Amazing Photo Comparisons Show Unique Beauty Shared By Celebrities And Their Children


Not all celebrities look completely perfect and symmetrical with a dream body. However, there are some celebrities out there that really look like they are from another planet entirely...

My biggest question is, do these celebrities pass their unique looks onto their children or is it just something specially reserved for them?

So, let's take a look at the most unique-looking celebrities out there and see if their children have inherited the well-known famous appearances.

1.) Björk’s son

Björk has always had a stunning appearance that certainly makes you stop and look, she is so uniquely beautiful. It looks like her son definitely inherited her creativity as he plays alternative rock and has released 2 albums.

2.) Tilda Swinton and her daughter

Tilda Swinton's daughter definitely followed her footsteps as she is also now an actress! They both carry the same unique look that definitely sets them apart from other celebrities.

3.) Uma Thurman’s daughter and son

Uma Thurman's daughter, Maya, followed the same path as her mother, working in fashion and is planning on becoming an actress. Her son, Levon, prefers to stay out of the spotlight. They both inherited their mother's stunning looks too!

4.) Danny Trejo’s children

Wow, it really does look like Danny Trejo's children inherited his unique looks and they look stunning! His son, Gilbert, prefers directing rather than being in front of the camera whilst his daughter, Danielle, creates and sells her own clothes.

5.) Donatella Versace's daughter

Although they may look very similar, Donatella Versace and her daughter don't share similar interests and her daughter very much prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

6.) Charlotte Gainsbourg and her son

Charlotte Gainsbourg's son not only looks like her but also has followed a similar path of fame! Ben has already taken part in four films and even appeared in his mom's recent music video.

7.) Meryl Streep and her big family

Meryl Streep has a large family who all look so similar to her, it's chilling how much they all look the same! Every single one of her children has appeared on screen at some point or another, they vary from musicians to actors and even have appeared on adverts.

8.) David Bowie and his daughter

David Bowie's daughter is very young still at just 18-years-old. However, she is very beautiful and certainly has the potential to become a model just like her mother was!

9.) Bette Midler and her daughter

Sophie von Haselberg looks almost identical to her famous mother and is also a very talented actress too!

10.) Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain's daughter

Frances has definitely inherited her uniquely beautiful looks from her two stunning parents. She loves playing the guitar but prefers to be known for her art.

11.) Danny DeVito’s children

All three of Danny's children seem to take after him both looks-wise and career-wise! They have all been involved with film and TV and have definitely inherited his unique personality.

12.) Rowan Atkinson’s son and daughter

Rowan's daughter Lily loves acting, singing and is even a great dancer! Can't really say the same for her dad though...his son isn't interested in acting but plans to have a career in the military.

13.) Cher's sons

Imagine that your mom was Cher, that must put a lot of pressure on you to be successful! Thankfully, Elijah, her son on the right, is an awesome musician whilst her other son, Chaz, decided film and TV were more for him and has written a book.

14.) Mick Jagger and his many children

Mick Jagger has a total of eight children and they are all completely different from one another, one thing they do have in common though is their similar appearance to their dad! From Vogue photoshoots to jewellery designing to cooking, Mick's kids have all chosen very different paths in life and it's great to see!

15.) Woody Allen’s son and daughter

The similarities between Woody Allen and his children are uncanny! His daughter decided that acting wasn't for her after starring in several films. His son made it onto the Forbes list for the most successful people under 30, don't we all hope to make it onto that list...

So, it looks like these celebrities passed on not only their looks but also their talents to their children! Which one shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments! AAx