Amazing 3D Jelly Cakes That Will Blow Your Mind



1.) A work of art

Okay, I NEED to see one of these cut open, I wonder what they look like inside?! This is simply beautiful and the detail is awesome. The little blue flowers look so real, I NEED to touch it!

2.) Adorable fishes

They just keep getting better! This one even has little bubbles created by the fish, not idea how she did this. Unless the bubbles are real and so are the fish?! So many questions.

3.) I’m in love

Yes! Finally, we have one that has been cut open, my dreams have come true! It’s amazing how the flowers go through the entire jelly, not just on the surface. They look even more amazing cut open as if that is even possible!

4.) Can I poke it?

This is so real it looks like a paperweight! Honestly, I really want to poke it, it just looks so tempting! The realism of this flower is simply astounding.

5.) The prettiest thing you’ll ever eat

The bird and flower design really are BREATHTAKING. The feathers and flower petals are astoundingly realistic. Honestly, it’s far too pretty to eat. I’M NOT WORTHY.

6.) Aww!

This adorable design looks like Siew literally just pressed a cookie cutter into a pond and froze it, it’s THAT realistic. The little fish are too cute and I would feel so evil if I ate them!

7.) Pink flowers

This I probably the purest thing you will ever lay eyes on, it’s stunning! I would love little jellies like this on my wedding day…

8.) Festive jelly

Just as I think that these jellies can’t get any better, THEY DO. This beautiful Christmas scene is one of my favourites, the Christmas tree looks perfect next to the stunning flowers. And HOW does she get those bubbles in there?!

9.) Wow.

I have no other words to describe this one! The intricacies of the flowers are just incredible. How are they so close together?! I have no idea how she does it.

10.) So satisfying!

This cake looks awesome and we LOVE seeing the cross-section, it’s honestly the best thing EVER.

11.) Masterpiece

This stunning collection of flowers CANNOT be made out of jelly. How can they be the same texture and how does she get it looking so sharp? Siew is 100% a magician.

12.) Jello crystal ball of fortune

Honestly, these look like little crystal balls and I would definitely be up for having my fortune read by jello.

13.) So pretty

Ahhh someone make me a jelly flower creation in the shape of my name PLEASE. This one is gorgeous, especially the stunning pink flower.

14.) Celebrating 30 in style

These beautiful jelly flowers make the big 30 not seem so dramatic after all. Peacefully celebrate your birthday with some pretty jelly and a cup of tea, that’s the way I roll.

15.) The colour scheme!

This one is just so perfectly coordinated it’s just too much. The light oranges, yellows and whites make this just look so refreshing that I would be tempted to eat it…but alas, I couldn’t do it! It’s too perfect!

16.) Cherry blossom

Cherry blossoms are hands down the prettiest trees in the land and I won’t hear anyone who says otherwise. Siew definitely does them justice and this piece is simply stunning.

17.) How?!

The flat jellies are hard enough but how on Earth does she create these flowers practically suspended in a jelly dome?! This woman has more talent than I can ever dream of…sigh.

Siew is definitely incredibly talented, creative and patient. You need to check out the Jelly Academy on Instagram as Siew’s work is simply breathtaking. We honestly could never eat these creations, they are far too perfect.

She is incredibly inspirational as she pursued her dream even in the face of cancer and has thankfully won the battle! Keep creating these beautiful jellies, Siew!

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