant trap has taken that idea one step further.

Obviously zombies in the current crisis wouldn’t be drawn to brains, but looking at everybody’s current shopping habits, they’d definitely be drawn to toilet paper.

These kids, who have seemingly turned into zombies

Working from home can be hard work, but toddlers can be pretty demanding, too. It can be hard not to get distracted, especially when toddlers have the ability to make themselves look like creepy mini-zombies while demanding your attention.

The person who’s losing at Scrabble to a cat

Maybe the biggest threat during self-isolation is simply boredom. There’s only so much time you can spend binging TV shows before you just can’t watch anymore, and that’s when people turn to board games.

With that said, losing to a cat might be humiliating enough to put you off Scrabble for a long time.

This person enjoying a virtual graduation

With all the cancelled school and postponed events, many students are having to come to terms with missing super important milestones like graduation.

This is definitely one way to get around that disappointment, especially if you have a roommate on hand to shake your hand to help the illusion.

This kitty, who doesn’t appreciate the extra security

For the pets of the world at least, nothing much has changed – in fact, things may even have gotten slightly better for them. However, it is better to be safe than sorry, even if that means facing the pure indignance of a cat having its temperature checked.

Whoever was responsible for this quarantine menu

With people limiting their trips to supermarkets and having to reckon with many staples being in short supply, it’s important to be versatile with self-isolation meal plans.

With that said, if the tail end of your week starts to look like the menu above, it might be time to venture outside again – to your nearest grocery store.

This whole town, whose hedges are being devoured by goats

There has been a lot of coverage lately of nature reclaiming the Earth while we’re all stuck inside, and it’s mostly been pretty idyllic so far.

The canals of Venice are running clear, baby ducklings are roaming through city streets…and a town in Wales has been invaded by goats. No kidding.

Whoever’s birthday party this is

Missing your high school prom or university graduation would be pretty disappointing, but it cannot possibly be worse than spending your birthday in quarantine – especially when this is your family’s idea of a good joke.

This parent, whose kid put in a phone call to the boss

When you’re the parent to a toddler, you basically have a brand new boss, who dictates when you have chance to eat, when you have time to sleep and what games you’re going to play on a daily basis. With that said, what happens when that boss calls your actual boss?

Whoever decided it was time to invent a quarantine martini

While many people are spending quarantine becoming expert bread-makers, growing their own herbs on the windowsill or inventing new flavours of jam, this person has taken a slightly different approach.

Top tip: it makes a drink way less appetising when you make the garnish look like a virus.

This man, who had to explain the situation to his cats

‘Talking to the walls’ might be a natural consequence of being in quarantine, but talking to the cats? That’s a little less expected. Still, these chaps appear to be adjusting to the rules of self-isolation pretty well.

These two, who realised that gravity always wins in the end

With the rules against going outside or meeting up with a neighbour, people have had to get pretty creative to stay in touch.

However, if there’s one rule for tower block badminton, it’s that you’re always eventually going to drop the ball.

This “Free Hugs” guy, who has been forced to adapt

Lots of people have had to adjust their work schedules recently, but very few careers have been as directly impacted as that of this guy, who used to wield a sign reading “Free Hugs”.

The good news is the man has found a way to work within the new guidelines, even if the new sign is slightly more ominous.

This kid, who’s learning witchcraft

Homeschooling might seem pretty easy when you first start out, but you soon run out of lessons to teach.

After reading, maths, science and baking – it’s pretty easy to find yourself coming up with more obscure things to tell your kids about…such as necromancy.

This good boy, who tragically has to walk himself

If the cats of the world are going on as usual, and the lapdogs of the world are just immensely excited about having more cuddles, then the only animals really making a sacrifice are those good dogs who have to make the brave decision to walk themselves.

They should probably avoid the dog park, though, since it’s pretty difficult to remain two metres apart there.

This woman sending her dog out for Cheetos

It’s only permitted to leave the house for essential items – but those restrictions only apply to humans. So what else is a girl to do when she wants some spicy Cheetos?

Thankfully, dogs can step in when the chips are down. Get it? No, you must be mistaken – we’re handling quarantine just fine.

This guy making sure his house is COMPLETELY clean

Maybe you’re cleaning your house a lot more now that you’re living in it 24/7. Maybe you’ve cleaned it twice, because the routine of menial labour makes you think you have some control in a world that’s unravelling more and more by the second.

