Knocked Out

Andrew Tate is tough and masculine. Most of his pictures are of him showing off his physique. So it doesn’t bode well to see him on the canvas of a boxing ring having been beaten up by someone shorter than him. Top G? Top of the loser’s list more like!


Making fun of someone’s looks is something you should avoid at all costs if you can. It’s cheap and ruins the weight of any serious argument you have against someone. That being said, if that “someone” condones keeping women as slaves, then go right ahead. This recent drawing uploaded to Twitter was so simple, so cutting, as to render Tate’s reputation laughable.

Kicked out of Big Brother

Andrew Tate loves to make out as if he’s some pragmatic, solemn businessman who earned his coin the right way, privately and professionally. But the sad reality is, he put his name to just about anything in order to make money. Including a short stint on Big Brother. Ooh, love me! Watch me! Give me attention! Another L for Top G.

Survival Show Aesthetic

As mentioned before, making digs at a person’s face or appearance is sloppy stuff, but Tate’s entire shtick is that he’s the perfect male specimen. Somebody who should be idolised by every other man walking the planet. So how do you explain this physiognomy? If Tate was a humble fella, who didn’t say obscene things about women, this wouldn’t be a problem. But he isn’t, and he does, so it’s a big case of glass houses.

Girls Night In!

This is a classic staple of the social media misogynist. Yeah, that’s right, look at me surrounded by beautiful women who have not been paid at all. How cool am I? How manly? Unfortunately, it usually comes off as overcompensation. Plus, I thought Top G doesn’t value the company or opinion of women, so why would he ever want to spend an entire night with a dozen of them?

Pizza Time!

Pizza is a great social leveller. There’s no class system with it. No beef (toppings excluded). Bread and cheese has and will always entice people, Andrew Tate included. Here he was shooting another innocent video in which he espouses more platitudes and unhinged rhetoric when he inadvertently tipped off Romanian authorities of his whereabouts thanks to the local pizza chain logo stamped on the box. Unlucky!

Cuffed and poised

Andrew Tate, following Pizzagate (not that one, but it kinda fits doesn’t it? *Allegedly*), was arrested by Romanian bobbies alongside his somehow weirder brother. Fans were delighted to see their beloved conman adopting his usual mudras hand gesture which is said to boost intuition and wisdom. But the facts of the matter are your boy got caught slacking. Trying to look stoic is pointless!


Do alpha males go bald? If you believe in the ludicrous rule book of alphadom in its modern incarnation, male pattern baldness should represent a beta male. Got no hair in your thirties? That’s social Darwinism. Men will be better off without your pathetic kind. Andrew Tate not having hair on his head is a PR nightmare.

Beating Women

During his blow up last year, old video reemerged of Andrew Tate beating up two women. “That’s right, lock the door you f***ing p***y, you knew I was going to beat the f*** out of you,” he says to one. “If you behaved I wouldn’t have to hit you, would I?” In the second clip, he’s seen beating another woman for “not listening” to him.

Losing Debate

Andrew Tate is very much from the “[hysterical opponent] DESTROYED with FACTS and LOGIC” school of YouTube debate, which is to say he has no formal training in debate whatsoever and relies on saying deliberately provocative baseless claims in the hopes the other person leaves and makes him look too hot to handle. All of that fell apart when he was undone by Hasan Piker in one of the funniest character assassinations you’ll ever see.