Retired Pianist Is Living Out His Days Playing To Elderly, Injured Elephants And Their Reactions Are Amazing

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The Englishman stumbled across Elephants World whilst in Thailand seven years ago and it resulted in his life being turned completely upside down.

Elephants World, is a sanctuary not far from Kanchanaburi that focuses on providing a safe environment for Elephants who have previously led stressful and hard-working lives within the logging and trekking industries. The area allows the enormous animals to be protected and live out their days peacefully.

And, when Paul came across this place, he knew he wanted to help.

But, instead of going down the usual path of aiding the general day-today care of the animals, including the less enviable jobs like shovelling poop... he wanted to do something slightly more left-field.

He asked if he could bring his piano along and make a difference to the animals lives by playing it to them.

And so, with the permission of the sanctuary's owners, he now plays a variety of classic pieces for them daily. And, if you check out his Youtube channel here, you can see tonnes of amazing footage of him doing just that.

What's really incredible is the way creatures react. For example, in this particular video the Elephant known as Ampan who is blind in one eye with limited vision in the other finds comfort in listening to the music. Ampan is a female and has reached the staggering age of 80, which is a full ten years beyond the natural life span of an Elephant in the wild.

You see her flapping her ears with happiness whilst the music's playing and what's more is the special bond that Paul appears to be building with these animals.

See the full video below and make sure you check out his amazing Youtube channel.

(Video Credits: Paul Barton)

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