Outrage As Woman Who Caused Her Dogs Death Through Severe Neglect Avoids Jail Time


22-year-old Casey Goldner from Adelaide starved and neglected her dog to such a severe degree that the only option was for the dog to be humanely euthanized, and yet she managed to avoid jail time or any serious punishment for her horrific torture of the animal.

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Owning a pet is a massive responsibility, we love them more than almost anything else and they love us back... well cats might not, who knows with them though. Caring for a loved pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences in some people's lives. 

(Pictured below: Casey Goldner after pleading guilty to charges of animal neglect)

But there are some sick people out there who just see animals as side notes, objects to be abused and neglected. One of the most recent and upsetting cases of this being reported on happened in Adelaide, where Casey Goldner starved a four-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross to such an extent that it had to be put down upon being found by animal welfare authorities.

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According to reports, when the Bull Terrier was found lying inside a child's playhouse inside human trash-can Casey Goldner's house, the dog was in such a severely emaciated state that it scored 0 out of 10 on its body score. A healthy dog would typically get a 5 on the body score. 

The RSPCA made this statement about the condition of the dog when they seized it from Goldner's house:

'His heart rate was barely audible, he was gasping for breath and was suffering chronic diarrhea.

'The attending vet, who quickly made the decision that humane euthanasia was the only option, testified that the dog would have been suffering greatly for at least a week, but possibly longer.'

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While appearing in court, the judge heard that Goldner 'didn't realise that the dog was starving', and placed the blame of the dog's death on stress due to the fact that the dog's owner (Goldner's boyfriend) had just gone to jail.

Because of course, stress would cause a dog to be suffering for weeks, and not a lack of food. She ought to be more ashamed of herself than I think someone like her is capable of being! To do such a horrific thing to an innocent dog is beyond disgraceful!

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In court, Goldner ultimately pleaded guilty to, 'failing to take reasonable steps to mitigate harm to an animal.' 

However, a lot of people have been very disappointed with the sentence that was issued by Chief Magistrate Mary-Louise Hribal, which only consisted of a two-year good-behavior bond, a ban on owning any other pets for the foreseeable future, and a $1, 630 veterinary bill fine.

According to reports, the current maximum penalty for, 'non-aggravated offenses involving the ill-treatment of an animal', is a two-year jail sentence or a $20, 000 dollar fine. 

A lot of people have been left aghast at how Goldner got off so lightly for such a horrific act, and has prompted some very negative backlash against Goldner, especially in light of the horrific statement from the RSPCA Inspector. This reply highlights the extent of people's vehement feelings on the case...

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RSPCA SA chief inspector Andrea Lewis described the severity of Goldner's neglect towards the animal as 'beyond any reasonable person's comprehension'.

She went on to say, 'To live in a house knowing that just outside the back door is an animal suffering horrifically, and then choose to do absolutely nothing about it, puts this case at the highest end of animal neglect. Anyone could see this young dog was in a shocking way and in urgent need of veterinary attention.'

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It breaks my heart to see people being so cruel to innocent animals, and I cannot believe that Goldner got off so freakin' lightly!

What do you make of this story? Do you think that Goldner's punishment was fair, or do you think her punishment should have been much harsher? Let me know in the comments below! AAx