Phone Company Suspends Worker Because They Used Company Equipment To Rescue A Cat


Have you ever seen Disney Pixar's The Incredibles? I freakin' hope so, and if not then I demand you go and watch it IMMEDIATELY.


And currently, nobody knows that better than a worker who goes by the name of Maurice German.

Maurice German is a worker who has now been suspended from his job after he dared to use work equipment in order to rescue a poor kitty cat who was stuck at the top of a telephone pole, as was reported by CBS Philly.


Just like Mr. Incredible himself, German then gallantly used the company's boom lift in order to help reach Momma, before returning the poor frightened moggy to its equally frightened owner, completely unharmed.

(Momma the cat. Credit: GoFundMe)


Rich Young, who is the elected Verizon spokesperson, then told CBS Philly:


Sometimes you just really gotta love people, right folks?

(One of the GoFundMe pages for German. Credit: GoFundMe)

that page, at the time of writing this (and as you can see by the image above) has already

Which, to be fair, is super accurate, and also a super sweet gesture!

"This generous man is now being punished! Maurice is being suspended from his job for saving an animal. Let's support Maurice for his good deed while his employer punishes him!"

She wrote in the GoFundMe post:

Since then, Verizon spokesman Young has also shown his face again and added that Verizon will be making a donation to the Pennsylvania SPCA in Fishton in order to contribute towards the animal rescue efforts the charity does... which, I guess, is kinda nice? Even if the initial reason for making the donation isn't so great in the first place.

Well, either way, at least the story has a pretty happy ending; a good deed went to bad but then ended up good again, which I'm calling a win! A cat what saved and justice was served, and once again I've been reassured that there is actually some good out there the world. Happy days!

How do you feel about this one, folks? Do you think Verizon did the right thing by suspending Maurice German or do you think their actions were way too harsh? Let me know in the comments! And don't forget to share this with your friends and family so that they can weigh in on the debate too! AAx