Aaron Carter Flips Out On Michael Jackson Following Leaving Neverland Documentary


Speaking to TMZ, Singer Aaron Carter seems to have changed his tune in regards to his stanch defence of Michael Jackson, hinting at the fact that he'll be releasing his own story of what happened between him and Michael at some point in the not too distant future.

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However, in a recently posted video interview with Aaron Carter, the singer seems to have changed his tune somewhat. In the video, the singer said, 'I will tell my truth' in regards to what happened between him and Jackson.

When prompted by the reporter as to whether he will be telling of potential abuse on Michael Jackson's part, the singer simply said that we will have to wait and see when he makes his statement.

(Source: TMZ)

He also claims that 'the family's known about it they just never talk about it'. So I can only imagine the flurry of activity that will be occurring on the Jackson estate in order to try and minimise the impact of whatever it is that Carter has in store.

What is most strange is the force of the course correction that Carter is exhibiting after he so publicly took to social media and scorched the Jackson accusers as well as the Leaving Neverland filmmakers for their accusations against Jackson, claiming that they should have made their case when he was alive.

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The staggeringly enigmatic nature with which Carter has made his comments and how he has avoided offering any clarity to the nature of what he will reveal is an interesting move and will doubtless means his statement will have as much impact as possible when he officially releases it.

My mind still boggles as to what could cause such a U-turn of such immense proportions, I mean, you only had to be near a computer screen to feel the heat with which he went at the Jackson accusers; yet here he appears calm, collected, and oddly reserved, if it is all a social media strategy, then it's an interesting one. AAx