Maybe you’ve start vacuuming the walls, because the walls get dusty too, and you have to sort out the dust, because the dust can hear you, and the dust wants this house more than you do, and it’s willing to do anything to get it. Oh dear, we’ve said too much.

Everyone forcing their cats into fancy dress

The key to working from home is to treat it exactly as you would an office job. That means no working in pyjamas, and that goes for everyone in your new workplace.

Yes, that means you too, Mister Mittens. We’ve got a conference call with Finance at noon – and stay off my mouse.

This dad, deprived of an audience

If he can’t golf, he can’t go to a bar, and everyone in the house is all surly all of a sudden, how do you think a dad is going to stem the flood of dad jokes that leak out of his brain?

Using a sign on the front lawn, that’s how. We’re not sure if he’ll manage a new joke every day, but we’ll keep you posted.

This teacher, just about clinging to normality

8:00 PM, 12:00 AM, 3:00 AM – what difference does it make? What’s important is that we’re learning.

Spare a thought for all the teachers who no longer have the rules and comforts of a classroom, and have been forced to teach via conference calls and online resources from the kind of moth-ridden couch that only the drastically underpaid would stoop to purchase.

The woman who used to find this sort of behaviour adorable

The world has been turned upside-down. You might even say that things previously at the bottom are now considered top priority. And this woman has seen her future comfort shredded before her very eyes.

Just think: all those films and TV shows that feature the prank of tee-peeing someone’s house. What luxury! What excess!

The employees at this cinema

Let’s face it, Kevin McAllister was the original self-isolator. His problem was that he ultimately wished for his huge, unhygienic family to come back once they’d taken a cross-country trip to Florida.

While some businesses have been able to adapt, cinemas can’t do much in the face of a pandemic. Movie theatres, we salute you for putting on a brave face.

This guy, whose online shopping didn’t arrive as ordered

It’s understandable to want to avoid the big toilet paper rush. Panic buying is dangerous for everyone involved, and you might not even get what you need.

In that case, why not try ordering the essentials online? No fuss, no stress, and… well, no toilet paper. That’s the downside.

This woman and her creepy rabbit army

You might find these bunnies made from stuffed sweaters cute, but try sticking to that once a horde of eccentrically-patterned, bug-eyed, semi-humanoid varmints wake you up in the middle of the night.

Where are our carrots, Christine? You should have thought of how to feed us before you made us.

This guy, who turned out to be the life of the party

Sometimes you just want a bit of company, and you’ll go to any lengths to get it. That even stretches to getting the Halloween decorations down from the attic and having the best party in a thousand years – and these guys would know.

What’s surprising is that such a chicly decorated house would have such large, undead decorations lying around – but who are we to judge?

Pennywise, who’s getting hungry

Maybe you’re wondering what Pennywise the clown has been up to since his apparent death in last year’s It: Chapter 2. Well, he’s been figuring out exactly how to tempt new victims, of course!

Spare a thought for the interdimensional Pagliacci in these trying, poop-abundant times. They all float down there.

This woman, whose child now insists on dressing as Spider-Man

Working from home is hard enough as it is, never mind when your new co-workers are used to freely leaping between the skyscrapers of Manhattan and getting their hands dirty fighting crime.

Honestly, it gives the phrase “the kids are climbing the walls” a whole new meaning.

This parent, who might actually be handling quarantine well

It depends on your perspective: one man’s desperate attempt to get some peace and quiet might be another man’s innovation of the century.

Supplies of masking tape are dwindling fast, though, as more and more parents discover the secret!

This woman, and her newfound fridge friends

It’s always good to have some googly eyes lying around, especially in these conditions. They just make everything cuter!

Conversely, it makes it harder to unscrew their heads and start spooning out their insides, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

This disappointed child

Even if this note reminds us of the disastrous marketing for the film version of Jo Nesbo’s The Snowman, you can’t deny that it gets straight to the point.

Surely we all agree that this truly is the f-word, as evidenced by the apparent tick of approval (whether it’s from the author themselves is unconfirmed).

Whoever invented this hot new gadget

It’s a digital economy, after all, so it makes sense that even the toilet paper holder has had its operating system upgraded.

