Adorable Puppies On Their First Day Of Work

Adorable Puppies On Their First Day Of Work

Adorable Puppies On Their First Day Of Work

I’m sure most of you remember your first day of work. The nervous apprehension, the desire to appear confident but not so confident that you annoy everyone before you get to know them. Trying to figure out how to use the coffee machine and then breaking it, ruining everyone’s day on your FIRST day (didn’t happen to me AT ALL.) Ahh, those were the days! Well, these cute pups are going through their first day at work too! No lay-ins for them…

Dogs are definitely purest animals on this Earth and we don’t deserve them. Pictures of these service dogs, police dogs and many more doggos will melt your heart! Everyone needs a little extra love on their first day at work or every day at work…

1.) Baby police dog

This little Alsatian pup is quite possibly the purest, most innocent good boy you will see all day! His little police harness doesn’t even fit him yet but he doesn’t let that get him down! I want to be as happy as this doggo.

2.) A sleepy first day

First days at work are certainly tiring and this pup has had enough! His soft toy is nearly the same size! Little does this puppy know how important his job role is, better get to work…

3.) Bless his tiny puppy heart

He looks so shell-shocked and lost in his big bulletproof vest. One day he will grow into it and become an inspiring doggo!

4.) First day as a service dog

This little service dog looks a little nervous on his first day. His eyes are just too much, I want to give him a hug! He’s too young to enter the working world…

5.) Keen puppy

This little service dog looks incredibly keen on his first day, he’s even taken the wheel! These service dogs are getting very intelligent these days, aren’t they?

6.) Looking after the new dog

Aww, this one is so sweet! Another doggo that’s exhausted on his first day, at least his co-workers are looking out for him though. Probably not the best idea to fall asleep on your first day though, folks.

7.) Young guide dog

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, this little guide dog looks ready to tackle his first-day head on. We are sure that we smashed it!

8.) It runs in the family

Like mother like daughter! This mum service dog is teaching her little one how to get away with napping on the job.

9.) Don’t let his looks deceive you

He may look adorably innocent but this doggo means business! Criminals do NOT want to mess with this one. Make us proud, police doggo!

10.) A lot to learn

This adorable seeing eye pup in training is trying his hardest on his first day. However, he is struggling with his uniform, look at his little legs in the air – it’s too much!

11.) Going through the generations

These adorable Alsatian pups are learning from their elder. It’s so adorable to see the generations in training, you’ll get there one day!

I hope these little pups first days made you smile, they are all good girls and boys! Honestly, I am very jealous of people that get to train up these little cuties, what an awesome job. We hope they all enjoyed their first days!