20 Amazing Photos Of Mum-Of-Two Hilariously Recreating Ridiculous Instagram Model Posts


1.) The Bin Bag Bikini 

Mother of two Laura Belbin from Hampshire has risen to internet stardom for her amazing homages to Instagram's models with her fantastic renditions of their posts. The fantastic photos that she orchestrates with her husband Steve have quickly amassed an immense internet following numbering over 116, 000 fans! And here are 20 of my absolute favourites...

(Source: Instagram)

This is Belbin's most recent post, which is a fantastic tribute to the head-scratching trend of tying apparently the smallest piece of black plastic string available to hand around yourself as a bikini... because that seems practical.

Laura exposed the ridiculousness of this fad by using a bin-bag, and captioned the post:

'When you want to focus on keeping the tan even, but you've had two kids and you've hit your 30s hard so your t*ts look a lot like spaniels ears with saucepan areolas that sat on the hob for 40 minutes. I was smuggling binbag up my crack as I swallowed.'

2.) Yoga Pants

(Source: Instagram)

Laura takes on a wide variety of the more ludicrous poses and outfits that models adopt, and is constantly lauded by her fans for her hilarious posts and captions! And all fairness to her, if I even attempted that I'd need to see a physiotherapist for a year! Also, what possible use would you have for an outfit like that with boots that are clearly for hiking? Maybe I'm getting too old.

3.) How Everyone Bakes...

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Laura's husband Steve helps her by taking the photos and clearly takes the photos as seriously as Laura does as she wrote at the bottom of one of her posts: 'When I asked Steve to take another photo he said "I need a sh*t, just use that photo...' - the pair clearly take social media very freakin' seriously, and I love it!

4.) I Genuinely Can't Tell Which One Is Meant To be A Joke

(Source: Instagram)

My particular favourite, however, is probably this one in which Laura emulates veritable weird-intonation-taking-life-too-seriously-machine CardiB. I love how Laura is rocking the classic 'lamp-shade' on the head, a classic amongst people who've had anywhere between 2-100 bottles of white wine in one evening.

5.) People In Glass Houses... Shouldn't Stand Near The Window In Their Underwear?

Laura's photos aren't just mindless fun though, as she uses her posts to spread a message of positivity and hopefullness:

"[Y]ou don't need to fit in. No matter the stares, the circles that don't invite you in, the people who call you weird. Trust me, there is a f*cking legion of us screaming your name, cheering you on for quite simply being the most uniquely awesome, raddest b*tch alive because the most incredible thing about you is there can only be one."

6.) Keeping Up With The Kardashians

(Source: Instagram)

If there's one thing I can't stand (and lord knows there's a fair few things on that freakin' list!) it's people who take life too seriously; and, if Laura can find a way to bring those people down a peg or two while also trying to undo the horrific message that the Kardashian's send out daily which promotes a world where beauty is a standard only attained by surgery, then I can't thank her enough! You rock Laura!

7.) #Relatable

(Source: Instagram)

I think we both knwo which one I mean... it's Kate Moss, obviously it's Kate Moss, why wouldn't it be?!

8.) *Shocked Face

(Source: Instagram)

Thankfully Laura has managed to navigate Instagram's rules about nudity with some tactful emoji employment and I don't think I;ve ever actually laughed at the use of the mild shock emoji before, perfect usage! 

9.) Lookin' Wheelie Good

(Source: Instagram)

I never tyre of seeing this post in which Laura spoke to of all women (like myself) who look at the Victoria Secret show and just think... why is this a thing in the 'real' world and how do these people take themselves t seriously? The woman on the left is apparently called Kendall Jenner, and she's famous for, as far as I can gather, absolutely nothing and you should be annoyed by her existence.

10.) Bath Time

(Source: Instagram)

The struggles of trying to have a relaxing bath in milk... because apparently its good for you and will relax you. Thank goodness Laura is here to expose the absolute bare-face ludicrousness of this when you have children! 

11.) BatWoman

(Source: Instagram)

I am nothing short of completely amazed at the dexterity that Laura displays in some of these photos! I'd have no idea how to even get into that position without breaking my freakin' neck! 

12.) It's Called A Stroller, Not A Runner...

(Source: Instagram)

Would a baby like that? Being ran along, I'mm only asking because in my experience those strollers rattle like hell when you're pushing them! That baby's head would be like a maraca in there!

13.) Take A Bow

(Source: Instagram)

I can barely wrap the presents I get for other people at Christmas, let alone wrap myself up! Also, I think people would just try and take me back if I got them me as a gift!

14.) Barely Poppins 

(Source: Instagram)

Well hey, at least they're both wearing protective head gear in their dangerous pursuit of an artistic endeavour! I think the biggest danger in these photos, however, is that Laura is sliding down a wooden bannister, better be very careful of splinters!

15.) Bed Head

(Source: Instagram)

Yep, I think this is the moment that I accept that fashion has now completely passed me by. I mean, what the heck is that outfit (on the left, not Laura's fantastic ensemble)? It looks like something they should give to people with the flu.

16.) Double Denim

(Source: Instagram)

Is... is that a real woman on the left? I genuinely can't tell if that's a real human being or a 3D rendering of someone... I also simply cannot believe that they would market clothes at people in sizes that small if so? I could always use the shorts as patches to cover the holes I've made in my current jeans... although they probably wouldn't cover them!

17.) When You Forget What A Coat Is For

(Source: Instagram)

In this post, Laura's sights were set on international model Katerina Catalini's bizarre post of her not understanding what a coat is. Imagine that being the bried when you went into the shoot: 

'right Katerina, I want you to squat into this coat while wearing some heavy boots and essentially nothing else.' 

'You mean you want me to put the coat on?'

'No, I said, I want you to squat into the coat you fool?!'

'Oh... okay...'

18.) That Feeling When... Err... You Pull Your Pants Down I Guess?

(Source: Instagram)

You know the feeling, you come in from work or wherever you've been, sit on the floor by (but not on) the couch you've paid probably a fortune for (have you seen the price of couches these days?) pull your pants just off your ass and pretend to take a photo of yourself... there's just nothing like it! Also, quite frankly, Laura's photo is miles better, check out the over-exposure (no pun intended) on the left photo, talk about amateur hour.

19.) Siesta 

(Source: Instagram)

Here saw the return of Laura's hilarious pixar-lamp look while trying to emulate this... 'strong' look from a Russian Photographer who is definitely trying something - what that something is remains to be seen, much like the model's doubtless sense of confusion lurking under that hat.

20.) The Great Outdoors!

(Source: Instagram)

Can you imagine trying to explain that to the police? Honestly officer, I was just trying to satirise the representation of women in the mainstream media and definitely not up to anything pervy! 

So those were 20 of my favourite photos from @knee_deep_in_life, you should really check out her profile for more great photos! Let me know what your favourite one was in the comments below! AAx