Unfortunately, the pooperating system is still working overtime, and this terrifying sight is rapidly becoming familiar across the western world.

This person, who’s run out of people to play Uno with

Dogs aren’t really suited to classic games. For one thing, when you put down your cards they keep trying to bring them back to you.

Then again, we’ve heard they’re really quite talented at poker.

This man and the blueberries he used to own

But you didn’t have to cut me off, make out like the punnet never even left the trolley. I never thought you’d stoop so low, now you’re just blueberries that I used to own.

If this were a comedy, some dashing fop would run out of the store and slip on the lost fruits like they were marbles. But it isn’t, so we’re just going to have a little cry instead.

This man, who’s on an intense shopping spree

Before you judge, consider the fact that this guy might be a professional toilet paper tester, and he needs a sample – alright, quite a few samples – of each brand, and he just decided to get them all at once, in person.

OK, that’s highly unlikely. Props at least to the guy behind him who apparently decided to go for peak irony instead.

This family, who just want to hug

Since older people are considered more at risk, it’s important to take social distancing seriously – and that precludes all forms of affection.

Well, except the kind you can scribble on a napkin and deliver on a six-foot pole. That affection is perfectly fine.

This guy, who isn’t letting his wardrobe game slip

They say you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

So, despite balancing his laptop on an ironing board, this person is definitely dreaming of being a work-from-home CEO.

This girl, who found the perfect dance partner

Many parents are having to break to news to their kids that, for a couple of weeks at least, normal routines are out of the window.

That means no school, no sports practice, and no dance class. Luckily, this little girl has adjusted pretty well, by finding a perfectly acceptable dance partner at home.

This dog who has mastered working from home

Working from home is now a reality for many people, but not everyone’s job transitions to a household environment easily.

This sheepdog, for example, is having a little bit of trouble working out the kinks.

This person, who’s making an attempt at a birthday meal

The days when birthday celebrations meant going out for a meal at a fancy restaurant, with maybe a trip to the cinema thrown in for good measure, are a thing of the past.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make an effort though, as this daughter proved by creating a five-star dining experience for her mum in the back garden. Hope you like beans!

This family, who invented the blindfolded pillow fight

Boredom is a difficult thing to deal with, and there are only so many times you can break apart and redo a puzzle before it gets old.

With that said, playing double blind man’s bluff with pillows for weapons, probably isn’t the safest game you could play indoors.

The person realising it’s important to dress up when you can

With everybody staying at and working from home, it’s easy to disregard the importance of getting out of pyjamas and putting on real clothes.

That’s why it’s crucial to motivate yourself by putting on the clothes that make you feel your best, even if that means wearing a ballgown to the supermarket.

This dog, who has mastered a new skill

We’ve all had it impressed upon us that it’s important to learn a new skill while staying at home, but surprisingly it’s the pets that have really taken this to heart.

Once life returns to normal, this puppy can meet up with his friends and impress them all, with his ability to balance a whole stack of Pringles on his chin.

This cat, patiently waiting for their scheduled chat

It’s important to take time out of your busy day to slow down and do the little things that make you happy, which includes hanging out with your pets.

Thankfully, even if you forget, this cat will definitely remind you that it’s time to take a break.

Whoever was desperate enough for company to come up with this new ‘friend’

If you’re stuck at home by yourself, using your imagination to feel more like you’re surrounded by company isn’t a bad idea.

With that said, we wouldn’t recommend this strategy, unless you want to get scared every time you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

This person, who invented the soap treadmill

Exercise is one way to stay happy, healthy and busy – but if you’re the kind of person who can only work out in the gym, it can be hard to adjust to working out at home.

We don’t recommend this guy’s solution of pouring washing up liquid on the floor and running on it, even if it kind of does look like fun.

This person, whose neighbor is apparently a duck

A scenario where you’re constantly stuck at home isn’t exactly the best opportunity to try and get to know your neighbours, even if you can probably hear everything from their morning music playlist to the songs they sing while making dinner.

Even so, if we saw this in the window next door, we would probably try to do some investigating.

These people making the most of their daily exercise

Making time for your hobbies is important no matter who you are, but it’s even more crucial when your hobby is also your job.

Hence these guys, who are taking their exercise to the next level by doing complex ballet moves in the snow.

