A "Blind" Stray Cat Finally Opens His Eyes - And They're Stunning

A “Blind” Stray Cat Finally Opens His Eyes – And They’re Stunning

A “Blind” Stray Cat Finally Opens His Eyes – And They’re Stunning

Here’s a feel-good story for all you crazy cat ladies out there. A stray cat, who was thought to be blind, was discovered to be fully-sighted after being given the necessary care by vets. What’s more – he also happens to have the most beautiful pair of eyes on the planet.

Carmen Morales, the founder of the Animal Friends Project, picked up the stray, named Cotton, on September 13, 2016, after a man discovered her on Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

Cotton was really in a bad way. Carmen couldn’t believe how sick he was, and with a severe case of mange which had spread through his entire body, including his eyes, she took him to the vet immediately.

The poor kitty was also anemic, dehydrated, and very underweight. It was clear that he needed urgent attention.

Speaking to The Dodo, Carmen said:

“He couldn’t even see or open his eyes because the mites were so bad. It must have been so scary for him out there not being able to see. He was all alone and so skinny because he couldn’t find food.”

Cotton got the best care available, and after being treated with antibiotics and being fed small meals throughout the day, his health rapidly improved.

Carmen also treated the cat to a warm bath with medicated shampoo, and applied coconut oil to his crusty skin in order to soothe it.

The treatment went on for some days, and a couple of weeks later, something amazing happened – he opened his eyes.

Not only was Carmen shocked that Cotton could actually see, but she was surprised to discover the cat also had heterochromia – a condition where one eye is differently-colored than the other. In Cotton’s case, one eye was bright blue and the other hazel.

Carmen explained: “We could just see his tense body start to relax as the days passed. He was finally able to rest without scratching so much. We thought he was blind, and that he would be blind forever.

The vet thought even when his eyes recovered they might be damaged, but they weren’t. It was such a wonderful surprise. His eyes were just beautiful.”

You can say that again!

After opening his eyes and getting his health back on track, Cotton had a newfound energy, and his confidence and general wellbeing improved greatly.

There’s another beautiful twist to the story as well – Carmen and her family will now adopt Cotton permanently, after Carmen decided that their bond was just too special to give up.

“If I go into another room, he waits outside the door talking. He sleeps with me, he stays by my side all of the time. Him and I have a wonderful relationship. He’s a good communicator and loves meowing at me.”

“He is so beautiful and just the perfect companion for our family. Cats like Cotton depend on people to heal, because they cannot always ask for help. I’m sure so many people passed him by because of how sick he looked, but he was just waiting for someone to give him a chance.”

We’re so glad that Carmen gave this beautiful kitty the love and attention that he needed so badly! We wish Cotton happiness in his forever-home.