Phone Company Suspends Worker Because They Used Company Equipment To Rescue A Cat

Phone Company Suspends Worker Because They Used Company Equipment To Rescue A Cat

Phone Company Suspends Worker Because They Used Company Equipment To Rescue A Cat

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    Have you ever seen Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles? I freakin’ hope so, and if not then I demand you go and watch it IMMEDIATELY.

    Anyway, my point is, that at the beginning of The Incredibles, Mr. Incredible thinks he’s doing something good by saving a man’s life, however, because the man didn’t want to be saved and suffered injury while being rescued, he sued Mr. Incredible and basically every superhero lost their job because of it. Are you with me?

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    Basically, what I’m trying to say that, even when you think the thing you’re doing is the right thing, and it very well may actually be the right thing, there’s always a risk that doing the right thing can totally backfire on you, especially when work is concerned.

    And currently, nobody knows that better than a worker who goes by the name of Maurice German.

    Maurice German is a worker who has now been suspended from his job after he dared to use work equipment in order to rescue a poor kitty cat who was stuck at the top of a telephone pole, as was reported by CBS Philly.

    German, who works for the American telecommunications company Verizon, was up working in a neighborhood situated in Port Richmond, Pennsylvania, last Saturday when somebody actually approached him and asked him if he could help to rescue a cat named ‘Momma’ –  who had allegedly been unable to move from the top of the pole for about 12 whole hours.

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    Amanda Fairchild Boyce, who is a local resident and a neighbor of Momma’s owner had also told CBS that the neighbors themselves had tried to rescue the cat themselves, however, they had no luck whatsoever.

    Just like Mr. Incredible himself, German then gallantly used the company’s boom lift in order to help reach Momma, before returning the poor frightened moggy to its equally frightened owner, completely unharmed.

    (Momma the cat. Credit: GoFundMe)

    However, despite German’s act of sheer heroism – which of course was widely praised by all the onlookers that day – Verizon had the audacity to suspend him from work for 15 days because they said that the company’s equipment should not be used in the area where German had to perform the rescue.

    Rich Young, who is the elected Verizon spokesperson, then told CBS Philly:

     “We take no joy in this job action. However, we’re committed and responsible for keeping our employees and customers safe while working in a particular area.”