This person, who’s down to just unlabelled tins for dinner

With people limiting their trips to the shops, families are getting more creative than ever before when it comes to making meals.

However, the award for the bravest cook goes to this woman, who committed to eating whatever was in this tin on toast without even looking. Luckily, she ended up with a suitable breakfast option.

This person, who’s already ready for the year to be over

When 2019 ended, people were more than ready to claim that 2020 would be a far less chaotic year.

As it turns out, it took less than three months for everyone to collectively move on to hoping that 2021 would be better.

This person blowing out birthday candles with a hairdryer

Despite all the restrictions in place, people are still finding ways to have safe and exciting birthday parties, including just the people already in their household.

However, it’s still important to take precautions, which is why this birthday girl blew out her candles with a hairdryer.

The person who decided to make going to the toilet into a challenge

We’ve already discussed the many inadvisable ways people have tried to manage their boredom while indoors, but this one may take the cake.

This is definitely only an acceptable strategy if you live by yourself, otherwise you should probably just find a way to play real basketball.

This pet, who has discovered a love for noughts and crosses

It’s a fairly common meme to see people trying to play Uno with their dogs, or trying to beat their cat at Scrabble.

What’s less common however, is being so bored that you attempt to play tic-tac-toe with a turtle.

The person who’s making their potatoes into friends

Several chefs on Twitter and beyond have been sharing tips and tricks on how to make fruit and vegetables go further while cooking.

With that said, one excellent strategy to make your potatoes go further is just not to cook them at all, and instead just turn them into pet rocks.

This person, who figured out what do once you’ve read all the books

Reading is an excellent way to pass the time while at home. It’s exciting, it doesn’t cost any money, and you don’t need anybody else around you to do it.

Once you’ve read all the books though, there’s only one sensible option, and that’s to line them all up and knock them over like dominoes.

On a related note, several Australians have reacted to quarantine by dressing in their best clothes just to take the bins out. Here are our favourites:

The grumpy old man from Up

Staying inside is enough to make anybody grumpy, and what better to way to ensure that everyone knows how you’re feeling than dressing like that grumpy old-timer from Up?

Not only that, but it also ensures everybody keeps off your lawn.

Getting dragged up to take the bins out

Getting into drag is a lot of work, so it might seem surprising that someone would go to all that trouble just to take out the trash.

However, it makes way more sense if you consider that they are just working from home, especially if they drop into the splits while putting the bin back.

The virus can’t see him now

Taking the bins out isn’t against the rules, but even if it was, this guy definitely wouldn’t get caught.

It’s not true that being invisible can protect you from germs though.

This one definitely captures everyone’s general feeling

When Australians collectively decided to get dressed up in their best costumes and most formal attire, this probably wasn’t what they were imagining.

Still, this would definitely motivate everybody else on this person’s street to stay inside.

Hopefully that bin isn’t full of puppies

One the one hand, this is an excellent outfit choice purely because of how matching it is, and how lifelike the props are.

On the other hand, it does come with a high risk of judgement from the neighbours.

This guy got a little carried away

To be completely honest, we’re not even sure that this one counts as a costume.

The memo was to wear an outfit while taking out the bins, not just to wear the bins.

When you make the dog do chores

For those who are reluctant to leave the house even in scenarios that are allowed, the most adorable solution is just to make the pets responsible.

This puppy gets extra points, since not only are they doing the chores, but they’ve also dressed appropriately.

Pennywise has updated his tactics

Most of the outfit choices we’ve discussed so far have been fairly wholesome, or at the very least family-friendly.

However, this one is maybe the most likely costume to keep everybody else inside, even if it might also give them nightmares.

Who’s taking the bin out?

Several people have been dressing up to take out the trash, but this bin clearly just found its own way outside.

Unless it’s just a person in an excellent bin costume?

Even Colonel Sanders has to do chores

One of the biggest consequence of the current state of affairs is that most of the main takeaway chains have temporarily closed up shop.

One way to deal with that craving is just to dress up as their mascots, even if wearing white while taking out the bins is inadvisable.

Taking the bin out in between episodes

Many people have been dealing with their extra time at home by watching a lot of Netflix, and what’s the best way to honour the show you’re currently watching and also recommend it to the neighbours? By dressing up like one of the main characters, of course!